Thursday, October 20, 2016

4 Out Of 5 "Earthquake Minute" For October 21, 2016, Transcript:

On Earthquake Minute Today!!!

Up to this point we have been 10 for 10 here!!!

Now I have to report today that that 6.5 for Seattle/Vancouver/Cascadia. . . . .does not seem to be NO Earthquake up there in that region!!! Good For them, so far up to that October 19 end date, because no major earthquake, there! BUT. . . You could say BAD for my up to this point PERFECT record for Earthquake Prediction here on 89.9!!!

Therefore, and because this one was connected to that landfall of Hurricane Newton at the very Southern Tip of the Baja California now 43 days ago, May we please NOW extend this alert PAST Seattle, to Alaska and onto Nepal, there!!! Still watch for a 6.5 and I suppose keep watching Seattle/Vancouver/Cascadia, too!!! Alerts continue for Banda Aceh, Ecuador, New Zealand, and Kashmir, Keep Watching There!!!

AND That’s Earthquake Minute/I’m The EQ Guy

Friday, October 14, 2016

Update Earthquake Minute For October 14, 2016, Transcript:

AND NOW “Earthquake Minute”

Full Moon this weekend, Everybody!!! So, I have gone ahead and done a little bit of additional research. . . Now coming up with the following updates: The full moon may affect that prediction for Italy over there surrounded by the Mediteranian and therefore let’s now say 7.6 on October 15, 16th like Saturday Night or Sunday during that October Full Moon. . .ALSO: Seattle/Vancouver Region and Cascadia Let’s now say October 16 to 19 and because USGS doesn’t require a single date and in the future that’s still a narrow date range.

Let’s SEE Here, now there’s also: New Zealand 7.8 on October 18, Ecuador/Peru/Iquique, Chile October 19 at 7.1, Banda Aceh, Sumatra 7.9 October 22, Kashmir October 30, and Santiago November 9.

The More Full. . . The More PULL, that’s what I always say!!!! I’m The EQ Guy. . .And That’s Earthquake Minute Update!!!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Pacifica Hurricane Minute Edition of "Earthquake Minute" of October 9, 2016 Transcript:

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!

The really big news this week is ALL OF THOSE Landfalls of Hurricane Matthew. . .including Barbados, Cuba, Haiti,. Bahamas, the Brushing of Florida, and the final Landfall at The Carolinas!!!
Call it a coincidence, but the 1886 Charleston 7.0 Earthquake was preceded by at least 4 similar big landfalls around Florida, and the landfall of Hurricane Irene at Puerto Rico preceded that big Washington Monument Earthquake of 2011.

Earthquakes in all these areas are Long-Shots However we SHOULD be watching, even though it’s unlikely too big of one will hit there. . . and the bigger the more unlikely, watch New York, Boston, Haiti, Florida, Charleston, and the Carolinas. Meanwhile big alerts continue for Seattle, Banda Aceh, Italy, Ecuador, New Zealand, Kashmir, and Santiago. There are a LOT of Major Earthquakes coming any day, now. . .and usually they like to start shaking ALL AT ONCE, Too!!! Full Moon Coming Soon, could quickly become a factor, too!!! Be Watching for Earthquakes, and Be Prepared!!!

I’m The EQ Guy, and THAT’S The “Hurricane Minute” Edition, of “Earthquake Minute”

Friday, October 7, 2016

Hurricane Minute On The "Earthquake Minute" Radio Show For October 7, 2016, Transcript:

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!

Welcome to my very first Hurricane Minute!!!
Hurricane Matthew has now made landfall at Barbados, Martinique, Haiti, Cuba, The Bahamas, is BRUSHING Florida right this moment, and if Matt Continues will probably either make landfall around Charleston, or Continue to BRUSH the Carolinas. . . AND May even circle around offshore and COULD hit Florida again early next week!!!!!

1886 was yet ANOTHER Big Year for Hurricanes!!!!! June 30, 100 mph struck the Florida Panhandle. On July 19 another hurricane made landfall near Ozello, Florida crossing North Florida. . .and on August 31, The 1886 Charleston earthquake struck there at 7.0
So, also watch For Earthquakes, there, along with NOW. . .New York, New Madrid, Montreal, Yellowstone, Ottawa, and possibly around Haiti, again, folks!!!

