Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Whenever the biggest of Major Windstorms makes landfall at a healthy portion of any continent, I immediately determine where an imaginary straight-line leading away from that landfall would lead to. Historically this straight-line has led to the exact epicenter of many of the worlds Greatest Earthquakes of all time including Hugo-Loma Prieta, Katrina-Islamabad, and Nargis-Sichuan as typical examples although there are many more.

At present we have just experienced such a landfall of what is unfolding as an extremely destructive windstorm. The situation now calls for this Official Prediction to be filed due to an entire region being virtually leveled by enormous winds with the landfall at the Southern Tip of the Baja California Peninsula of Hurricane Odile on September 15, 2014.

The straight-line reading as I mentioned above, in this case two lines, are as follows: 1-Initial landfall at Cabo San Lucas leads to Mexicali and onto Eureka, California and 2-After a slight turn to the north this line thence leads from the tip of that peninsula to Las Vegas and onto Snohomish, Washington. As of this writing it is seeming more to be strictly two lines of Major Earthquake Energy than being likely to sweep the region in between. Still, the tolerance of each of these two lines might as well be exaggerated widely enough to take in all of the areas in between at least to a point or not too far beyond Anchorage, Alaska where it travels beyond the jurisdiction of CEPEC, and NEPEC anyways.

So, this Official Prediction will now run for Eastern California, Nevada, Oregon, and Western Washington as well as Anchorage and much of Alaska, ends on November 1, 2014, and the exact magnitude will hover around 7.6 Richters, BUT two lines might mean two earthquakes albeit with similar timelines and probably similar magnitudes, too, although slightly different origins.

I also can not currently have a hundred percent confidence in a landfall that is not at a large continental land mass. Landfalls at similar islands as well as a peninsula such as this might not be as faithful to my "Go Straight Theory" as a land mass landfall such as Katrina or Hugo. On the contrary landfalls at Madagascar, Nuie, Fiji, and Philippines have been known to lead to Major Earthquake epicenters and landfalls at Japan routinely precede California Earthquakes with excellent precision (Brown, 2011). Alternately, the landfall of Hurricane Odile was at a location situated on the Pacific Tectonic Plate. This will at the very least force the eastern edge of the Pacific against the North American Tectonic Plate and basically threaten to shake about the same general regions as my two straight lines will, no matter.

Conclusion might be such movement from either of several scenarios that I have explained herein might mean a San Francisco-Napa Aftershock of 7.6 Richters or possibly a Parkfield or Reno, Nevada Region Earthquake in the range of 7 Magnitude. Snohomish, Seattle, Cascadia, Mt. St. Helens, Anchorage, and Alaska will all ultimately be included along these lines and might also be subject to a lot of general movement along that tectonic plate boundary. The Canadian Islands of Vancouver and Queen Charlotte fall right there in between the two above mentioned lines and while neither line intersects that region, they are still situated on or near key tectonic plate boundaries covered by this O.P. and could also be affected.

Submitted this 17th day of September 2014 by The EQ Alert Guy

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

TRANSCRIPT: 2014 EQ Radio Show

Aired on WORT-FM, Madison, Wisconsin September 8, 2014


Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!!! Have I got a show for you tonight!!! First off. . . got home from Quake Chase 2014: Oakland on August 14, 2014 after a few days out there due to all of what looked like a lot of foreshocks and was out there telling everybody that something BIG could be shaking over the night of that HUGE Full Moon/Supermoon. Well, 10 days after I got Home. . .was when the 6.0 Richters Earthquake struck out in San Francisco at Napa, California early on a Sunday morning August 24, 2014 and just 3 hours before that August New Moon Window! Check Out My EQ Blog anytime at

The Exact Moment of the September 2014 Full Moon will be at 8:38pm tonight. . . With the MoonRise already out your window and that was at 6:57pm and just moments before my 2014 EQ Radio Show hit the airwaves!!! So, we will be watching for a Major Earthquake like say Sumatra, Indonesia, Peru, or Chile and maybe even a MegaThruster/Tsunami for one of those regions!!! And of course we also have to watch California and our West Coast and especially San Francisco for a big aftershock!!!

