Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Day Edition Of "Earthquake Minute"

Hi, EQ Guy Here. . . Was going to have a couple great Christmas stories today, but instead I’m very sorry to have to report a New Earthquake Alert For California!!! Could go as high as 7 Richters!!!

Lots of snow in the Sierras and severe weather across the rest of the country, They’ve ALREADY had a 3.4 Newport Beach/Costa Mesa, 4.4 Reno, and 2.6 Anaheim Earthquake and I’m thinking about now making this a Prediction for Oakland, Bakersfield, or maybe the Santa Barbara Islands and maybe a chance of a tsunami, thereeeeee!!!!!

So, Merry Christmas Everybody!!! Keep Watching Lima, Peru and The Full Moon, Too. . . And you can Go to my EQ Blog for those Christmas Earthquake Stories at

Have a Very Merry Christmas, Everybody!!!

I’m The EQ Guy and That’s My Christmas Day Edition. . . Of Earthquake Minute!!!


Friday, December 18, 2015

Here's The Transcript From Fridays "Earthquake Minute"

Hi, EQ Guy!!!

Here’s What’s Shakingggggg!!!!! 6.6 Richters Far South Mexico, you might recall me saying Costa Rica/Nicaragua and it looks like this was it, too! Got it within 400 Miles, 2 days, and HALF-a-Point on the Richter Scale!!!

Typhoon Melor at Manila, Philippines!!! Winds 103, Gusts 127mph!!! Equals MORE Coming To Lima, Peru!!! Already one Prediction For There, Sooooooo We will NOW watch Lima, Peru through January 2016. . . And I’ll still take credit even though now there’s actually TWICE the chance of it shaking!!!
THAT Landfall of Typhoon Melor near Manila, Philippines with now 20 dead will also mean some possible shaking for Sumatra, Indonesia Andaman and Nicobar Islands!!! Any of those could go as HIGH as 7.9 Richters!!! Crosses Laos, there, too!!!

Watch Illinois/Indiana/Quebec, and Iceland a few days, yet

I’m The EQ Guy

ANDDDDDD That’s Earthquake. . .HALF-a-Minute!!!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Transcript From Fridays "Earthquake Minute"

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!

You probably already know by now that my score on this show is currently up to 6 for 6!!! AND That I’ve added the 6.5 Richters, Lima Peru Earthquake For December 11, Sooo I now or Very Soon could be 7 For 7. . . Stay Tuned and Keep Watching Lima Peru for that 6.5 Richters ESPECIALLY Through the December New Moon Window today and tomorrow, Higher Chance there as well as Illinois/Indiana where they’ve had a Lot of activity along that line with a 7.1 Tajikistan so anywhere along that straight line from hurricane at Mexico can shake!!! That alert still includes Quebec and Iceland. . . Maybe a big Iceland Volcano might be due!!! Clogs air traffic up that way, you know!

New Moon Window Into Saturday, Be Watching!!!

I’m The EQ Guy and THAT’S Earthquake Minute!!!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday, December 4, 2015 "Earthquake Minute" Transcript

Hi, EQ Guy Here. . .

First today I want to start out with some Very Bad Global Warming News!!! WATCH because there are a LOT of Trees that did not lose their leaves! 33 of them on Capital Square in Madison, One big green one there. . . So take a look around and a message needs to be sent to the Climate Summit currently happening in Paris that the heat and lack of humidity is or has killed all the trees!!!
Earthquake Stuff, Here. . . They DID Have 25 Small Earthquakes at New Madrid and TWO!!! 4.7 Richters Earthquakes at Oklahoma! Biggest there since 2011, but let us continue to WATCH Because Day 42 is today and Day 43 is tomorrow, Watch Illinois, and Indiana, for 5.2 Richters, WITH Quebec, and Iceland up there beyond them and up to 7 Richters!!!

Hey! I’m 6 for 6 with predictions I give on this show, Soooooo 6.5 Richters, Lima Peru on December 11, 2015, DAY of the New Moon 5:30am Central Time for the New Moon give me the whole day for that newest prediction, there!!!

Present alerts for Nicaragua and Tanzania, too!

Iiii Am The EQ Guy This Has Been Earthquake Minute!!!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Transcript From Fridays Edition Of The "Earthquake Minute" Radio Show!!!

Hope Everybody had a very happy Thanksgiving Day there. . . . . EQ Guy Here!!!

And on Wednesday while that Turkey was just a cooking in the oven they were a SHAKING in Peruuuuuu!!! By strange coincidence I just so happen to have had a PREDICTION for 7.6 Richters On November 18 there. . . And well it was a few miles NORTH of Arica, Chile and 6 days later, but the magnitude was EXACT there!!! In fact they had TWO 7.6 Richter Earthquakes!!! Imma count that one and say Iiiiiiiii am now 6 for 6 at this!!!

Might have to Continue To Watch Illinois, and Indiana up to Quebec and Iceland for 5 to 7 Richters!!! They had about 14 foreshocks right there AT New Madrid, Missouri this week and I did give the date on that one as November 31, although November turns out to only have 30 days, soooooo that becomes Tuesday, December 1 and Day 40 will be this coming Wednesday. . . Still not a prediction again due to having a lot of friends in that region so I prefer to simply say be watching for an Illinois/Indiana Earthquake!!!

I’m The EQ Guy ANDDDDDD That’s Earthquake Minute!!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

"Earthquake Minute" For November 20, 2015

Hello, Hello, Hello!!! EQ Guy Here!!!

Lots of Earthquake action currently going on along that line I described to you all including yesterdays 4.7 Oklahoma Earthquake felt all across the Midwest!!!

Even felt in Hammond, Indiana where this 5 to 7 Magnitude might strike!!! Things are really moving and a good chance of it hitting us THIS WEEK!!! As the November Full Moon Window starts on Tuesday!

There was also a 4.0 Poland, and a 6.5 Offshore Greece Earthquake Watch for 7 Plus in that region as we should SOON find out what the results of that landfall of Hurricane Patricia. . . Will be!!!!!

So. . . . .Watch that line from Moonshine, Illinois on up to Kokomo, Indiana, because that right there is my “Go Straight Theory”, Jag!!! AND don’t forget everybody can read my EQ Blog at

I’m The EQ Guy ANDDDDDD That’s Earthquake Minute!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

"Earthquake Minute" Transcript For Friday,. November 13, 2015

Hello, Hello, Hello!!! EQ Guy Here with some NEW Earthquake Stuff to add to my now GREAT Record of 5 for 5!!! Imma add ONE Prediction today!!!. . . . . Arica, Chile or VERY near there, has a 7.6 Richters Earthquake coming ON. . . November 18th!!! I don’t see why this one would wait for the full moon on November 27 so I moved up that date!!!

