Sunday, February 19, 2012


Our Winter has traditionally been caused by the much colder north consisting of a number of lakes frozen year around, permafrost, and an intensely cold region beginning at northern Canada. This ultra cold region has made it predictable that every year as the arc of the sun cruises to the south in the Autumn, progressively colder winds will blow to the south of it and as the Winter Equinox nears the frozen state will spread quickly into the United States and the usual wintry season used to take place. Well we’ve been told plenty that this frozen north is melting off and it now appears to be melted off enough that those cold winds are probably no longer going to be predictable. Having thought about it, I have now come to the conclusion that the absence of all of that intense North Pole coldness might also tweak the mild warmth that we have always been accustomed to during our Summer months. It is possible that the heat of the sun in July and August has up to now been damped down by the fact that we still HAD that frozen land situated just to the north, which now is probably not going to be there anymore. All this looks like it will lead to the warmer latitudes south of us also getting hotter all the way to the equator, and then also getting progressively hotter in the coming summer and then winter 2012. This will continue to melt the Ice Cap, postpone winters longer, and make Summers hotter indefinitely, ultimately up to the Kindling Point of material such as ether being 160 degrees, diesel at 210 degrees, and gasoline being just beyond that. It has been reported that the hotter temperatures cause more water to evaporate and will continue to evaporate, making rainfalls greater, and greater with 27 feet of snow so far this year in Anchorage. This should actually increase quite a lot, not knowing what the total saturation point of a cloud is? While there will still be the long Winter months of complete darkness at the north pole, they will still keep getting hotter, and hotter summers and it now looks like our winter might be gone forever, possibly even leaving those long dark months of the north still warmer, and warmer, with us getting hotter and hotter, and the equator probably virtually on fire. It looks like this will be the end and there is probably nothing we can do about it, either. . . . . and it also looks like those Mayan Dudes that wrote that one calendar thing must have known this was coming, or figured it out, or?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Full Moon on Monday Night January 9, 2012! Major Earthquake???

Will there be another Major Earthquake on the night of this months Full Moon? See EQ Blog-1 at Thank-You for reading! EQ Guy