Friday, August 21, 2015

Transcript For "Earthquake Minute" of August 21, 2015:

Hi, EQ Guy Here. . .
Hurricane Danny is now a Category TWO and heading directly for Florida, Gulf of Mexico, and Texas!!! Unless it turns towards the Carolinas!

Typhoon Goni has killed 4 people in the Philippines and is now turning towards JAPAN! If it strikes there from the SOUTH. . . It will mean the Next Major California Earthquake and could also affect Washington and Oregon!!!
Hurricane Katrina made landfall at Louisiana on August 29, 2005, 10 Years ago, and wouldn’t you know came to precede the Great Islamabad Earthquake on October 7, 2005 or Day 39 after Katrina!!! You’ll remember Kathmandu was Day 42 after Cyclone Pam at Vanuatu!!!

LOTS of Huge Windstorms. . . LOTS of Major Earthquakes to come!!! Keep Watching for 7.9 Russia, Pacific Islands, and SANTIAGO, Chile, maybe a tsunami and Day 21 will be on August 26, AND. . . Watch East Coast, Caribbean, Gitmo, and… Jamaica for 7 Richters and TODAY is Day 34 on that Alert!!! Possible Tsunami there, too!

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I’m The EQ Guy, This Has Been Earthquake Minute!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rough Draft of Earthquake Minute for Friday, August 21, 2015: NOT USED:


Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!

3.8 Richters Earthquake 10 Miles South of Guantanamo Bay!!! One felt report from Guantanamoooooooooooo!!! They are ON a Major Fault Line there. . . . .HURRICANE Danny ALSO headed in that general direction AND for a landfall similar to Katrina now 10 years ago on August 29 and Florida August 25th. We’ll have to WATCH Hurricane Danny!!! The GREAT Islamabad Earthquake followed that August 29, 2005 Landfall of Hurricane Katrina, ON October 7, 2005 or Day 39 after landfall of Katrina!!! Kathmandu was Day 42 after Cyclone Pam!!!

Typhoon GONI heading for a dangerous landfall at South of Japan that will mean Major Earthquakes for Washington, Oregon and Northern California WHEN it makes that landfall middle of next week, we will seeeeee there!
LOTS of Huge Windstorms. . . LOTS of Major Earthquakes to come!!! Keep Watching Russia, Pacific Islands, and SANTIAGO!!!!

I’m The EQ Guy, This Has Been Earthquake Minute!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Earthquake Minute: August 14, 2015, UPDATED With All The Ad-Libbed Dialogue:

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!
This Just In: (From this morning) There was a 2.7 Richters Earthquake that struck 10 Miles West of Newark, New Jersey and we HAVE BEEN Watching our East Coast for something in the area of 7 Richters!!! (We're gonna be expecting earthquakes like this) We WILL NEED to keep watching because they DO get Major Earthquakes out East on occasion and that alert runs through September First and includes East Coast and Caribbean!!! Watching for 7 Richters, Possible Tsunami, Possible Volcano for SOME. . . Of those Regions you know!!! There's a lot happening out there and that 2.7 New Jersey might be an indication that something's going to shake in the Caribbean!
ALSO: Tajikistan, Russia, and Santiago, Chile!!! WILL Probably ALL get Earthquakes. . . I've thought about this and when there this much earthquake energy from that landfall at Japan, they'll probably ALL get 7.9 Richters Earthquakes and the Pacific Islands out there, too, the same as all the foreshocks to Kathmandu!!!
The EQ Guy: They were shaking in the Pacific Islands, and New Zealand and all of these will be getting earthquakes! AND on a side-note: The prisoner who survived that Volcano at Martinique in 1902 where 30,000 died. ..JAGUAR: Yeah, EQ Guy: He Survived BECAUSE he was in Solitaire Confinement!!!
THE REAL JAGUAR: Ohhhhh!!! Looks like that jail cell is still there from 1902 and it is a tourist attraction!
THE REAL JAGUAR: I guess it's not always the worst place to be, huh!?
EQ GUY: Yes, I guess that is a comment on. . . I can't say whether it's right or wrong but they threw him in solitaire and he lived!!!
I’m The EQ Guy. . . This Has Been Earthquake Minute!!!
THE REAL JAGUAR: Well, Thanks for keeping us up to the minute!!!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Todays Earthquake Minute, With 2:00 Earthquake Capsule Scripts:

NOTE: The 2:00pm Capsule actually aired more like 3:30 due to a live band playing in-house at 2:00, and Earthquake Minute has been updated to include all the ad-libing:

2:00pm "Earthquake Capsule"

Typhoon Soudelor is making landfall at Taiwan Right This MINUTE!!! With 150 Mile Per Hour winds right in the middle of that Island!!!

Hopefully missing a lot of the more heavily populated parts of the island!!! Disaster Impending there!!! Anddddddddd Major Earthquakes tend to follow such HUGE Landfalls!!!!!

Tune in for Earthquake Minute between 4:15 and 4:30 because. . . . . I’ll Be Back!!!!!

"Earthquake Minute"
JAG: It is 4:20 and time for an "EQ MINUTEEEEE"!!!
EQ Guy: Magnificent Introduction, there, Jag! Good to see you again!
JAG: What do you think the Richter Scale was on that?
EQ Guy: It's up there. . . like a lot of other stuff that's going on in the world of earthquakes. . .
Hi, EQ Guy Here
Right now, as we speak, Typhoon Soudelore is making landfall at Taiwan (I'm Sorry to say) and the 150 Mile Per Hour winds are LASHING the 13,000 Foot Mountain Range right in the middle of that Island!!! Hopefully missing a lot of the more heavily populated parts of the island. . . But this landfall WILL GENERATE the Next one of those Massive Earthquake and possibly Tsunami Disasters (Like I told you before the Kathmandu Earthquake) and it is looking like SANTIAGO, CHILEEEEEE!!!!!
JAG: Oh, No!!!
EQ Guy: Could be like 7.5 Richters or Larger!!!

Last Week, Jag, I meant to say Martineque and the town Is Saint Pierre, I think I said like Montserrat, or something else.
JAG: Yeah!
EQ Guy: Anyways the town of Saint Pierre was destroyed by a volcano, 30,000 dead all except there was one prisoner in a jail cell who survived that, ah. . .
JAG: That attack of Mother Nature!
EQ Guy: Probably covered the town in lava but ironically one prisoner, that is a comment on reality the prisoner survived.
JAG: How did he finally get out?
EQ Guy: Just from memory, I think the story was the lava all missed him because it was concrete and brick building and everything else was made of wood and I'm sorry to say all the other people in that town and the surrounding communities were lost!
JAG: Oh, no, that's horrible.
EQ Guy: So, keep watching THAT region (Again) in the Caribbean. . . And YES, (As you asked me last week) Barbados, Antigua, Barbuda, French Guianna and Haiti, too!!!
Big News Today is Typhoon Soudelorrrrr!!!!

Huge Typhoon, means HUGE Earthquakes once again!!!!!

I’m The EQ Guy and this has been. . . Earthquake Minute!!!!!
JAG: YES!!! It sure has! Thank-You very much, EQ Guy, as always wonderful to hear those updates!