ALSO thinking along the lines of 5.2 Richters for Kokomo, Indiana on or about November 31, 2015. . . But due to the fact that I have a lot of friends in all of that Illinois and Indiana Region and into Missouri and Oklahoma, let’s not go with any ONE prediction for those folks just yet and instead continue to watch Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas and ALL of the Chicago Region, Including Indiana!!! I have a really bad feeling about that one, too, because it is VERY RARE that a line goes DIRECTLY through those parts and Kokomo gets Earthquakes, too!!! I’m The EQ Guy, And. . .

That’s What’s SHAKIN’. . . .

Right Here On Earthquake Minute!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Transcript For The "Earthquake Minute" Show For Friday, November 6, 2015

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!

The Line of Earthquake Energy from Hurricane Pat/Mexico runs through Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas, just catches Poplar Bluff, Missouri, and Paducah, Kentucky, continues on from Carbondale to Chicago in Illinois and catches Terre Haute and on up to Quebec then Iceland. The magnitude varies between 5 and 7, at the different places along the line there, the New Moon will be next Wednesday and the November Full Moon is 3-Weeks from tonight, so be watching for that one! And Maybe I’ll give you an exact prediction for that one later, but due to it passing so close to us, I thought we’ll stick with just a Big Old EQ Alert there!!!

Landfall of Cyclone Chapala at Yemen means to watch Libya and Algeria, and that Super Typhoon at Luzon on October 17 means Arica, Chile, yet another Chile Earthquake to watch for and this one could be another 8 Richters and possible Tsunami.

That’s What’s SHAKIN’. . .and I’m The EQ Guy right here. . . On Earthquake Minute!!!

Friday, October 30, 2015

TEXT Version Of "Earthquake Minute" From Today!!!

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!

Who remembers me saying Antofagasta, Chile, Early Morning Hours/Exact moment of Full Moon October 27??? Because wouldn’t you JUST KNOW IT. . . . .they had a 4.8 Richters Earthquake 20 miles from Antofagasta on October 28 just 20 hours AFTER that “Exact Moment” that I was talking about. And IF. . .you want to count the 7.7 Afghanistan Earthquake because we WERE watching around that tectonic plate, there, IF you want to count that one, then The EQ Guy is now 5 for 5!!!


Hey, I’m pretty good at predicting these things if I say so myself!!! Just one more thing, Folks!!! There remains one fairly big alert for New Madrid, Missouri and that line runs directly through Illinois and Indiana where they DO get the occasional Big Earthquake and I’ve been right at both Ottawa, Illinois, and McHenry, Illinois BEFORE!!! So I’m telling you. . . WATCH for 5 or 6 Richters there and up into Canada and Iceland, and maybe a Big Iceland Volcano, too! THRU, November!!!

I’m The EQ Guy. . . And THAT’S What’s Shakin’!!!!!

Right Here, On Earthquake Minute!!!!!

Friday, October 23, 2015

UPDATED Transcript For "Earthquake Minute" On October 23, 2015:

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!

Hurricane Patricia with 200 mile per hour winds and 245 mile per hour GUSTS. . . Is Making Landfall right this moment AT Manzanillo, and Colima, Mexico!!! Worst Hurricane ever on record there!!!
EQ Guy says. . . This will ALSO now produce the worst Major Earthquake on record and it COULD BE Mexico, Too!!!!!

Will need to watch around the Pacific Tectonic Plate and ESPECIALLY California and Mexico, IMMEDIATELY!!!!! SOMEBODY’S going to get a BIG EARTHQUAKE. . . Or a lot of Big Earthquakes!!! ALSO: Be Watching for that 7.7 Antofagasta, Chile Earthquake with The October Full Moon on Tuesday, October 27th, AND a Belated Happy Birthday to John Lennon. . . Who turned 75 last Friday!!! Hope His Birthday Was Happy wherever he is!!!
WATCH OUT For Earthquakes with that landfall and the Full Moon Tuesday, Too!!!

I’m The EQ Guy On Earthquake Minute. .

Friday, October 16, 2015

This Weeks Edition Of "Earthquake Minute" DID NOT AIR!!!


Hi, EQ Guy Here. . .

Woke up on Wednesday Morning to a 5.4 Richters Earthquake Near San Cristobal, Venezuela!!! Hey, Hey, Hey!!! The EQ Guy is NOW 3 for 3 with those first THREE Now Great Predictions! Well, since I am 3 for 3 and it now looks like all of them are hitting. . . You’ll want to recall I added 2 more Predictions Last Week!!! They are: Mandalay, Burma, Bangladesh On or about October 17, 2015 at 7.1 Richters, AND. . . Antofagasta, Chile, Early Morning Hours/Exact moment of Full Moon on October 27, 2015 at 7.7 On The Richter Scale, possible Tsunami there, too!!!

So, one more time, Folks 5.4 Richters DID STRIKE Near San Cristobal, Venezuela felt in Bogata. . . NOW 3 for 3!!! WATCH For those other 2 Mandalay and Chile!!! AND San Cristobal will NOT Qualify for that X-Prize due to NOT being 6 Magnitude otherwise I’d be eligible for the Million Dollars Right now!!!!!


I’m The EQ Alert Guy. . .

And Of Course this has been Earthquake Minute!!!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Here's The Transcript For "Earthquake Minute" Friday, October 9, 2015:

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!
This might be the last time I say TURKEY on-the-air, folks!!! Because they had a big 5.4 Richters Earthquake there on Tuesday!!! They may not be done shaking yet, and could still go as high as 7.6 Richters there! A Twitter Friend From Turkey wrote me and said it happened EXACTLY as I said it would!!! That is now TWO Good Predictions towards that MILLION DOLLARS X-Prize and just one more to go!!! The Good News is I happen to have TWO MORE!!! Predictions to start watching for!!!

FIRST ONE!!! Mandalay, Burma, Bangladesh On or about October 17, 2015 at 7.1 Richters. . . and SECOND ONE!!! Antofagasta, Chile, Early Morning Hours/Exact moment of Full Moon on October 27, 2015 at 7.7 On The Richter Scale, possible Tsunami there, too!!!

CHANCE the Earthquake Energy from landfall of Hurricane Joaquin at Bahamas could mean 5 or 6 Richters Tijuana Region OR Los Angeles so watch for that. . . Although that’s not a prediction it is an Alertttttt!!!

AND I am the EQ Alert Guy this has been Earthquake Minute!!!

Friday, October 2, 2015

TRANSCRIPT: "Earthquake Minute" For Friday, October 2, 2015:

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!
Category 4 Hurricane Joaquin made landfall at The Bahamas last night and WAS heading For our East Coast Soooo Here’s what I was going to say about that!!!!!
When Hurricane Irene made landfall at Puerto Rico on August 21, 2011 that landfall was followed on August 23, 2011 by that 5.8 Richter Earthquake that DAMAGED The Washington Monument!!! When Hurricane Isabel made landfall in 2003, THAT was followed by 8.3 Japan!!! Hurricane Hugo/Charleston was followed by The World Series Earthquake and Hurricane Sandy turned. . . Directly towards California before landfall, and they had a 6.3 Richters Offshore San Diego Earthquake!!!

