Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chicago International Film Festival 2010!!!!!

Yes, it's that time of year again, time for the Chicago International Film Festival!!! Through the years it's always been one of my big things that i mostly like to talk about. . . generally can never get any tickets for so it's usually mostly talk! The one year when two of my Movie Biz friends were the inductees was probably one of the biggest nights of my life, though, and I went on to submit many scripts to one of their agencies in the years that followed! This year I'm now mostly probably going to see guys whom I've known from my days in L.A. and maybe one or two old friends from Film Production! Going to be a big night in Chi-Town and I'm really looking forward to it!!! Figuring out what to wear right now! Put gas in my car tonight, a tank gets me to Chicago and back so I'm ready to go! Washed my windsheild hoping i wouldn't hit more bugs on the way home tonight, and thought about washing the car too. . . but we usually prefer to wait and wash it after we get HOME from Chicago! Dirty car = tends to fit in better in Chicago! Worked on Film Production for many years down there and more this summer, even too! Looking forward to tomorrow night! Always, Moviestar/EQ Guy