Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hurricane Irene / Bahamas = San Francisco Earthquake for August-September 2011

As I am writing this on August 24, 2011 Hurricane Irene is currently a Category 3 Hurricane making landfall across the islands of the Bahamas. I have just checked the latest satellite shots of this landfall and observed that direction to be sort of North West and checked my globe/straight line tool and found San Francisco to be directly in line with this landfall. There was just a 5.8 Richters earthquake at Virgina/Richmond/Washington D.C. yesterday felt in New York, but I must say that this new earthquake energy does not look like it will affect that East Coast Region. Nor will this new earthquake energy be too major due to the islands of the Bahamas not catching all of the winds that a major landfall at the continental U.S. would do. Let's say this San Francisco or Northern California earthquake might be in the 5 to 6 Richters range, and we should probably keep an eye on Los Angeles, too. Finally it looks like subsequent landfalls may not have an effect on California so it is possible that this will be the only earthquake energy to speak of for now. Baja California may also be in line for this new upcoming earthquake. Thank-You for reading and maybe you should be prepared for an earthquake? EQ Alert Guy