There are probably Earthquakes already headed for East Coast, Oklahoma, Texas from Hurricane Joaquin landfall at Bahamas and Turks & Caicos. AND in 1886 there was a 7.0 Richters Earthquake at Charleston, South Carolina so we KNOW They get Earthquakes in that Region!!!

I’m The EQ Guy. . . And This Has Been Earthquake Minute!!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Earthquake Minute Transcript For September 25, 2015:

Hi, EQ Guy Here, By now you’ve all heard of the “X-Prize”. . . well for Earthquake Prediction they need THREE Great Predictions within 200 Kilometers!!! Haven’t yet converted 75 Miles to Kilometers, but still need TWO more Great ones like that to win the Million Dollars!!! Keep watching those other places, Folks!!!
AND we are now looking at this weekends Super Moon, Full Moon, Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse!!!!! The Super Moon itself shouldn’t INCREASE the actual size of the earthquake, BUT Sure seems to increase the likelihood of a Major Earthquake so let’s be watching!!!

WITH the actual date I gave for one of those predictions, of course one of them passed on September 9th but keep watching for THAT one, final one is coming on September 27 for San Critobal so we are now especially watching on SUNDAYYYYYYY!!!!! For 6.8 Richters. . . San Cristobal, Venezuelaaaa!!!!! And due to that continued movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate we must also keep watching for that Big Turkey Earthquake!!!!!

I’m The EQ Guy, and This Has Been. . . Earthquake Minute!!!

Friday, September 18, 2015

"Earthquake Minute" For September 18, 2015:

Hi, EQ Guy Here.. . .Does anybody remember those Earthquake Predictions I made by any chance!!! WELL. . . IF you followed those Predictions CLOSELY. . . Then you might already know I was 4 days, Point Five Richters, and 75 Miles Off of that epicenter of Wednesdays 8.3 Chile Earthquake when I said 7.6 San Felipe, Chile!!!

And RIGHT about NOW. . you're probably asking WHERE those OTHER Major Earthquakes are, that were also part of those Now GREAT Predictions I gave you over the last couple weeks!? A Lot of those details are filled in at my EQ Blog, At but THE Movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate at Chile SHOULD mean it is moving the other direction and up past China and Russia, IF it passes and doesn’t strike those countries. . . And ON to TURKEY!!!

Even Still could cross Turkey and strike somewhere else like Greece or Italy. . . . . but still BIG Earthquake up that way yet, for somebody!!! NOW Probably about another 8.3 Richters for THAT Region, Too!!! ALSO: Keep Watching San Cristobal and Venezuela, too!!!

With my Sincere Sympathy going out to all our Friends in Chile!!!

I'm The EQ Guy This Has Been Earthquake Minute!!!

Friday, September 11, 2015

TRANSCRIPT Of "Earthquake Minute" For Friday, September 11, 2015

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!
Sometimes I’m so good that I even still AMAZE Myself if you can believe it!!! YES, after i ran all through those wonderful Earthquake Predictions last week. . . There was already a 3.9 Richters Earthquake 22 Miles Southeast of San Felipe, Chile on September 9th!!! AND That San Felipe Prediction once again was for 7.6 on or around September 12th

New Moon this weekend will mean Much Greater Chance for that one, as well as San Cristobal, Venezuela. . . And they also just had a 5.1 Richters Offshore Venezuela yesterday a couple hundred miles East of San Cristobal so keep watching THERE for a big one. . . And last but not least that Big Turkey Earthquake is still out there somewhere, yet!!! AND There was actually even a big Afghanistan Earthquake that has also struck very near Turkey so keep watching Turkey for 7.6 Richters
Major Earthquakes Coming!!!

And the September New Moon will be this weekend making it ALMOST a Sure Thing Major Earthquakes could strike at San Cristobal, Venezuela, San Felipe, Chile. . . . . And TURKEY

My opinions are my own as a former junkyard dog and a carpenter who studied earthquakes. . . I am NOT a seismologist per se!!! Iiiiiiiiii Am The EQ Guy. . . This Has been another exciting edition of. . . . . EARTHQUAKE MINUTE!!!!!

Friday, September 4, 2015

"Earthquake Minute" For September 4, 2015, Updated With Actual Transcipt From The Show!!!

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!
You remember me talking about East Coast and Caribbean Earthquakes, Right!? Well, I may NOT have mentioned (On The Air) the line also crossed “Hurricane Alley”
JAGUAR: Oh, Yeah, I remember you said that, EQ Guy, sure!!!
EQ GUY: Remember you were asking me about Barbados
JAGUAR: Sure, Yeah!
EQ GUY: I told you when Earthquake Energy was headed for that region, I told you it's also going to cross Hurricane Alley, and I told you Off-The-Air it will very often lead to hurricanes and typhoons, I told Jag here in the studio but I'm sorry I didn't mention it over the air. Well, sure enough it led to hurricanes anyways there's no typhoons in the Atlantic, but, ah, there is a connection there! Not sure exactly how that works, though, BUT as you know they ARE now getting a lot of Hurricanes and right on time, too!!! Just as I told you and if you can believe it, told Jaguar right here in the studio!
EQ GUY (Continued): Anyways, I'm here Today to Officially Announce those Exact Predicted Epicenters that I have been talking about, double-checked them, and triple-checked them, here they are, the 3 biggest upcoming Major Earthquakes according to my theories. . .
JAGUAR: Here they are!!!
EQ GUY: Are you ready for these, Jag!
JAGUAR: Here they are! The Top 3!!!
EQ GUY: They Are. . .San Cristobal, Venezuela 6.8 Richters on September 27, 2015, or thereabouts
JAGUAR: Alright. . .
EQ GUY: San Felipe, Chile, and I have been saying Santiago, Chile, but lets go a few miles north of there to San Felipe
JAGUAR: San Felipe. . .
EQ GUY: 7.6 Richters on September 12, that's very close to the New Moon, too,
JAGUAR: Woahhhhh!!! That's NEXT Saturday!!!
EQ GUY: Well, watch out for earthquakes there a big one, that could be a 7.5 or 7.6 rather.
JAGUAR: Alright!
EQ GUY: And finally, I have been saying Russia
JAGUAR: Yeah, you did
EQ GUY: I double and triple checked this. . . Let's go with TURKEY
JAGUAR: Let's do it
EQ GUY: The Line was south of Russia. . . . .
JAGUAR: Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, (Makes Turkey Sounds, Here)
EQ GUY: (Laugh, Laugh, Laughs) We are. . .
JAGUAR: Not that Turkey! I love to rush the holidays. . . you know everyones calling it a holiday weekend, I feel like makin' a turkey. . .
EQ GUY: (Laughs) Let's face it we're talking turkey here, Jaguar, there's no way to get around it!!! (Laughs)
EQ GUY: Anyways, watch Turkey around September 9, 2015 at about 7.5 Richters. . . SOME of those are coming up, and all of these COULD Strike at any time, too! So, just because I say it's going to strike ON September 29th, I do get these right!!! I have been VERY close with these so be watching! I am The EQ Guy, This Has Been Earthquake Minute!!!
JAGUAR: And they can always visit your Blog, at. . .
EQ GUY: My Blog is at Thank-You for stopping by and checking out my EQ Blog, and Thank-You Again, JAG, for your time!!!
JAGUAR: As always, it's always entertaining and always much needed info, Thank-You, EQ Guy

Friday, August 21, 2015

Transcript For "Earthquake Minute" of August 21, 2015:

Hi, EQ Guy Here. . .
Hurricane Danny is now a Category TWO and heading directly for Florida, Gulf of Mexico, and Texas!!! Unless it turns towards the Carolinas!

