Friday, January 27, 2017

Reservoirs 9.1 "Earthquake Minute" Transcript:

Hi, EQ Guy Here,
The California Reservoirs are FILLING UP. . . with water.!!! And it’s pretty much Accepted Science that when you fill a big reservoir, You get Earthquakes. Lake Mead shook when they filled it, and 70,000 died in a Big China Earthquake after they filled one there.

So, I want to make this a BIGGGGGG Alert For California and have decided it SHOULDN’T be a bigger earthquake then Let’s say 9.1 On The Richters Scale

And include that Cascadia Fault up to Seattle, and of course all of San Francisco and Los Angeles Regions as well. . . Although hopefully 7 Magnitude will be more like it!!! And currently 27 Feet of snow at Mammoth Lakes!!!

Keep Watching Lima and Peru for 8 Richters on or possibly BEFORE February 9th, and ALL of Calirornia for up to a 9 Magnitude California Region!!! And Be Prepared!!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

As Big as a 9.1 Richters Earthquake Heading For California!!! New Pacifica "Earthquake Minute" Transcript:

Hi, EQ Guy Here,
It’s pretty much Accepted Science that when you fill a Reservoir with water. . . You get Earthquakes. Lake Mead shook when they filled it, and 70,000 died in a Big China Earthquake after they filled one there.
NOW Reservoirs in California and maybe Aquifers, too, are FILLING UP, there, so what might be the result?

Let’s say as big as a 9.1 On The Richters Scale and include Cascadia, to Seattle, of course along with the San Francisco and Los Angeles Regions as well. . . Although hopefully 7 Magnitude will be more like it!!! And again water is GOOD for dry places, but it WILL loosen up those fault lines, there, too!!!

Alert continues for Lima and Peru at 8 with the actual date I’m guessing still being February 9th, but it could shake at any time, there!!!

THAT’S 8 Magnitude Peru. . . 9 Magnitude California Region!!! Be Prepared!!!!!
For The Pacifica Radio Network This Has Been “Earthquake Minute” and I am The EQ Guy.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Big Avalanche Italy "Earthquake Minute" For January 20, 2017, Transcript:

Hi, Everybody!!!

They’re getting a lot more earthquakes in Italy and an avalanche followed there!!! THAT could be the Tectonic Plate Movement and Peru could be NEXT. . . Where they’ve already been getting Imma say Fore Shocks, there!!! ONE just a few miles from Lima, Peru that was FELT in Lima, Peru and another one 200 miles from Agua Caliente!!! You’ll recall the Ecuador Earthquake getting a lot of fore shocks, well this one could have that, too!!! Watch there for 7.6 to 8 Richters!!!

Speaking of Earthquake Prediction, my good friend Jim Berkland passed away in 2016. FAMOUS for predicting the World Series Earthquake in 1989!!! He used the Full Moon among other techniques. . . AND was calling it the “World Series Quake” DAYSSSSSS before it shook there!!! Jim Berklands death will be a Great Loss To the Earthquake Biz!!!

THAT Big Alert For California should continue for all of California and our West Coast and Alaska!!! AND That’s what’s happening today right here. . .On EQ Guy Islandddddddddd!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jim Berkland R.I.P. "Earthquake Minute" For Pacifica Radio Network: Transcript:

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!

I'm very sorry to have to report to you today the death of Jim Berkland!!! Great Loss To Earthquake Biz!!! I'll Miss Jim!!! God Bless Him!!! I have always had the most respect for all his work in the field of Earthquake Prediction and especially all his work with predicting that resulted in having predated the World Series Earthquake by something like a day or so!!!

Most famously there was one newspaper article in the "Gilroy Dispatch" that was calling that earthquake the "World Series Quake". . . DAYS before it shook there!!! Jim will be greatly missed and expressing my deepest sympathy to his family, friends and his community, there!!!

Speaking of Earthquake Predictions, I have ONE coming up for February 9 that could shake South of Lima, Peru at anytime now! Line continues on past Agua Caliente to those mountains there and a town called Assis, Brazil.

Still a lot of Severe Winter Conditions on Today the Anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake and getting LOTS of shaking south of Juneau, Alaska and the Great Alaska Earthquake was ALSO preceded by Severe Winter Conditions!!! So Watch West Coast, California, and Alaska for Earthquakes. . .and watch Peru for that 7.6 to 8 Richters Shaker between now February 9, 2017

Again Sorry for the loss of Jim Berkland, For Pacifica Radio Network, Iiiii am The EQ Guy

Friday, January 13, 2017

Bad News California "Earthquake Minute" For January 13, 2017, Transcript:

Welcome!!!!! To EQ Guy Islanddddddd!!!!!

Huge snowfalls up there in the mountains of Cal/Nev and lots of snow. . . I’m talking about the year 1907 preceded a 6.5 Richters Kingston, Jamaica Earthquake in 1907. . . 1000 people killed there in that one!!! THAT might be considered an alert right there! LOTS of snow up around Tahoe right now!!! Great Haiti Earthquake was on January 12, and Northridge California Earthquake also a 6.5, was on January 17th!!! WATCH California now for about a 6.5 JUST because of huge snowfalls they’ve been getting there and LOTS of Rain, there, too!!!

AND, One big alert for Peru for February 9, 2017, say 8 Magnitude and I’m The EQ Guy (This has been EQ Guy Islandddddddddd)

Sunday, January 8, 2017

California Rain Pacifica Radio Network "Earthquake Minute" For January 9, 2017, Transcript:

Hello Again, California, I‘m The EQ Guy!!!

Lots and lots of rain can be good for places where it’s been DRY!!!!! But rain might also loosen up those fault lines and there are a LOT of them!!! So all things combined we’ll have to watch California a while and especially with the anniversary of 6.5 Eureka 2010 Earthquake on January 9, and Northridge on January 17, the full moon will also be the middle of this week.

Speaking of Earthquake Predictions there has been ONE for Peru, but I must now add another one, also for Peru!!!!! I’m now watching for about 8 on the Richter Scale for just SOUTH. . .of Lima, Peru and on a line directly towards Agua Caliente, Peruuuuuu!!!!! On or possibly before February 9, 2017 there!!!!! And the line continues on. . . To Assis, Brazil up that way.

Full Moon will be Wednesday so watch all this week. Be Watching all of California and our West Coast, there, along with Peru for that one Prediction, there!!! And Be Prepared!!!

That’s Earthquake Minute. . .And I’m. . . . . The EQ Guy

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Aqua Caliente "Earthquake Minute" For January 6, 2017 Now The Transcript:

On Earthquake Minute Today!!!

THIS JUST IN!!!!! They are installing sensors to measure the EARTH SHAKING during Saturdays Seattle SeaHawks Game, Against the Detroit Lions, There in Seattle, THIS After they first noticed the ground shaking following a Marshawn Lynch Touchdown Run in 2011. . . And so far they’ve already gotten a 5.1, 4.3, and a 4.6 just 300 Miles Northwest of there TODAY!!! Watch for some big plays. . . And possible Big Earthquakes for Seattle, too!!!

We’re In Hot Water in Peru, Jag!!! SOMEWHERE along the line that starts around South of Lima, Peru. . It goes on to Cross Directly through Aqua Caliente to the East!!! So Keep Watching For Peru on January 9, Monday at a 7 Richters with the Full Moon on January 11, and 12 Tuesday and Wednesday!!! California and now Seattle Region, too, and with that FULL MOON Coming on Wednesday this week, SOME. . . Thing could shake!!! Be Prepared!!!

Iiiiiiiiii. . . Am The EQ Guyyyyyy!!!!!