Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

There are still some earthquakes out there, but let's hope none strike tonight or early tomorrow and here's wishing everybody a Very Merry Christmas!!!!! EQ Guy

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last BIG ONE, was in The Year 1638!!!!!

Yes, i don't usually use EQ Blog-3 for such things but i want everybody to keep in mind that i just read that there have been NO such coincidal incidents as all three of these events happening (Lunar Eclipse / Full-Moon / Winter Solstice) since the year 1638!!!!! The Colonys out East were still forming and part of British North America or something like that and they had an earthquake so big that it shook all across what today we call New England, albeit in June. Italy also had a huge earthquake in the year 1638, but I couldn't find the actual date on that one.

In all events it does plainly look like it might just be the end of the world tomorrow night, and here is a story all about that:

Finally, all the details are now pretty much in! The actual Lunar Eclipse begins at around Mid-Night tomorrow night and continues through about very early morning for most of the U.S., while the actual moment of the Winter Solstice, i think it said is at 1:38pm. So, I might guess that big earthquake should strike around 8am Pacific Time on Tuesday Morning; with the solstice/eclipse mostly just helping to release earthquake energy and not increasing the amount, so let's still say 7 Richters and it won't really change where the energy is released, either, so should we just say Malibu/Long Beach/Laguna Beach? Frisco? Eureka/Ferndale/TPJ??? Keeping in mind that it could still be Central America/Mexico/Alaska, or Vancouver/Hawaii, etc. And the combination of events might, just might release earthquake energy that has been building up since the year 1638, too!!! This time we can know ahead of time and it can help us to be prepared for the next one in the year 2094!!! EQ Guy

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chicago International Film Festival 2010!!!!!

Yes, it's that time of year again, time for the Chicago International Film Festival!!! Through the years it's always been one of my big things that i mostly like to talk about. . . generally can never get any tickets for so it's usually mostly talk! The one year when two of my Movie Biz friends were the inductees was probably one of the biggest nights of my life, though, and I went on to submit many scripts to one of their agencies in the years that followed! This year I'm now mostly probably going to see guys whom I've known from my days in L.A. and maybe one or two old friends from Film Production! Going to be a big night in Chi-Town and I'm really looking forward to it!!! Figuring out what to wear right now! Put gas in my car tonight, a tank gets me to Chicago and back so I'm ready to go! Washed my windsheild hoping i wouldn't hit more bugs on the way home tonight, and thought about washing the car too. . . but we usually prefer to wait and wash it after we get HOME from Chicago! Dirty car = tends to fit in better in Chicago! Worked on Film Production for many years down there and more this summer, even too! Looking forward to tomorrow night! Always, Moviestar/EQ Guy

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Going To The Chicago International Film Festival!!!!!

Got my ticket in the mail today!!! Opening night is next Thursday!!! See You all there!!!!! Dress Code = Biz Attire!!! Here is a "link":

EQ Guy/Moviestar

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Currently TIED for the Warmest Year on Record!!!!!

Yes, here is a link to that story!!!!!
Basically due to burning so much natural gas, all the new natural gas pipelines, and not charging natural gas burners for the oxygen=melting polar ice!!! Thank-You, again for reading!!! EQ Guy

Monday, August 16, 2010


Home from a weekend of camping at Indiana Dunes National Seashore!!!!! All except found out it is actually National LAKESHORE????? Great weather!!! Water=Excellent!!! Rollerbladed 4 1/2 Hours in Downtown Chicago on Sunday!!! Michigan Ave., Grant Park, Upper/Lower Wacker Drive, State, Wabash, couple laps around the Picasso:-)

Thursday, July 29, 2010


If you have found this page, then by now you probably already KNOW that there is going to be a major earthquake coming yet. One more new blog was due since it has been a burden keeping my most recent Official Predictions posted accurately, which you can now view at my EQ Blog-2, and currently that great story about me working on the Ron Howard movie which you can still view at the top of my regular blog!!!

Today I just felt like it was necessary to let everybody know that it is about Day 30 after the landfall of Hurricane Alex at Mexico (Los Americanos) and that just for the record my memory tells me that days number 30 to 33 have resulted in a good number of major earthquakes! Now, granted we are merely talking about the number of days since the original earthquake energy was generated, but if a lot of them have happened on like say Day 33 for instance, then that tells me to be watching!

As usual I am mostly basically concerned for the United States, but want readers who do not follow the National Earthquake Information Center on a day to day basis to know that there is still that "Long Tail" Aftershock Swarm at Southern California, and that it is seperete from the earthquake energy I am talking about here. Yes, the two CAN COMBINE!!!!! Yes, that CAN mean just that much bigger of a major shaker when this one PROBABLY does strike! Finally, add Reno to the list, because there have been some little shakers up that way that just might be saying something is going on there? And watch out San Simeon, too! Thank-You again for reading and I hope you will continue to enjoy my brand new EQ Blog-3 into the future!!!!! Always, The EQ Alert Guy