Typhoon Goni has killed 4 people in the Philippines and is now turning towards JAPAN! If it strikes there from the SOUTH. . . It will mean the Next Major California Earthquake and could also affect Washington and Oregon!!!
Hurricane Katrina made landfall at Louisiana on August 29, 2005, 10 Years ago, and wouldn’t you know came to precede the Great Islamabad Earthquake on October 7, 2005 or Day 39 after Katrina!!! You’ll remember Kathmandu was Day 42 after Cyclone Pam at Vanuatu!!!

LOTS of Huge Windstorms. . . LOTS of Major Earthquakes to come!!! Keep Watching for 7.9 Russia, Pacific Islands, and SANTIAGO, Chile, maybe a tsunami and Day 21 will be on August 26, AND. . . Watch East Coast, Caribbean, Gitmo, and… Jamaica for 7 Richters and TODAY is Day 34 on that Alert!!! Possible Tsunami there, too!

Check out my EQ Blog AT

I’m The EQ Guy, This Has Been Earthquake Minute!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rough Draft of Earthquake Minute for Friday, August 21, 2015: NOT USED:


Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!

3.8 Richters Earthquake 10 Miles South of Guantanamo Bay!!! One felt report from Guantanamoooooooooooo!!! They are ON a Major Fault Line there. . . . .HURRICANE Danny ALSO headed in that general direction AND for a landfall similar to Katrina now 10 years ago on August 29 and Florida August 25th. We’ll have to WATCH Hurricane Danny!!! The GREAT Islamabad Earthquake followed that August 29, 2005 Landfall of Hurricane Katrina, ON October 7, 2005 or Day 39 after landfall of Katrina!!! Kathmandu was Day 42 after Cyclone Pam!!!

Typhoon GONI heading for a dangerous landfall at South of Japan that will mean Major Earthquakes for Washington, Oregon and Northern California WHEN it makes that landfall middle of next week, we will seeeeee there!
LOTS of Huge Windstorms. . . LOTS of Major Earthquakes to come!!! Keep Watching Russia, Pacific Islands, and SANTIAGO!!!!

I’m The EQ Guy, This Has Been Earthquake Minute!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Earthquake Minute: August 14, 2015, UPDATED With All The Ad-Libbed Dialogue:

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!
This Just In: (From this morning) There was a 2.7 Richters Earthquake that struck 10 Miles West of Newark, New Jersey and we HAVE BEEN Watching our East Coast for something in the area of 7 Richters!!! (We're gonna be expecting earthquakes like this) We WILL NEED to keep watching because they DO get Major Earthquakes out East on occasion and that alert runs through September First and includes East Coast and Caribbean!!! Watching for 7 Richters, Possible Tsunami, Possible Volcano for SOME. . . Of those Regions you know!!! There's a lot happening out there and that 2.7 New Jersey might be an indication that something's going to shake in the Caribbean!
ALSO: Tajikistan, Russia, and Santiago, Chile!!! WILL Probably ALL get Earthquakes. . . I've thought about this and when there this much earthquake energy from that landfall at Japan, they'll probably ALL get 7.9 Richters Earthquakes and the Pacific Islands out there, too, the same as all the foreshocks to Kathmandu!!!
The EQ Guy: They were shaking in the Pacific Islands, and New Zealand and all of these will be getting earthquakes! AND on a side-note: The prisoner who survived that Volcano at Martinique in 1902 where 30,000 died. ..JAGUAR: Yeah, EQ Guy: He Survived BECAUSE he was in Solitaire Confinement!!!
THE REAL JAGUAR: Ohhhhh!!! Looks like that jail cell is still there from 1902 and it is a tourist attraction!
THE REAL JAGUAR: I guess it's not always the worst place to be, huh!?
EQ GUY: Yes, I guess that is a comment on. . . I can't say whether it's right or wrong but they threw him in solitaire and he lived!!!
I’m The EQ Guy. . . This Has Been Earthquake Minute!!!
THE REAL JAGUAR: Well, Thanks for keeping us up to the minute!!!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Todays Earthquake Minute, With 2:00 Earthquake Capsule Scripts:

NOTE: The 2:00pm Capsule actually aired more like 3:30 due to a live band playing in-house at 2:00, and Earthquake Minute has been updated to include all the ad-libing:

2:00pm "Earthquake Capsule"

Typhoon Soudelor is making landfall at Taiwan Right This MINUTE!!! With 150 Mile Per Hour winds right in the middle of that Island!!!

Hopefully missing a lot of the more heavily populated parts of the island!!! Disaster Impending there!!! Anddddddddd Major Earthquakes tend to follow such HUGE Landfalls!!!!!

Tune in for Earthquake Minute between 4:15 and 4:30 because. . . . . I’ll Be Back!!!!!

"Earthquake Minute"
JAG: It is 4:20 and time for an "EQ MINUTEEEEE"!!!
EQ Guy: Magnificent Introduction, there, Jag! Good to see you again!
JAG: What do you think the Richter Scale was on that?
EQ Guy: It's up there. . . like a lot of other stuff that's going on in the world of earthquakes. . .
Hi, EQ Guy Here
Right now, as we speak, Typhoon Soudelore is making landfall at Taiwan (I'm Sorry to say) and the 150 Mile Per Hour winds are LASHING the 13,000 Foot Mountain Range right in the middle of that Island!!! Hopefully missing a lot of the more heavily populated parts of the island. . . But this landfall WILL GENERATE the Next one of those Massive Earthquake and possibly Tsunami Disasters (Like I told you before the Kathmandu Earthquake) and it is looking like SANTIAGO, CHILEEEEEE!!!!!
JAG: Oh, No!!!
EQ Guy: Could be like 7.5 Richters or Larger!!!

