Thursday, May 26, 2011


May 25, 2011

From: EQ Guy

I have only in the past few years attempted to track potential earthquake energy from tornadoes so CAN NOT actually say I have had a lot of these that track accurately in a straight line such as the prediction that I wish to file with both councils today. I found a map last night which shows locations in and around Joplin, Missouri that were impacted by the tornado there on Sunday, May 22, 2011. You can view that map here while it remains posted as such:,-94.516754&spn=0.109616,0.189171&z=12&source=embed AND, of course it may undergo some changes, but was a very accurate looking straight line looking illustration just now as I posted it. I also want to point out that The Weather Channel had a video with Al Roker in a helicopter also showing video footage that basically agreed with the line illustrated in the above Google Earth Map. That video featuring Al strapped in to the seat of a helicopter showed the impacted area of Joplin to his right, and to the left of the screen and this visibly heavily damaged area agrees almost exactly with the above Google Map illustration in that the direction of travel of Sundays Joplin Tornado was just several degrees to the north of due east.

The direction that the Joplin Tornado was traveling on the ground would also be the exact direction that the resultant earthquake energy will travel if it truly worked that way, and this being the case, that line intersects the border between California and Mexico near Mexicali, but runs very near Mission Capistrano, Escondido, and one reading came up with Borrego Springs, California. The enormous amount of damage indicates that there will likely be an enormous earthquake as well, or at least as big as tornado resultants can go which is probably not as big as the biggest hurricane and typhoon resultants, nor should it have the long hours of aftershocks either for the same reasons. Therefore I want to put the potential magnitude of this new upcoming California Earthquake at no larger than 7.6 Richters with the exact magnitude about 7.3 Richters.

Initially I will expect something could start shaking immediately, however this Official Prediction and alert will run on for a couple weeks now and through June 11, 2011 with this week and this weekend being much more likely than out at the end of that total 21 Days. Also note that there may be one or two other very small sources of earthquake energy around but they will not compare to this one, and will effect other parts of the world, and I suppose this energy could too, but since this line might affect California I thought I should file this Official Prediction.

Thank-You, for accepting this Official Prediction for California.

The EQ Alert Guy