Thursday, May 30, 2013

New EQ Alert: New Madrid, Illinois, Chicago!!! Up To 5.9!!!

Landfall of Hurricane Barbara at the far Southern tip of Mexico bearing due North, actually just to the East of Due North, will now create a new source of earthquake energy this time heading directly for New Madrid, Missouri as well as Cairo, Illinois and straight up across Illinois to Chicago! I always want to say any of these places could shake immediately just due to not wanting to wait to send out this brand new EQ Alert, but also because sometimes they actually will shake in the first several hours after such a landfall. With windspeeds reported at 75 mph of course making it a Hurricane, I might also guess the gusts as high as 90! Additionally down the road Kazakhstan, Nepal, and Novosibirsk will also be directly in line for some of this new earthquake energy however with the maximum being around 5.9 for those areas as well they shouldn't get it too bad unless it's a direct hit at a population center. On the other hand if New Madrid, Illinois, and Chicago is a direct hit on a heavily populated area it could affect a million people. . . around Chicago who you could say are about overdue for a major earthquake or at least a good garden variety Illinois Shaker anyways!!! Thank-You for Reading! EQ Guy

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Few More Hours of Full Moon Window, Any More Earthquakes After That???

The Full Moon Window will run all through today and up until around Midnight tonight my time or 9:27pm Pacific. I'm starting to wonder if all of that earthquake energy might have already been released and if we will even have any more earthquake energy to be watching for? I could go so far as to say that the big one from the landfall at Bangladesh of Cyclone Mahasen could well be now past due to certainly having plenty of tectonic plate movement up around the Eurasian Plate in addition to Susanville, California. . . but what does that tell us about the upcoming potential Major Earthquake for Los Angeles? Could enough potential seismic energy be released up around them areas to avoid more of it being released around L.A., Orange, Riverside, and Imperial Counties later this week? I suppose the route we will have to take, knowing full well what the naysayers are going to say, is to keep watching as a precaution and continue being prepared! In the end the worst that will happen is a few of us go out and by a couple cases of bottled water and an ax, never ending up needing them. . . of course along with the naysayers screaming fraud and charlatan, etc., but I suppose one has to get used to that part of the job. Bottom line in my opinion is that there was a lot of earthquake energy coming and could still be more coming! And plenty of naysayers headed this direction, too! Don't forget that we DID NOT predict either of those major earthquakes! Thank-You for reading!!! And Continue To Be Prepared in Los Angeles! EQ Guy

Friday, May 24, 2013

Full Moon is Here!!!!! Will We Get More Earthquakes???

My phone was chiming all day long with all of the aftershocks from last nights Northern California Earthquake and I even actually heard somewhere that due to the combination of all of the earthquakes at Norcal, and that huge one up farther north at Kamchatka, due to all of that somebody said people are leaving San Francisco and other West Coast places such as I understand the coast of Oregon. I think this was in a blog somewhere that a lot of people are now thinking that it is due to a major earthquake fault that is supposed to be doing something or whatever. Well, if you are one of them who's wondering then the answer is definitely YES. . . but the process just takes millions, and millions of years to run its course and that is about all for now as far as that sort of stuff happening! And you can quote me, too!

The exact moment of the full moon will be in about another hour here as I am writing and if you are reading this far beyond Friday Night, May 24, 2013 at 11:27pm Central Time, then it is past because that is the exact moment and time of the full moon. The Full Moon Window will run through Saturday Night also at 9:27pm CDT, and just might have some more Major Earthquake Energy yet to go!!! Here is a Great Pic of Tonights Full Moon:

I had one question that I want to answer concerning the Mercalli Scale! The Mercalli Scale is the system once used to rate the size of an earthquake mostly in the days before seismographs. Mercalli rates the size of an earthquake by glasses that break, windows that break, chimneys that fall, doors that don't shut, and buildings destroyed and beyond. The former might be a 3 and the later a 6 or 7, etc. Here is a link to a Great story on . . . Thank-You for the question!!!

There will still be other earthquakes coming including the Los Angeles Earthquake that could strike at any moment or sometime this week still. Here is that Official Prediction if you still wish to view it:

Here's Wishing Everybody a Good Holiday Weekend!!!!! Sincerely, The EQ Alert Guy

Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 2013 Full Moon Window Begins at 9:27pm Pacific Time Tonight!!!

There is a lot of other stuff going on but it will still be very important for everybody to remember that among all the other earthquake stuff currently happening, that this months Full Moon Window will begin in just a couple hours!!! The exact moment of the full moon will be at 04:27 Universal Time very early tomorrow morning which means 11:27pm yet tonight my time or Central Time and 9:27pm tonight Pacific Time. So that would be the time to start watching the closest for earthquakes especially up around Sichuan, China, Tibet, and Nepal. I should add Tiblisi and Novosibirsk at this point, too! Just seen on the USGS list of latest earthquakes there had been a 7.4 Richters earthquake at Tonga, just after noon my time and so there is probably most certainly still at least that amount of major earthquake energy still out there which could strike at practically any time, now! While Idaho, Yellowstone and Seattle are up that way they probably should not be affected yet since it is only Day 12 after Cylone Mahasen, however it is also Day 12 after that tornado at Granbury, TX and so that EQ Alert was for the State of Baja California, Mexico just south of OUR State of California and could well get some of this shaking that might occur with this months Full Moon and could well be felt in the U.S. And if you have already read my recent Official Prediction for Los Angeles, then you know there just might be something out that way, too, say Palm Springs but that O.P. runs for a whole week yet and might not be triggered this soon by the full moon! Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

Friday, May 17, 2013

Lots of New Earthquake Stuff About To Happen!!! Keep Watching for up to 7.6 Richters!!!

Hello, There is a lot of new earthquake stuff currently going on and today I decided it would not be possible to write a new EQ Blog over the top of the one that is presently on the front page of my regular EQ Blog which you can read @

Right at the moment I am very busily searching for information about the "Path On The Ground" of the recent Texas Tornado, but up to this point have been unable to find any such info. Therefore somebody just might have a major earthquake heading for them. . . although we will be unable to determine just WHO that may be. I will continue searching, but do not know if or when I will be able to come up with this information.

Until then there is still that major alert for the Nepal, and Sichuan, China Region for up to 7.6 Richters. This number could increase if we ever do find the path on the ground information, which in the future I'd like to be able to gather sooner, you know! Thank-You for reading and please use the above link to yesterdays EQ Blog for all the info!

Finally, here is a pic of the most recent activity from the Mexico City Volcano and a Great Pic!!! @

Sorry for the Texas Tornado victims and hope the best results for those still missing! God Bless!!!

Thank-You for reading! I will have more info on my regular EQ Blog page as it becomes available! EQ Guy