Friday, August 18, 2017

Eclipse/August 2017 New Moon "Earthquake Minute" For August 18, 2017, Transcript:

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!! Some of you may already know this, but The Exact Moment of the August 2017 New Moon WILL BE. . . . . At 1:32pm on Monday Afternoon Central Time!!!

THAT just so happens to ALSO be the Exact Moment of the Solar Eclipse that practically everybody in the whole entire UNIVERSE is talking about!!! But, we will also want to know that therefore the August 2017 New Moon WINDOW will actually start on Sunday, and also at exactly 1:32pm there, with the Eclipse being on Monday at 1:32pm Central Time. . . And the New Moon Window runs till Tuesday but it’ll all be over by then, EXCEPT for the fact that we’re currently getting some SMALL SHAKING right there near the Mount St. Helens Volcano!!!

And it Also looks like the eclipse MIGHT be passing almost directly over Mt. St. Helens, so perhaps we'll need to be watching there for some real ACTION!!! Eclipse Slash New Moon Monday. . . . . Watch Mt. St. Helens for more shaking there!!!

AND That’s Earthquake Minute!!!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Mount Saint Helens "Pacifica Earthquake Minute" For August 14, 2017, Transcript:

Hi, EQ Guy Here. . . Landfall of a Typhoon at Taiwan on July 28 led to a Big EQ Alert for Kathmandu, Nepal, Guam, and Salta, Argentina when on August 8th China got a 6.5 and a 6.3. . . But this alert continues for Guam and Salta at around a 6.5!!!

Keep Watching East of L.A. For 5.1, because Day 43 will be on August 15th and MIGHT continue watching around Frisco, too. . .Maybe some shaking around Mexico City as a result of the landfall last week of Hurricane Franklin at Veracruz. . . Typhoon NORU at Japan on August 6 could mean Mt. St. Helens will Erupt on August 28, 2017. . .but more likely a 5 or 6 Richters Earthquake will strike THAT Region, there!!!

Sorry to say we’ll need to KEEP watching around Nepal, Along with Salta, Copiapo, Guam. . . And the Mt. St. Helens Region!!! Along with East L.A.

For Pacifica, THAT’S “Earthquake Minute. . . And Iiiiiiiiii Am The EQ Guy!!!

Friday, August 11, 2017

2 China "Earthquakes Minute" For August 11, 2017, Transcript:

On those big alerts for California where we HIT Eureka at a 5.1 Last Week. . . They seem to NOW be getting some shaking around Big Bear Lake, and Salton Sea, East of L.A. there, Sooooo Just a reminder that Day 40 of that Alert is August 12, and Day 43 will be on August 15th, there!!!!! And this line does continue on to INTERSECT with the Southern California Region, Too. . . STILL at around 5.1 but folks always like to know WHEN an earthquake may be coming!!!

2 Earthquakes struck China this week, a 6.5 and a 6.3 and more or less on that line where I had been heavily alerting for Nepal, and Kathmandu!!! Which more or less means China, anyway, Soooo, Keep watching there, Along with Salta, Copiapo, and Guam, Maybe some shaking around Mexico City as a result of the landfall Thursday of Hurricane Franklin, And Mt. St. Helens will Erupt on August 28, 2017. . . . .

THAT’S “Earthquake Minute”/I’m The EQ Guy!!!

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Salta-Santiago "Earthquake Mintue" For August 4, 2017, Transcript:

An hour or so AFTER last Fridays Show there was a 5.1 Richters Ferndale/Eureka, California Earthquake and I’ll be darned if that wasn’t the EXACT Magnitude we were watching for there!!!

Barely 50 Miles North of Cape Mendocino where we’d been watching and just a couple days after the date, too, as far as BEING OFFICIAL goes!!! AND we’d said to keep watching, there, too!!!

Another Typhoon STRUCK Taiwan this week. . AND no sooner than I had mentioned Salta, Argentina and Copiapo, Chile in my BLOG, wouldn’t you know a 5.5 Struck just 15 Miles north of Santiago, Chile!!!

DO Have a couple of new predictions coming up as a result of all that and will have More details later but for now keep watching Salta, and Copiapo, along with The Guam--Wake Island Region, and sorry to say we’ll need to be watching around Nepal again, too!!!

That’s Earthquake Minute, And I’m The EQ Guy!!

Monday, July 31, 2017

5.1 Richters Pacifica "Earthquake Minute" For July 31, 2017, Transcript:

Hello Again Everybody, This is The EQ Guy saying that I made good on my “Official Prediction” for a 5.5 that you’ll remember I dialed in on my local station to a 5.1 and a 5.1 hit Just Offshore from Ferndale in Northern California on Friday!!! Hardly a few days off and got the magnitude EXACTLY RIGHT. . . Once I dialed it in!!!

There had also been a 3.4 Richters Earthquake near Santa Rosa that struck EXACTLY ON our straight-line on Thursday, and according to my Go Straight Theory. . . Remember me saying Santa Rosa, Sonoma, and Napa? And There was also a Major Swarm at Mammoth Lakes!!!

Always a chance that all this Could still be fore shocks for something bigger as it DID turn out to be last year in Ecuador!!! All of this could still affect some other places further down along the San Andreas Fault such as Parkfield, Coalinga, and the far Eastern Los Angeles Region such as Barstow, and Landers!!!

And This Alert runs well into Mid-August, or Early September!!! Be Prepared!!!

Once Again This is the EQ Guy and this has been Earthquake Minuteeeeee!!!!!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Mammoth Lakes "Earthquake Minute" For July 28, 2017, Transcript:

Remember me saying Santa Rosa, Sonoma, and Napa? Well, a 3.4 Richters Earthquake struck EXACTLY ON our straight-line yesterday and according to my “Go Straight Theory”!!! Hooray, ME!!! There has ALSO been a Major Swarm going on at Mammoth Lakes for several days now and the biggest there since about the year 2004!!!

ALL THIS Could still be fore shocks for something bigger as it DID turn out to be last year in Ecuador, there!!! SWARMS such as the ones at Mammoth Lakes have been known to usher in a Major Earthquake themselves, also!!!. . . And all of this could still continue on towards the Los Angeles Region where that line crosses around Parkfield, Coalinga, Barstow, and Landers!!!

This Alert runs well into Mid-August, or Early September, there!!! With the Full Moon on August 7th!!! A Major Earthquake could still be Coming, California!!! Be Prepared!!

Thank-You Everybody For Listening, Thank-You Jaguar and WORT….. And I’m The EQ Guy

Friday, July 21, 2017

BIG San Francisco "Earthquake Minute" For July 21, 2017, Transcript:

Hello Again Everybody on 89.9 WORT-FM!!!

There was a huge movement of the Indian Ocean Tectonic Plate yesterday and that resulted in a 6.7 Richters Earthquake near Bodrum, Turkey, and Kos, Greece with a Tsunami that followed!!!

The New Moon Window will now start Early Saturday Morning and The July New Moon will fall at 4:47am Central Time Early Sunday Morning and travel on a line that starts up around Cape Mendocino/Point Arena, through Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Napa, The San Francisco Bay Area, Coalinga, Parkfield, and passes just East of Barstow and Landers, there!!! AND there was what I call a “Foreshock” of 7.7 Richters up at the Far West Alaska Islands Region, so this could now be as big as 6 or 7 Richters For California!!! Although my “Official Prediction” is for 5.5 Richters San Franciscooooo!!!!!

The number of days on my similar one in 2011 will be on Tuesday Morning and the alert actually runs into August!! Big San Francisco Earthquake THIS Weekend, Everybody! Be Watching! I’m The EQ Guy