Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Anniversary of 2003 Paso Robles/San Simeon Earthquake, Pacifica "Earthquake Minute" Transcript:

Hi, EQ Guy Here. . .

December 23 will be the anniversary of the Paso Robles Earthquake also/known/as 2003 San Simeon Earthquake and one of my VERY FIRST Big Alerts for California which I sent out back in those days via E-Mail to a lot of folks who are still some of my best followers!!!
THIS, because of the correlation between the most severe of winter conditions, and Major Earthquakes that seemmmmmmm to follow.

Along that lines the first of those BIG Earthquakes at New Madrid struck on December 16, 1811 and became a whole series of December, January, and February Earthquakes!
Keep Watching for Earthquakes around Bangladesh-Myanmar-Burma, and the Seattle Region could still get 7 Richters BEFORE December 24th

AND a whole lot of small shaking around California COULD always lead to something bigger!!! Always be prepared there!!!

This has been Earthquake Minute, and I am the EQ Guy

Friday, December 2, 2016

8 Out 0f 10 Aint Bad "Earthquake Minute" For December 2, 2016, Transcript:

The final tally. . . So far. . .up-to-this-point, everybody is 8 out of 10 as we journey all the way back through those Big-10 Predictions!!! Yes, starting with, you’ll remember “Five Prediction Friday” and all the rest!!! We’ve now seen ALL of them except Western Africa where I should have known they rarely get earthquakes and of course Seattle where the alert continues for there through December 24. . . (DJ Jaguar pointed out that's 80%!!!)

HAD been prepared to give a new prediction today, but they got the earthquake late last night and so it would be awkward predicting it! 6.3 Richters Peru. . . 200 Miles North of the town of Arica, Chile where our next new prediction might have been!!! Keep watching THERE just in case, because a very serious one could follow.

And while we’re talking about it that line from Arica, Chile DOES continue on through Bangladesh, Burma, and Myanmar where you might now expect. . . A 6.3 or bigger!!! COULD happen at any moment!
And Iiiiiiiiii am The EQ Guyyyy!!!!!

Monday, November 28, 2016

November New Moon Pacifica "Earthquake Minute" Transcript:

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!

TWO of my recent predictions for Major Earthquakes turned out to be 7.6 Italy. . . And 7.8 Richters New Zealand along with that one for an Earthquake to strike the Caribbean.

With those two, the Italy and New Zealand Earthquakes in all that, I’m saying 3 out of 5 aint bad. . . And I HOPE you all will agree with me, there!!!

ONE of those I have missed SO FAR. . . Remains for Seattle-Vancouver!!! That alert now continues through December 6 to December 24th there!!! With the November New Moon Tuesday and that New Moon Window running Through Wednesday, be watching Seattle, Arica-Chile, and Californiaaaaaaaaaa!!! And Trinidad/Tobagoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
My EQ Blog is at www.earthquakealert.blog. . .

FOR The Pacifica Radio Network, Iiiii am The EQ Guy and this Has Been Earthquake Minute.

Friday, November 25, 2016

3 Out Of 5 Aint Bad, "Earthquake Minute" Transcript:

On Earthquake Minute Today!!! Might say And NOW Earthquake Minute. . . . .??? Might have said "Earthquake Video Log"

The big news today is the fact that two of those predictions from “Five Prediction Friday” turned out to be for a 7.6 Italy Earthquake. . . And for a 7.8 Richters New Zealand Earthquake of course along with that one for the Caribbean. Well, over the years folks have occasionally come along and said “Well that’s STILL only 3 out of 5”!!! So, today I hope I do not have to explain to my now much more modern audience the difference between getting 3 out of 5. . . . . And having had actual active Earthquake Predictions out for the 7.6 Italy Earthquake and the 7.8 Richters New Zealand Earthquake!!!

It’s my opinoin that 3 out of 5 aint bad and so today I want to just leave it at that!!!
Remarkably the Big 7.8 Richters New Zealand Earthquake ended up falling ENTIRELY within the 24 Hour Super Moon Window and more or less ended at the same time as the end of that Super Moon ended too!!! AND, when all the dust settles there, keep in mind that MODERN SCIENCE. . . Still will not correlate the two!!!

Added: Story about landfall of Hurricane Otto at Nicaragua yesterday-7.0 El Salvador hour later and won’t correlate that, either!!!

BUT, you and me will, won’t we!!!??? Right Here on Earthquake Minute!!! Or here at my Earthquake Video Log this week, that is!!!

Thank-You For Watching!!!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Here's Big New Zealand "Earthquake Minute" Transcript:

On Earthquake Minute Today!!!

The cows that were trapped on the rock were rescued, and one man ran naked out into the street in the middle of the New Zealand Earthquake. . . Then probably quickly back in to get some clothes on!!!

Alerts continue for Seattle, Banda Aceh, Italy, Ecuador, Kashmir, and South of Santiago

JOKE about Hillary, sorry I missed the punch line!!! It was actually all about the fact that she DELETED all her E-Mail, got it, took a week.

That 7.8 New Zealand Earthquake struck 28 hours before the Exact Moment of the Extra-SuperMoon. . . And the 1948 Extra-SuperMoon was preceded 21 Hours by a 7.8 Philippines with a tsunami, some people in New Zealand are asking why nobody warned them!!!

The Alert for New Zealand runs through December. . . . .

And THAT’S. . . . .Earthquake Minute!!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

7.8 Richters New Zealand "Pacifica Radio Network Earthquake Minute" Script:

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!

I was working at one of the bottled water plants around Southern California when one day I told the guys I’m still “Dialing-In” all my theories!!!

Well, one of them that I already had pretty much dialed in that day back in 2003 was the magnitude, and you might have noticed that I did say a 7.8 was coming for New Zealand!!!

Such movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate generally means there’ll be some more shaking at the TOP of that tectonic plate, or Japan and beyond towards the Italy Region once again!!! Could be some serious shaking there, too, having now been preceded by 7.8 there!!!

As most of you know California and our West Coast are also situated around the Pacific, but should not expect to go as high as 7.8 Richters, however always be prepared and watch for all of these Major Earthquakes to shake through December!!!

Also keep watching Ecuador, Kashmir, South of Santiago, Yellowstone, ANDDDDD Seattle!!!

This is The EQ Guy. . .Very sorry for All of our friends in New Zealand and That’s Earthquake Min.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

November Full Moon Window "Earthquake Minute" Transcript:

On Earthquake Minute Today!!!

Got a few big ones to report to you Jaguar. . .THESE happened since you’ve been gone and so Oklahoma on Late Sunday, Early Monday a 5.2 downgraded to a 5.0 struck right in the middle of Downtown Cushing, Oklahoma reportedly where the HEADQUARTERS for all those Fracking Companies are located.

ITALY Was Shaking while you were away!!! 6.6, 6.1 and many more, there!!!
Andddddd Guadalupe, Barbuda, Antigua, and a 5.6 Dominica. . . . .How was it out there!!!???
Alerts continue for Seattle, Haiti, Kashmir, Nepal, New Zealand, and Italy still. Maybe. . Up Around Yellowstone. . . And Maybe something for California or our West Coast. . . . .

Thank-You All Again For Listening, I’m The EQ Guy. . .And This Has Been “Earthquake Minute”