Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Due mostly to the fact that Malibu was the recipient of a small 2.8 Richters earthquake early on December 10, 2013 it is now necessary for me to file this Official Prediction for Malibu to get a Major Earthquake of exactly 5.9 Richters or in the range of 5.1 to 6.5 and the high number could go up pending the current weather forecast for up to another 6 inches of snow over much of the U.S.

There is currently a Major Alert and Official Prediction for a slight chance of California getting some of the 7.9 to 9.1 Richters that is effective for much of Euro/Asia and an Official Prediction dated November 20, 2013 for California and West Coast at 6.1 to 7.3 before January 1, 2014. These two O.P.‘s have deeply rooted purposes and understandably will have to remain in effect, although this new Official Prediction could also have some affect on the Southern California region its primary focus is on Malibu.

This specific Official Prediction is not related to the California and West Coast one that was submitted as a result of the November 17, 2013 Tornado Outbreak and will remain in effect through January 1, 2014. This brand new Official Prediction is neither related to the one for California to have a slight chance at the 7.9 to 9.1 Richters of Earthquake Energy from the landfall of Super Typhoon Haiyan filed on November 11, 2013. While both notable, it occurred to me that all of the new Severe Winter Conditions that are now currently covering the country will require a very specific Official Prediction for a smaller and more condensed Medium Sized Earthquake to strike in the area between Paso Robles where a similar earthquake struck on December 23, 2003 and Northridge where one struck on January 17, 1994. Those two along with one that struck on January 9, 2010 at Eureka, California are all the most major of “Severe Winter Condition” Earthquakes that are directly related to this O.P. There were also at least two major winter type earthquakes that struck at Malibu and thus I named this O.P. after that seaside town.

The first Malibu Earthquake happened on January 1, 1979 at 3:15 pm PST 8 miles South of Malibu at Magnitude 5.2 and it occurred while the Rose Bowl Game was going on in Pasadena. There was also a 1989 Malibu Earthquake on January 18, 1989 at 10:53 pm PST that struck 10 miles south of Malibu. It is now possible that either of those earthquakes could happen again and very near those same dates and so I thought I should write this all up and submit it today. Since this Official Prediction for Malibu will easily cover the Paso Robles area, then I should probably also mention that a similar alert from 2010 struck at Eureka and therefore we should probably watch Eureka for this earthquake, too.

In December of 2009 the Severe Winter Conditions consisting of what I referred to as a “Huge Amount of Snow” was covering almost all of the country. Excerpt from that O.P., “Amounts of up to two feet and more were just recorded late this week out on the East Coast, and the Midwest had just previously received snow amounts in the area of one foot with more having fallen since then, and more on the way!!!” If the present conditions get worse in the days following this being submitted to the councils, then keep in mind that the situation in California may also worsen faster than I can update here. . . potentially going up as far as 7, but hopefully we won’t get that much snow in the coming days.

This Official Prediction will almost run out by the date of the 20th Anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake on January 17, but let’s watch a couple additional days like until January 19 and it ends on January 28, 2014.

Herein Submitted this 12th day of December the year 2013 by The EQ Alert Guy