Last Week, Jag, I meant to say Martineque and the town Is Saint Pierre, I think I said like Montserrat, or something else.
JAG: Yeah!
EQ Guy: Anyways the town of Saint Pierre was destroyed by a volcano, 30,000 dead all except there was one prisoner in a jail cell who survived that, ah. . .
JAG: That attack of Mother Nature!
EQ Guy: Probably covered the town in lava but ironically one prisoner, that is a comment on reality the prisoner survived.
JAG: How did he finally get out?
EQ Guy: Just from memory, I think the story was the lava all missed him because it was concrete and brick building and everything else was made of wood and I'm sorry to say all the other people in that town and the surrounding communities were lost!
JAG: Oh, no, that's horrible.
EQ Guy: So, keep watching THAT region (Again) in the Caribbean. . . And YES, (As you asked me last week) Barbados, Antigua, Barbuda, French Guianna and Haiti, too!!!
Big News Today is Typhoon Soudelorrrrr!!!!

Huge Typhoon, means HUGE Earthquakes once again!!!!!

I’m The EQ Guy and this has been. . . Earthquake Minute!!!!!
JAG: YES!!! It sure has! Thank-You very much, EQ Guy, as always wonderful to hear those updates!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Earthquake Minute For Friday, July 31, 2015, Updated With Post-Script From Show:

Hi, EQ Guy Here. . . . .
Just a few more hours left of that July Full Moon-BLUE Moon Window like through early Saturday! There still may be continuing swarms around California such as North of Reno, AND yesterday I wrote it all up and sent it to the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council for a Major Earthquake THERE before August 22, 2015. . . Alwaysss Hope they DO NOT get earthquakes, but must also write to CEPEC out in Sacramento every time it looks like California might shake, you know! There also remains a Big Alert for East Coast, New Foundland, and Caribbean! Almost looks like those California Earthquakes are following the Fracking Earthquakes in Oklahoma, too! IS FRACKING in Oklahoma CAUSING Earthquakes in California? I’m the EQ Guy and this has been. . . . . Earthquake Minute!!!
Jag: Well, Thank-You, EQ Guy as always
EQ Guy: Thank-You, Jag
Jag: So, is that Barbados down there in the Caribbean?
EQ Guy: That could be, there’s also a volcano, like Montserrat, they do get earthquakes down there and Puerto Rico was starting to get a lot of earthquakes too, can’t tell if that’s foreshocks or if that’s a swarm, or if the tectonic plate is moving, something could be happening watch that area the full moon window runs a couple days yet and the alert runs until August 22. Thank-You for your time and for listening to my earthquake stuff.
Jag: Yeah, well Hey, keep us on the plate.
EQ Guy: You Know it.
Jag: Thank-You, EQ Guy

Saturday, July 25, 2015

This Weeks "Earthquake Minute" and Earlier "Earthquake Capsule" From Friday, July 24, 2015:


Hello Everybody This is the EQ Guy here, Been doing what I call my “Earthquake Minute” here on “Who Cooks For You” !!!
The Real Jaguar kept asking me if I wanted to go on the Radio, so here I am!
I will be on between 4:15 and 4:30 talking about the 7.1 Richters East Coast Earthquake/Tsunami that MIGHT strike there before September Firstttttt!!!!!
Check out my EQ Blog at and Stay Tuned to WORT, 89.9 FM because “I’ll Be Back”!!!!!


Hi, EQ Guy Here once again!!!!!
Today I want to tell everybody that our East Coast just MIGHT be due for about a 7.1 Richers Earthquake/Tsunami and the July Full Moon/Blue Moon will be end of next week!!! This alert will be for New Foundland, Boston, New York, Washington DC. . . . .and the Caribbean Region!!! Also be watching over around Far East China and Russia, too!
There was Already a 2.3 Richters Earthquake that struck right in the middle of Downtown Providence, Rhode Island!!!
Full Moon-Blue Moon next week additional pull will mean Major Earthquakes!!! I’m The EQ Guy This has been Earthquake Minute!!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Transcript of Todays Earthquake Minute:


Hi, EQ Guy Here. . . . . THAT Earthquake at Barbados yesterday, struck at around 10am or JUST 12 hours after that exact moment and WELL WITHIN my 24 Hour New Moon Window!!!!! I continue to say to alert the people there may be a correlation between the Full and New Moon’s. . . and Major Earthquakes!!!!!

Landfall this week of Typhoon Nangka at Japan with those 100 mph winds will mean HUGE Earthquake Far Eastern China/Russia in the coming days. . . as well as for Our East Coast, Greenland, New Foundland, Richmond-DC, and Caribbean (Again). . . Only THIS time possibly 8 Richters. . .AND
I mean East Coast and Washington, DC, too!!!

Iiiiiiiiiiiii Am The EQ Guy. . . . .
THIS Has Been. . . Earthquake Minute!!!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Final Draft of Todays EQ Minute:

Hi, EQ Guy Here, HUGE Swarm Continues to SHAKE at Fillmore, California on the very day I would have arrived on that Quake Chase!!! Now well over 100 earthquakes, biggest around a 3 Magnitude and all this just 10 miles from Los Angeles!!! COULD. . . Be the Big One Coming at any moment, or THIS WEEK, Thereeeeeeee. . . . .
Typhoon Chan-Hom making landfall Right This MOMENT at China! WILL mean Major Earthquakes around China, Nepal, and Maybe around Sumatra, Indonesia, and etc.! SEE My EQ Blog at for ALL THAT!!!
-----You heard it right here on “Who Cooks For You” last week after I signed off, The Real Jaguar clearly said to “Watch Out Eureka”!!! and early Saturday the next day a 4.2 Richters Earthquake struck at Eugene, Oregon like a couple hundred miles North of Eureka! I call that GREAT!!! Congratulations Jaguar, Good Work!!!
NEW Moon This week, Tuesday, through Thursday, so LOTS of Major Earthquake Stuff to Watch Forrrrr!!!
(AD-LIBBED: I am The EQ Guy)
This has been Earthquake Minute!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Earthquake Minute of July 3, 2015, Edited Version:


Hi, EQ Guy Here. . .
-----There were a LOT of Earthquakes during that Early (Because there are two) JULY Full Moon Window, 24 Hours Before and After the exact moment. . . including a 3.6 that struck 60 Miles South of Palm Springs at Brawley, California.
-----AND on Wednesday a 4.2 Just 3 Miles from Kathmandu!
-----So keep watching Palm Springs AND Kathmandu, Nepal for more earthquakes. . . and MAYBE up around Eureka, California or I suppose Frisco, too!!!
-----HAVE a Great 4th of July Weekend, Everybody!!! Now back to JAG!!!
I'm the EQ Guy and this has been Earthquake Minute!!!

THIS IS WHERE my friend "DJ Jaguar" went on to say "Watch Out Eureka" immediately after I concluded and after thanking me. That was followed early the next morning, July 4, 2015 by a 4.2 Richters Earthquake 200 Miles North of Eureka at Springfield-Eugene, Oregon with hundreds of felt reports and a story followed in the Sunday Paper, too!