FOR Earthquake Minute. . .I am The Hurricane Guy!!!
And this has been HURRICANE Minute!!!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

CEPEC Pacifica Radio Network "Earthquake Minute" Transcript:

Hi EQ Guy Here. . .

The California O.E.S. and California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council, or CEPEC, have made a decision and issued a Memo warning of the possibility of a BIGGER Earthquake following the recent Earthquake Swarm at The Salton Sea. . . there have been a LOT of Earthquakes in that region with the biggest so far a 4.3 felt in Lompoc, Las Vegas, and Los Angelessssss!!!!! As a result I want to add those are all places where otherwise dormant fault lines could be interrupted. . . . .and ANYTHING can happen there!!! At least for a while, and I personally will be watching for all that Earthquake Energy to migrate NORTH, but my California Friends should be prepared for ANYTHING to happen!!! Might also be a Great Time to put the finishing touches on that Earthquake Early Warning System, too, I've personally seen it in action at UC Berkeley and believe EVERYBODY should have one!!! Now's the time to Ask for your Earthquake Early Warning System. . . by name!!!

Meanwhile keep an eye out for some of my other alerts slash predictions in brief today they are: Kashmir, Ecuador, Santiago, Seattle, The North Island of New Zealand, and Italy. . .There are ALSO some Huge landfalls coming up of Hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean and our East Coast, and Super Typhoon Chamba Near the South of Japan. All of these I expect to generate still more Earthquake Energy including on our East Coast there, such as the Landfall of Hurricane Irene at Puerto Rico on August 21, 2011. . . was followed by the big Washington Monument Earthquake on August 23 at 5.8 on the Richter Scale.

You can all start Earthquake Preparation right NOW. . . but that Earthquake Early Warning System could really help California. . .in the FUTURE!!!!

I'm The EQ Alert Guy and that's Earthquake Minute!

Friday, September 30, 2016

10 Prediction Friday "Earthquake Minute" Transcript:

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!

Just today a 4.9 a few miles EAST of Riobamba, Ecuador, felt all over Ecuador so watch for a big one there with the New Moon this weekend!!!

Adding FOUR MORE Alerts today, they are: Kashmir, Santiago, Iran, and Western Africa!!! AND, Banda Aceh, Sumatra was added this week. And of course From Last Weeks, “Five Prediction Friday” We’re watching: Seattle, Italy, New Zealand, Ecuador, Caribbean, and The Sandwich Islands.

Exact Moment of the New Moon is around 7pm tonight, Friday So MORE Shaking there with that, AND Hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean could be heading for our East Coast! That could all happen this week and a small shaker already struck Charleston, there, be watching our East Coast, for 6 Richters, too!!! But that’s not a Predictionnnn!!!!!

.I’m the EQ Guy and That’s Earthquake Minute!

Monday, September 26, 2016

BIG FOUR!!! Four Prediction Pacifica Radio Network "Earthquake Minute" For September 26, 2016, Transcript:

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!

This may well be how we “Forecast” Earthquakes all around the world in the future because these are not so much predictions, and I have FOUR of them for you today, it’s more like a weather forecast for places all around the world!!! Only THIS is an “Earthquake Forecast”

HERE are todays Big 4, Earthquake Predictions:

Number ONE!!! Ecuador/Peru/Iquique, Chile around October 19 at a 7.1,

Two is the North Island of New Zealand, 7.8 Richters on or about September 30, 2016

Three: Somewhere out there in The Caribbean at a 7.1 around October 17, 2016

And finally Number 4!!! Looks like Banda Aceh, and Sumatra Region could get like say maybe a 7.9 Richters Earthquake around October 10, 2016. . . . .

And THERE. . . YOU HAVE IT!!! Four Big Ones!!!

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I. . .am The EQ Guy. . and THAT’S My Big Four Predictions. . . .Pacifica Radio Network Earthquake Minute!