Thursday, May 28, 2015

Earthquake Minute For May 29, 2015

Hi, EQ Guy Here. . .
IN the future we will need to alert people in
the path of such massive potential for earthquakes
as all the poor unfortunate Napalease, now close to 10,000!!!

Of course to alert ALL the people in the path, Indonesia,
Japan, China, and Nepal would ALL need to prepare, Soooo
In the future let us all watch areas where such GREAT
Potential for Earthquakes exists!

Now for the VERY LATEST!!!
It looks like ALL that big Earthquake Energy has
about Run Its Course!

Full Moon this weekend BUT only the tiniest
of alerts--SEE My EQ Blog at

And unless a Big Windstorm
Comes along, WATCH For Not Much to be shaking!
Even by the light of the June Full Moon!

I'm The EQ Guy. . . This has been,

Friday, May 22, 2015


Earthquake Minute for May 22, 2015. No Copy posted of original script. This version was transcribed from original broadcast:

Thank-You, Jag! I’m gonna make this up as I go along, here! Hi, EQ Guy Here with Earthquake Minute!!! The highlights of todays Minute was going to be about this years WORT Block Party, Kim Manning and her Roller SKATES and The Cash Box Kings, but I just hit the computer on my way up here and there has been a 5.3 Richters Earthquake just north of Las Vegas and it is a very bad one, as 5.3’s go as you can imagine in the listening audience. 5.3 100 miles north of Las Vegas is gonna cause some trouble! JAG: Yeah, EQ GUY: It could have been much worse, a 5.3 in (a) shaky town like that COULD be a disaster. Eventually some day like a thousand years from now, or a million years from now it’ll be Las Vegases turn. Right at the moment there are on and off ramps closed and I haven’t had a lot of time to look into the details. Up to this point I was going to tell you the big news was a 4.1 Richters San Diego Earthquake, a 4.2 Napa, California Earthquake with a huge felt report, but there is hundreds, looks like hundreds and hundreds of felt reports just from Las Vegas on just the one that hit. . . JAG: Moments ago, EQ GUY: Yes, JAG: Hours ago. EQ GUY: Yes, and I was going to say, I’ll finish here anyways, Keep Watching California, West Coast and Alaska. . . There COULD Still be a Big Earthquake Coming, a 5.3 Nevada, that could be Tectonic Plate Movement, there could still be a bigger earthquake! Watch Eureka, California, Washington, Oregon, Mt. St. Helens. Sorry that this is happening on Memorial Day Weekend, I want to say Happy Memorial Day Weekend to everybody!
~~~~~And check out my Blog at earthquakealert.blogspot Sorry for people that are out in Las Vegas affected by this latest earthquake. Be watching out there, there could be bigger earthquakes I am The EQ Guy, this Has Been Earthquake Minute.

Friday, May 15, 2015

This Weeks Earthquake Minute!!!

Hi, EQ Guy Here. . .
They are crediting me on my EQ Guy Facebook Page, with Alerting them about that 7.3 Richters Aftershock at Kathmandu!!! So, you can add me on Facebook at EQ Guy if you want to ALWAYS know when the Next Major Earthquake is going to strike!!!

Landfall of Tropical Storm Ana at Myrtle Beach COULD cause a Medium Sized Richmond, Virginia slash Washington, DC Earthquake, or like Tennessee Region and Eventually up towards Yellowstone, Washington, and Oregon and Maybe Mt.Saint Helens-Mt.Ranier area,too

Super Typhoon Noul BRUSHED Philippines, NEW MOON is This Weekend and will cause an increase in all the Earthquakes and WATCH Richmond, Washington DC, Tennessee, Indiana, and Illinois for 5 Richters!!!The 2011 Richmond Earthquake FOLLOWED Landfall of Hurricane Irene at Puerto Rico on August 21, 2011,

I’m EQ Guy, This has been Earthquake Minute!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Earthquake Minute For May 8, 2015

There was a 7.1 Richters Earthquake at Papua New Guinea on Thursday and that was now the 4th in a series of Big Earthquakes along with hundreds of other big earthquakes that have struck out there in those PNG Islands. . . . . and wouldn't you KNOW IT. . . all started with that May 2015 FULL MOON!!!!! No Kidding!!!
LOTS of things could happen next, here, now!!! Surely this huge Earthquake Swarm WILL PROBABLY Migrate!!! They usually do, and one place might be ICELAND!!! Big Volcano Warning for up there!

Do you know that our sky was not always BLUE, and scientists believe it was a big volcano such as Mt. Tambora's Major Eruption in 1815 that FIRST caused the year with no summer because volcanic ash was spewed so far into the Stratosphere, THEN when the sun finally DID re-appear it was very BLUE!!! And the sky has simply remained blue ever since!!! Curiously there were NO paintings ever with todays brilliant blue sky, OR orange sunsets and there was PLENTY of blue paint!!! They say the sky was yellow and sunsets were green!!!

WHAT Could happen next!!! Something Major WILL Follow all of this shaking at PNG!!! Could be a HUGE Iceland Volcano, OR next Massive Earthquake -Tsunami Event! Earthquakes CAN go as high as 10 on the Richter Scale!!! THIS Could be what we are looking at today!!! Tsunami's can reach OVER a thousand feet high, one in Alaska was that big once!!!

MY Twitter Page is at and my blog is at
I am The EQ Guy and this has been Earthquake Minute!!!

Friday, May 1, 2015

EARTHQUAKE MINUTE For Friday, May 1, 2015

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!!!

DEATH TOLL at Kathmandu is NOW at 5000!!!!!

WILL They be looking at a Major Aftershock now with the Full Moon!!!!! OF course we are talking again. . . About that movement of the Indian Ocean-Australian Tectonic Plate. AND. . .Of course you heard all about THAT FIRST. . . Right here on Earthquake Minute, too!!!

COULD Also be pushing North from there, into the North American Tectonic Plate and this could affect Chicago, New York, DC, or The San Andreas Fault!!!

Finally the upcoming 6.3 or 6.4 Anchorage OR Alaska Earthquake should be on Monday or Tuesday, NEXT Major Earthquake Coming up, there!!! Also watch Banda Aceh, Sichuan, Japan and Taiwan for a while, yet!

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