Here is the NOT USED Version:

Hi, EQ Guy Here. . .
As that first of TWO July Full Moons was happening there came a 3.6 Richters Earthquake just south of Palm Springs which if you’ve been listening to my Earthquake Minute, then you know we’ve been watching there!
-----For those of you who are NOT familiar with the fact that Full Moons DO Equal lots of earthquakes. . . This one went on to produce a number of aftershocks OR a swarm, whichever!
-----THIS swarm that followed then ENDED at the very end of the full moon window about 8:40pm last night!!! The full moon window ended at 9:20!!! On Wednesday a 4.2 also struck 3 Miles from Kathmanduuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!! Keep watching around Palm Springs, and at Kathmandu, Nepal for more earthquakes and this alert will run into August!!!
-----I’ll know more about Quake Chase 2015 Palm Springs next week. . . If it That big Earthquake doesn’t happen BEFORE then!!! Have a Great 4th of July Weekend, Everybody!!! I am the EQ Guy, this has been Earthquake Minute!!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Earthquake Minute of June 26, 2015

Hi, EQ Guy here, LOOKS Like all the earthquakes are heading directly for the desert regions of California & Nevada! In order to make Quake Chase 2015 more scientifically valuable. . . I’m adding Las Vegas to my itinerary!!! SCIENCE!!!

Full Moon Window this week. . . Wednesday, Thursday, Friday a LOT of extra pull with the full moon on Wednesday at 9:22pm Central Time. . . . . Directly along the line we are watching a 5.8 Richters Earthquake struck 50 miles west of Anchorage late Wednesday. . . THIS is Really Happening!!!!! Not Kidding here! Earthquake Energy is really striking along a straight line and L.A., Palm Springs, Vegas, Seattle, and also Kathmandu, China, and Pakistan ARE ALSO along that line!!! NOW 6.1 to 7.3 Richters!

Thank-You to WORT Community Radio for YOUR time and My Great Friend The Real Jaguar for having my Earthquake Minute on the air! DO Be Watching THOSE areas for Earthquakes and ALSO just in, New Zealand! Iiiiiii am The EQ Guy and this has been Earthquake Minute!!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The EQ Guy On The Radio With His Earthquake Minute!!!

~~~~~He’s done a lot of different jobs throughout his life, but the guy known as EQ Guy recently signed on at a local radio station near his hometown in Wisconsin. Otherwise just going about his usual routine there when one day he was asked by one of the Dee-Jays if he wanted to talk about earthquakes on the air.
~~~~~“Well,” he replied on the very day that Super Cyclone Pam was making landfall at Vanuatu, “You can just tell them,” he said, and DJ Jaguar proceeded to announce the landfall of Super Cyclone Pam at Vanuatu with 100 mph winds on that day of March 13, 2015. “Pam is not so nice,” were DJ Jaguars words that day, and he continued to ask EQ Guy to talk on many subsequent days.
~~~~~Eventually the EQ Guy had enough happening due to him knowing Major Earthquakes generally follow such landfalls as Pam, that one day when DJ Jag inquired, EQ Guy quickly dashed a few lines out on some scrap paper and went on the air!
~~~~~In that first report EQ Guy stated New Zealand was situated directly on the tectonic plate boundary between the Pacific and Indio/Australian Tectonic Plates and that they should be getting a Major Earthquake at any moment due to that landfall on March 13 of Super Cyclone Pam. Although at some other point he also discussed the fact that a foreshock should probably strike first out in those islands of the Pacific to indicate those plates were moving, these all ended up happening just in the coming days following that first on air report that he has since come to now call his, “Earthquake Minute.”
~~~~~That earthquake at New Zealand was the next thing that happened to EQ Guys brand new radio show project when New Zealand was struck by a 6.4 Richters Earthquake on April 24, 2015. It wasn’t long or just a few Earthquake Minutes later the 7.8 Richters Kathmandu Earthquake struck exactly as EQ Guy had been saying that those tectonic plates would do!
~~~~~Now, The EQ Guy and his “Earthquake Minute” are quickly becoming more and more common to hear on just about every Friday afternoon at his local Community Radio Station WORT-FM 89.9, in Madison, Wisconsin, and also online at between about 4:15 and 4:30pm Central Time during the final 15 minutes of The Real Jaguar Radio Show there.
~~~~~These days, and as of this writing, he’s now following what he expects to be a major California Earthquake as a result of the landfall of Hurricane Blanca at the Baja California Peninsula which he says should mean about a 6.6 to 7.3 Richters Earthquake somewhere around Los Angeles, Palm Springs, or the California-Nevada Region. That landfall, he says, might also come to proceed a possible upcoming Major Aftershock for the Kathmandu, Nepal Region, too! Still working out all the intros and sign-offs to go along with his now more and more regular show appearances there, his favorite way to sign off and turn the show back over to The Real Jaguar these days is “I am the EQ Guy, and this has been Earthquake Minute”!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Earthquake Minute of June 19, 2015: Quake Chase 2015: Los Angeles!!!

The Real Jaguar: Hey, what time it is? Is it time for an Earthquake Minute?

The EQ Guy: (Laugh, Laugh, Laughs) Is it that time, already, Jag?

The Real Jaguar: I think it is! It's 4:26, so yeah, we got a minute!

The EQ Guy: Alright! Let's Do it! Hi, EQ Guy Here. . . With ALL of that Major Earthquake stuff (You Might Have Been Listening To The Show) now heading directly for Los Angeles, I want to tell you about Quake Chasing!

The year 2011, big one heading for Northern California, I flew out for the August Full Moon and a 5.9 Downgraded to 5.3 struck Offshore Eureka!

Again in August 2014, Big one headed for Frisco/Napa, and the 6.5 Richters Earthquake struck August 24th. . .

AND NOW. . .With about Day 33 after Hurricane Blanca, I'll be heading for Los Angeles for a July 10, 6.6 to 7.3 Richters, Probably Palm Springs area. (But, I'll Be Hanging Our In Malibu, Of Course, Anyways) Haven't decided (What I'm going to do there) for sure, yet, with Full Moons on July 2, AND July 31st; July will be BLUE MOON MONTH!!!!!

The Real Jaguar: Alright!!!

The EQ Guy: YEAH! So, WATCH California, WATCH Kathmandu!!! BIG Earthquakes Coming!!!

I am The EQ Guy. . . This has been Earthquake Minute!!!

The Real Jaguar: Well, Thank-You, EQ Guy! You heard it here first on WORT!


Friday, June 12, 2015

Kathmandu Aftershock Earthquake Minute as heard on June 12, 2015

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!

Folks who have been reading my EQ Blog at Already knew Kathmandu was going to be getting aftershocks!!! Yesterday they got two fairly big ones, too!

Well, they could be looking at 6.6 To 7.3 as the result of that recent landfall of Hurricane Blanca at Baja California!!!

Also watch Peru, Columbia, Seattle, and of course L.A. and Friscoooooooo!!!!!

I. . . am The EQ Guy and this has been. . . Earthquake Minute!!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Earthquake Minute During Summer Pledge Drive on June 5, 2015


JAG: Hey, we got EQ Guy here, Hey EQ Guy,
EQ GUY: Hey Jaguar, Hey Heidi
JAG: How’s it going
EQ GUY: Alright!
DUDE: Did you guys do that Volcano Report yet?
JAG: Volcano report? What are you talking about?
HEIDI: Who is this guy?
EQ GUY: Let me correct that, Jag, everything IS going ok but all heck is about to break loose out in California. You want that info?
JAG: Yeah, lets hear about that info.


Hi, This is your old Buddy The EQ Guy Here!!! And Today I mostly want to take a moment to ask ALL of you out there listening today to Call RIGHT NOW!!! (608) 256-2001, And remember all of the Times my Earthquake Minute has let you know AHEAD of time before a lot of those Major Earthquakes such as New Zealand and Kathmandu actually struck!!! Call now (608) 256-2001, and Pledge a couple of dollars to WORT-FM and Help out my friend Jaguar here by WHEN the Phone answerer asks your favorite shows Make SURE you say Earthquake Minute!!! And you can call all through the next hour for me, too, because that’s me running that show, too!!! EQ Guy, as always, Saying Thank-You, for listening to Earthquake Minute!!!

Then, CUT-TO:

JAG: Well Thank-You very much, EQ Guy
HEIDI: (Claps Hands) Yeah!!!!!
JAG: Thank-You EQ Guy, but can you give us a “Earthquake Minute” too? We got one more minute!!!
EQ Guy: That’s Right there are earthquakes coming, we want you to call 256-2001 and pledge.
HEIDI: But we want to know about the earthquakes.
EQ GUY: Listen up. . .that landfall that’s coming up,
JAG: Yeah,
EQ GUY: Of Hurricane Blanco, this weekend, Southern Tip of. . .
JAG: Baja,
EQ GUY: Baja California Peninsula, Mexico, will mean earthquakes for Mexico and California! Current winds, you guys, is over a hundred miles an hour.
JAG: Oh my gosh!
EQ GUY: Lots of damage if it makes landfall like it’s going to and it does lots of damage. . . It’s going to mean lots of earthquakes! Stay tuned, and watch those areas for earthquakes, especially Los Angeles, and San Francisco! I’m sorry to say there could be earthquakes headed for that areas.
HEIDI: Thank-You so much!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Earthquake Minute For May 29, 2015

Hi, EQ Guy Here. . .
IN the future we will need to alert people in
the path of such massive potential for earthquakes
as all the poor unfortunate Napalease, now close to 10,000!!!

Of course to alert ALL the people in the path, Indonesia,
Japan, China, and Nepal would ALL need to prepare, Soooo
In the future let us all watch areas where such GREAT
Potential for Earthquakes exists!

Now for the VERY LATEST!!!
It looks like ALL that big Earthquake Energy has
about Run Its Course!

Full Moon this weekend BUT only the tiniest
of alerts--SEE My EQ Blog at

And unless a Big Windstorm
Comes along, WATCH For Not Much to be shaking!
Even by the light of the June Full Moon!

I'm The EQ Guy. . . This has been,

Friday, May 22, 2015


Earthquake Minute for May 22, 2015. No Copy posted of original script. This version was transcribed from original broadcast:

Thank-You, Jag! I’m gonna make this up as I go along, here! Hi, EQ Guy Here with Earthquake Minute!!! The highlights of todays Minute was going to be about this years WORT Block Party, Kim Manning and her Roller SKATES and The Cash Box Kings, but I just hit the computer on my way up here and there has been a 5.3 Richters Earthquake just north of Las Vegas and it is a very bad one, as 5.3’s go as you can imagine in the listening audience. 5.3 100 miles north of Las Vegas is gonna cause some trouble! JAG: Yeah, EQ GUY: It could have been much worse, a 5.3 in (a) shaky town like that COULD be a disaster. Eventually some day like a thousand years from now, or a million years from now it’ll be Las Vegases turn. Right at the moment there are on and off ramps closed and I haven’t had a lot of time to look into the details. Up to this point I was going to tell you the big news was a 4.1 Richters San Diego Earthquake, a 4.2 Napa, California Earthquake with a huge felt report, but there is hundreds, looks like hundreds and hundreds of felt reports just from Las Vegas on just the one that hit. . . JAG: Moments ago, EQ GUY: Yes, JAG: Hours ago. EQ GUY: Yes, and I was going to say, I’ll finish here anyways, Keep Watching California, West Coast and Alaska. . . There COULD Still be a Big Earthquake Coming, a 5.3 Nevada, that could be Tectonic Plate Movement, there could still be a bigger earthquake! Watch Eureka, California, Washington, Oregon, Mt. St. Helens. Sorry that this is happening on Memorial Day Weekend, I want to say Happy Memorial Day Weekend to everybody!
~~~~~And check out my Blog at earthquakealert.blogspot Sorry for people that are out in Las Vegas affected by this latest earthquake. Be watching out there, there could be bigger earthquakes I am The EQ Guy, this Has Been Earthquake Minute.

