Friday, November 27, 2015

Transcript From Fridays Edition Of The "Earthquake Minute" Radio Show!!!

Hope Everybody had a very happy Thanksgiving Day there. . . . . EQ Guy Here!!!

And on Wednesday while that Turkey was just a cooking in the oven they were a SHAKING in Peruuuuuu!!! By strange coincidence I just so happen to have had a PREDICTION for 7.6 Richters On November 18 there. . . And well it was a few miles NORTH of Arica, Chile and 6 days later, but the magnitude was EXACT there!!! In fact they had TWO 7.6 Richter Earthquakes!!! Imma count that one and say Iiiiiiiii am now 6 for 6 at this!!!

Might have to Continue To Watch Illinois, and Indiana up to Quebec and Iceland for 5 to 7 Richters!!! They had about 14 foreshocks right there AT New Madrid, Missouri this week and I did give the date on that one as November 31, although November turns out to only have 30 days, soooooo that becomes Tuesday, December 1 and Day 40 will be this coming Wednesday. . . Still not a prediction again due to having a lot of friends in that region so I prefer to simply say be watching for an Illinois/Indiana Earthquake!!!

I’m The EQ Guy ANDDDDDD That’s Earthquake Minute!!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

"Earthquake Minute" For November 20, 2015

Hello, Hello, Hello!!! EQ Guy Here!!!

Lots of Earthquake action currently going on along that line I described to you all including yesterdays 4.7 Oklahoma Earthquake felt all across the Midwest!!!

Even felt in Hammond, Indiana where this 5 to 7 Magnitude might strike!!! Things are really moving and a good chance of it hitting us THIS WEEK!!! As the November Full Moon Window starts on Tuesday!

There was also a 4.0 Poland, and a 6.5 Offshore Greece Earthquake Watch for 7 Plus in that region as we should SOON find out what the results of that landfall of Hurricane Patricia. . . Will be!!!!!

So. . . . .Watch that line from Moonshine, Illinois on up to Kokomo, Indiana, because that right there is my “Go Straight Theory”, Jag!!! AND don’t forget everybody can read my EQ Blog at

I’m The EQ Guy ANDDDDDD That’s Earthquake Minute!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

"Earthquake Minute" Transcript For Friday,. November 13, 2015

Hello, Hello, Hello!!! EQ Guy Here with some NEW Earthquake Stuff to add to my now GREAT Record of 5 for 5!!! Imma add ONE Prediction today!!!. . . . . Arica, Chile or VERY near there, has a 7.6 Richters Earthquake coming ON. . . November 18th!!! I don’t see why this one would wait for the full moon on November 27 so I moved up that date!!!

ALSO thinking along the lines of 5.2 Richters for Kokomo, Indiana on or about November 31, 2015. . . But due to the fact that I have a lot of friends in all of that Illinois and Indiana Region and into Missouri and Oklahoma, let’s not go with any ONE prediction for those folks just yet and instead continue to watch Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas and ALL of the Chicago Region, Including Indiana!!! I have a really bad feeling about that one, too, because it is VERY RARE that a line goes DIRECTLY through those parts and Kokomo gets Earthquakes, too!!! I’m The EQ Guy, And. . .

That’s What’s SHAKIN’. . . .

Right Here On Earthquake Minute!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Transcript For The "Earthquake Minute" Show For Friday, November 6, 2015

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!

The Line of Earthquake Energy from Hurricane Pat/Mexico runs through Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas, just catches Poplar Bluff, Missouri, and Paducah, Kentucky, continues on from Carbondale to Chicago in Illinois and catches Terre Haute and on up to Quebec then Iceland. The magnitude varies between 5 and 7, at the different places along the line there, the New Moon will be next Wednesday and the November Full Moon is 3-Weeks from tonight, so be watching for that one! And Maybe I’ll give you an exact prediction for that one later, but due to it passing so close to us, I thought we’ll stick with just a Big Old EQ Alert there!!!

Landfall of Cyclone Chapala at Yemen means to watch Libya and Algeria, and that Super Typhoon at Luzon on October 17 means Arica, Chile, yet another Chile Earthquake to watch for and this one could be another 8 Richters and possible Tsunami.

That’s What’s SHAKIN’. . .and I’m The EQ Guy right here. . . On Earthquake Minute!!!