Thursday, January 30, 2014


Enormous swarms such as are currently shaking Virginia City, Nevada precede the biggest of Major Earthquakes on a regular basis. The swarm at Virginia City is presently so big and ferocious that I deemed it necessary to write and file this Official Prediction for California immediately.

On December 30, 2009 until January 1, 2010 there was a similar huge swarm at Baja California and the Eureka 2010 Earthquake struck on January 9, 2010 with the Haiti Earthquake striking on January 12, 2010 just a week to 10 days later. Now if we consider the fact that the B.C. Swarm of 2009-2010 was 7 to 10 Days ahead of Eureka and Haiti, that would give us February 5 to 9, 2014 for the exact date of the Major Earthquake in the range of 7.6 to 9 Richters to strike.

It is possible this swarm will first migrate to either Mammoth Lakes, Coso Junction, or Northern California before this huge Major Earthquake finally decides to let loose. There are a few other places that also routinely pass along this sort of earthquake swarm energy such as up around the Geysers Region of Northern California and so it could also strike there or Salton Sea Region later as well. While there are many places that should be considered vulnerable for the epicenter of this huge earthquake, I always like to concentrate on Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Eureka, but note that Mt. St. Helens, Seattle, Cascadia, Queen Charlotte Island, and Victoria, and Alaska are also very much nearby. There is also a huge offshore volcano west of Oregon. A quick check revealed that the Virginia City Earthquake Sequence when Zoomed-In forms a straight line that points directly to the Mt. Diablo, California Region just outside of Oakland, California for what that is worth.

Finally we will recall that Haiti was the final resultant of the 2009-2010 B.C. Swarm and so that sort of major movement of the North American Tectonic Plate could ultimately come to affect Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, New Madrid, or even Texas and Oklahoma. With all the shaking going on up in the usually quiet Reno, Nevada Region I’m placing the range at 7.6 up to 9 Richters with all do respect for the amount of potential earthquake energy it must take to move that seldom shaky region. The result here could be at another similar seldom shaky region such as either The Hayward Fault, Cascadia, Lone Pine, or Lompoc, but remember Nevada can occasionally get a Major Earthquake, too!

It seems to be just a matter of who gets this earthquake, how big it will be, and how soon! This Official Prediction should run to like the end of February 2014 and will probably strike well before.

We should alert the people to be prepared for this one! Thank-You Again!!!

The EQ Alert Guy

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Thank-You!!! LES