Friday, May 15, 2015

This Weeks Earthquake Minute!!!

Hi, EQ Guy Here. . .
They are crediting me on my EQ Guy Facebook Page, with Alerting them about that 7.3 Richters Aftershock at Kathmandu!!! So, you can add me on Facebook at EQ Guy if you want to ALWAYS know when the Next Major Earthquake is going to strike!!!

Landfall of Tropical Storm Ana at Myrtle Beach COULD cause a Medium Sized Richmond, Virginia slash Washington, DC Earthquake, or like Tennessee Region and Eventually up towards Yellowstone, Washington, and Oregon and Maybe Mt.Saint Helens-Mt.Ranier area,too

Super Typhoon Noul BRUSHED Philippines, NEW MOON is This Weekend and will cause an increase in all the Earthquakes and WATCH Richmond, Washington DC, Tennessee, Indiana, and Illinois for 5 Richters!!!The 2011 Richmond Earthquake FOLLOWED Landfall of Hurricane Irene at Puerto Rico on August 21, 2011,

I’m EQ Guy, This has been Earthquake Minute!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Earthquake Minute For May 8, 2015

There was a 7.1 Richters Earthquake at Papua New Guinea on Thursday and that was now the 4th in a series of Big Earthquakes along with hundreds of other big earthquakes that have struck out there in those PNG Islands. . . . . and wouldn't you KNOW IT. . . all started with that May 2015 FULL MOON!!!!! No Kidding!!!
LOTS of things could happen next, here, now!!! Surely this huge Earthquake Swarm WILL PROBABLY Migrate!!! They usually do, and one place might be ICELAND!!! Big Volcano Warning for up there!

Do you know that our sky was not always BLUE, and scientists believe it was a big volcano such as Mt. Tambora's Major Eruption in 1815 that FIRST caused the year with no summer because volcanic ash was spewed so far into the Stratosphere, THEN when the sun finally DID re-appear it was very BLUE!!! And the sky has simply remained blue ever since!!! Curiously there were NO paintings ever with todays brilliant blue sky, OR orange sunsets and there was PLENTY of blue paint!!! They say the sky was yellow and sunsets were green!!!

