Thursday, June 27, 2013

Still an Alert For Chicago!!! MEANTIME Blackhawks Parade is Tomorrow!!!!! And I'm Going!!!

The alert for some earthquake energy heading up towards Illinois and possibly the Chicago Region is about on track with the Frisco Alert that we are also currently watching on my regular EQ Blog, so we should continue to watch Illinois especially since the New Madrid area did get several shakers right on time and in the wake of the landfall at Mexico of Hurricane Barbara.

Tomorrow is the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Parade in Downtown Chicago and it looks like I am GOING!!! Now this part of the blog is more about all the logistics of taking the train to downtown and getting that Hawks Discount of a 5 Dollar all day Train Ticket!!! Aiming to hit Washington between Des Plaines and Michigan and my goal is to get a chance to see the Stanley Cup and hopefully get a pic of it!!! PK or Queneville would be pretty neat, too!

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Watching the weather and it looks like there might be some rain around downtown Chicago before the day is over, so I'm hoping to get to see the parade and catch an early train back out of the city. Much as I'd like the nice walk over to Grant Park for the whole big rally thing with those big screens and all. . . did see the rally for the Chicago White Sox a few years back and had a Great Time! EQ Guy

Friday, June 14, 2013

2.4 Richters Near Blytheville, Arkansas--Looks Like Earthquake Could Be Headed North for Illinois/Chicago!!!

Just found this earthquake on the list of Latest Earthquakes @
And while I know it may not mean much to a lot of people that they got a 2.4 down in that region, it matters to others that we were on the edge of our seats waiting for one to strike there!!!!! Then, again you might say it still doesn't mean nothing that they had a 2.4 down around New Madrid. Just sayin' that there WAS Earthquake Energy heading up in that direction and that it is probably going to continue on along that line where I have been tracking it, or up to Illinois and eventually straight through Chicago and points North. There is still more earthquake energy where that 2.4 came from and don't even be surprised if a SWARM starts up in that region and they get a lot of 2.4 Sized Earthquakes in the coming hours and days!!!!! Keep Watching for a big one as big as 5 Magnitude, too, they get 'em!!!

Thank-You Again for reading and Be Prepared Illinois, and Chicago!!!!! EQ Guy


Thank-You For Watching! EQ Guy