Thursday, July 29, 2010


If you have found this page, then by now you probably already KNOW that there is going to be a major earthquake coming yet. One more new blog was due since it has been a burden keeping my most recent Official Predictions posted accurately, which you can now view at my EQ Blog-2, and currently that great story about me working on the Ron Howard movie which you can still view at the top of my regular blog!!!

Today I just felt like it was necessary to let everybody know that it is about Day 30 after the landfall of Hurricane Alex at Mexico (Los Americanos) and that just for the record my memory tells me that days number 30 to 33 have resulted in a good number of major earthquakes! Now, granted we are merely talking about the number of days since the original earthquake energy was generated, but if a lot of them have happened on like say Day 33 for instance, then that tells me to be watching!

As usual I am mostly basically concerned for the United States, but want readers who do not follow the National Earthquake Information Center on a day to day basis to know that there is still that "Long Tail" Aftershock Swarm at Southern California, and that it is seperete from the earthquake energy I am talking about here. Yes, the two CAN COMBINE!!!!! Yes, that CAN mean just that much bigger of a major shaker when this one PROBABLY does strike! Finally, add Reno to the list, because there have been some little shakers up that way that just might be saying something is going on there? And watch out San Simeon, too! Thank-You again for reading and I hope you will continue to enjoy my brand new EQ Blog-3 into the future!!!!! Always, The EQ Alert Guy