WHAT Could happen next!!! Something Major WILL Follow all of this shaking at PNG!!! Could be a HUGE Iceland Volcano, OR next Massive Earthquake -Tsunami Event! Earthquakes CAN go as high as 10 on the Richter Scale!!! THIS Could be what we are looking at today!!! Tsunami's can reach OVER a thousand feet high, one in Alaska was that big once!!!

MY Twitter Page is at and my blog is at
I am The EQ Guy and this has been Earthquake Minute!!!

Friday, May 1, 2015

EARTHQUAKE MINUTE For Friday, May 1, 2015

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!!!

DEATH TOLL at Kathmandu is NOW at 5000!!!!!

WILL They be looking at a Major Aftershock now with the Full Moon!!!!! OF course we are talking again. . . About that movement of the Indian Ocean-Australian Tectonic Plate. AND. . .Of course you heard all about THAT FIRST. . . Right here on Earthquake Minute, too!!!

COULD Also be pushing North from there, into the North American Tectonic Plate and this could affect Chicago, New York, DC, or The San Andreas Fault!!!

Finally the upcoming 6.3 or 6.4 Anchorage OR Alaska Earthquake should be on Monday or Tuesday, NEXT Major Earthquake Coming up, there!!! Also watch Banda Aceh, Sichuan, Japan and Taiwan for a while, yet!

MY EQ Blog is at

Now Back to “Who Cooks For You”
At 89.9 FM Madison

HERE’SSSSSSSSS The Real Jaguarrrr!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cancellation of Official Prediction‏ California-West Coast:


March 15, 2015
Fm: Les Brown, EQ Guy
Subject: Cancellation of Recent Official Prediction

.......The massive amounts of snow that had initially resulted in my writing up and filing of the recent Official Prediction on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 are starting to no longer exist due to a generous amount of much warmer weather as high as 68 degrees in my region. That Official Prediction was titled: Official Prediction For A California, West Coast, or Alaska Possible 6.6 To 7.6 Richters Earthquake Before March 21, 2015
.......That Official Prediction had originally been based on the most severe winter conditions that had struck especially at Boston, Massachusetts where they last reported over 100 inches of snow at some point in February of 2015. More recently, like last week to be exact, it was reported that the snow amounts were down from over 100 inches to 40 inches. While this alone would reduce the risk of a Major Earthquake, I also notice that nearly all of my snow around Southern Wisconsin has also melted.
.......Coupled with the general feeling of warmer weather all across the country, it looks like the basis for this recent O.P. is now past. It was a very serious one in its day and there had been some earthquakes to speak of inside the window and affecting the regions discussed, but it will not be necessary to continue this Official Prediction beyond the date of this letter and it will not continue as set out in the original submission which has March 21, 2015 as the end date in the banner headline. Rather, this Official Prediction is hereby CANCELLED.
.......And I do not believe any earthquake energy released beyond today to be connected to snow melting and running down the rivers in the form of water.
.......Note that there has been a CAT-5 Super Cyclone that made landfall at Port Vila, Vanuatu on March 13, 2015 that will surely create scattered outbreaks of Major Earthquake Energy and could possibly bring about a huge Earthquake-Tsunami Event but only a slight chance for California or our West Coast to be affected and that fact is largely unrelated to this Letter of Cancellation. But there have just been a 5.9 Indonesia and a 5.9 PNG in the moments prior to me sending this E-Mail as well as 2 at Port Orly, Vanuatu in the hours since that landfall.
.......Thank-You Again for Everything!!!

The EQ Alert Guy
(Name Obviously Edited)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

NOW CANCELED: Official Prediction For A California, West Coast, or Alaska Possible 6.6 To 7.6 Richters Earthquake Before March 21, 2015

UPDATE: This Official Prediction has been cancelled due to much warmer conditions. Link to Letter of Cancellation: NOW The Original of this O.P.:

A close check of all the actual dates involved with this new alert shows that the full extent of the Official Prediction will probably run all the way through March 2015 with about March 29, 2015 being the final day although it is probable all of the major earthquake energy will be released well before that date. On this occasion we are talking about the possibility of earthquake energy being the result of all of so far up to 96 inches of snow at the Boston Region, some at Washington DC, and upwards of a foot in the Kentucky Region as of this writing with the possibility of more.

I have long tracked Severe Winter Conditions to possible locations of Major Earthquakes beginning on the day of the Northridge Earthquake when I discovered that it had been preceded by sub-zero temperatures, 55 mile per hour winds, and two feet of snow all across the country. At that point I did a small amount of research revealing New Madrid Earthquakes were also preceded by Severe Winter Conditions, as was the Great Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami of March 27, 1964 which will fall within this Official Prediction in the final days! Somewhere along the way I also read where they were unable to get out of the cities on the East Coast to provide aid to the New Madrid Region due to being buried by a major blizzard.

Along with those historical cases, I now have a number of what I consider to be Great Alerts and Official Predictions of my own that I have since added to this investigation. Starting with the "Severe Winter Conditions" of December 2003 when I wrote and sent out via E-Mail my very first effective "EQ Alert" due to just those severe conditions and the 6.6 Richters Paso Robles Earthquake followed on December 22, 2003. Those severest of Winter Conditions came again in December of 2009 and on that occasion I wrote all up an "Official Prediction" like the one you are reading right now! In fact here is a link to that O.P. @ THAT particular paper has many references to the same Severe Winter Conditions that I beleive we are looking at today and may contain even more descriptive info that could be helpful if you wish to follow this event closely. I wrote that O.P. on December 22, 2009 and on January 10, 2010 the 7.1 Richters Eureka Earthquake struck with the Haiti Earthquake following on the final day of that Official Prediction, January 12, 2010.

I will also be expecting an initial earthquake to strike at or very near the "Snow Epicenter" and am watching the Boston Area particular closely due to the amounts there being at about 8 Feet so far. There may be the possibility a 6 Richters Earthquake could strike somewhere along the East Coast and that would be a huge foreshock for possibly the biggest earthquake in a long time to strike our West Coast, California, or Alaska and I might put the range we are watching for at 6.6 to 7.6 with the high number subject to going higher if the conditions persist. I must suggest the major cities involved might take some casual steps towards earthquake preparation such as coordinating all the agencies and reviewing check-lists, contact information, batteries in walkie-talkie's and flashlights, and familiarize authorities with all the heavy construction equipment that could be needed at a moments notice. This earthquake energy could be headed for some of our more heavily populated regions of the West Coast and so at some point the public needs to take a few moments every so often to undertake a full preparation mode and right now could be that time.

To my friends at the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council, and National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Councils, Thank-You Again For Reading my submissions! To everybody else reading this, Thank-You Again For Reading and please think seriously about "Earthquake Preperation"!!!!! Sincerely, The EQ Alert Guy