Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cancellation of Official Prediction‏ California-West Coast:


March 15, 2015
Fm: Les Brown, EQ Guy
Subject: Cancellation of Recent Official Prediction

.......The massive amounts of snow that had initially resulted in my writing up and filing of the recent Official Prediction on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 are starting to no longer exist due to a generous amount of much warmer weather as high as 68 degrees in my region. That Official Prediction was titled: Official Prediction For A California, West Coast, or Alaska Possible 6.6 To 7.6 Richters Earthquake Before March 21, 2015
.......That Official Prediction had originally been based on the most severe winter conditions that had struck especially at Boston, Massachusetts where they last reported over 100 inches of snow at some point in February of 2015. More recently, like last week to be exact, it was reported that the snow amounts were down from over 100 inches to 40 inches. While this alone would reduce the risk of a Major Earthquake, I also notice that nearly all of my snow around Southern Wisconsin has also melted.
.......Coupled with the general feeling of warmer weather all across the country, it looks like the basis for this recent O.P. is now past. It was a very serious one in its day and there had been some earthquakes to speak of inside the window and affecting the regions discussed, but it will not be necessary to continue this Official Prediction beyond the date of this letter and it will not continue as set out in the original submission which has March 21, 2015 as the end date in the banner headline. Rather, this Official Prediction is hereby CANCELLED.
.......And I do not believe any earthquake energy released beyond today to be connected to snow melting and running down the rivers in the form of water.
.......Note that there has been a CAT-5 Super Cyclone that made landfall at Port Vila, Vanuatu on March 13, 2015 that will surely create scattered outbreaks of Major Earthquake Energy and could possibly bring about a huge Earthquake-Tsunami Event but only a slight chance for California or our West Coast to be affected and that fact is largely unrelated to this Letter of Cancellation. But there have just been a 5.9 Indonesia and a 5.9 PNG in the moments prior to me sending this E-Mail as well as 2 at Port Orly, Vanuatu in the hours since that landfall.
.......Thank-You Again for Everything!!!

The EQ Alert Guy
(Name Obviously Edited)