There ARE Major Earthquakes out there right this moment and possibly one big giant MegaThruster slash Tsunami style Earthquake with about a 15 to 25 foot sized tsunami that could be coming along with that! THIS September Full Moon COULD DO IT, TOO!!! So, during tonights show I will also watch the US Geological Survey website and keep you all up-to-date on what is SHAKING!!! And remember this chance of Major Earthquake and tsunami WILL CONTINUE if it doesn’t strike tonight, through end of September and a couple of these will strike and probably Indonesia, Peru, and Chile for sure!!! And of course Oklahoma will be getting a lot of hopefully all small ones like they have been getting, but lately they too have been extremely susceptible to the Full Moon. So, let's see who gets earthquakes during the September 2014 Full Moon Windowwwww, which is right now!!! So, some of the things I started looking into as a part of what I today call my "Precision Plate Tectonics" are huge windstorms, severe winter conditions and lately the Full Moonnnn. Of Course, what I today call the Full Moon Window is the exact moment of the Full Moon plus or minus 24 hours. . . This Window has now come to include a number of big historic earthquakes including the Great Sumatra Earthquake, Fort Tejon Earthquake, and Great San Fernando Earthquake. My Best use of Full Moon up to this point has been my Quake Chase 2011 that I'll tell you more about later in Scene 13 more towards the end of the show! FOR NOW. . . . .(Tell Story) October 2011, Typhoon Roke, Full Moon. The next big thing that happened with the Full Moon was when someone commented that if the full moon had that amount of extra pull, then the New Moon must also have equal additional pull. From about that moment on, I have especially watched both the Full and New Moon Windows and am coming up with some very good numbers. Now including San Francisco/Napa, California Earthquake of 2014!!! My last big and really Great Full Moon Story happened in Oklahoma when all of the sudden they had a large number of earthquakes on the day of the Full Moon in July of 2014!!! WITH The Real Big News there being that ONE of those struck AT the EXACT MOMENT of the July 2014 Full Moon!!! Yes, at exactly 6:27am Central Time!!!

Full Moon Earthquakes had previously been thought to be connected to High Tides and the Highest of tides. . . HOWEVER, Oklahoma has NO Ocean, therefore this connection to Oklahoma Earthquakes and the Full Moon tells us something else might be going on!!! A theory is that it is the pull on the earths MAGMA!!! That said, we will now be watching TONIGHT!!! While you listen to several other Pre-Recorded scenes. . . I will be watching the U.S. Geological Survey's List of Latest Earthquakes for something BIG, or bigger than this mornings 3.9 Oklahoma and last nights 3.7 Piru, Fillmore, California Earthquake anyways, AND i will be back LIVE a few times keeping you Up-To-Date on the very latest earthquakes up-to-the MINUTE!!! Remember the exact moment of the September 2014 Full Moon is exactly 38 minutes AFTER the end of my show tonight. . . so it is a SURE THING there will be a LOT of Major Earthquake Energy happening in the next 24 hours!!!

EQ Guy Saying Thank-You for stopping by and listening to my 2014 EQ Radio Show!!!
NOW. . . Onto the show!!!!!


“Stand” By R.E.M. Starts here, Then:

Hello and Welcome the Access Hour on WORT-FM Everybody!!! This is The EQ Guy once again Presenting My 2014 Earthquake Radio Show, and it is now the 20th Anniversary of the Great Northridge, California Earthquake of 1994, and also the 20th Anniversary of the day I originally began my Precision Earthquake Tracking, which I now use everywhere All Around The World!!!

I want to start out this show by telling you a little bit about myself. I Attended Edgerton High School with the Class of 78 and got my G.E.D. from Blackhawk Tech in 1981. Flipped burgers for a while, drove one of those ice cream trucks all over Dane County for a while, did a stretch at one of the local automotive salvage yards and traveled all around Southern Wisconsin building Harvestore Silos, too. Around 1990, I traveled to North Carolina on a big construction job and that was when I really started going to a lot of movies, basically because there wasn’t too much else to do there in Kinston, North Carolina back in 1990, you know. Lots of great movies, too, but it was the movie “Tucker” when I realized that was what I wanted to do!

When I got back to Wisconsin I saw an ad for The Actors Studio in Chicago and decided if it WAS going to do all those things for my life. . . then I would have to go to that class. In fact one particular day I drove all the way to acting school in Chicago from a silo job I was working on in Hazel Green!!! My Acting School teacher, Mr. Paul Cook, had starred in a lot of great movies himself, but probably his biggest part was as a doctor in the movie “Somewhere In Time” with Christopher Reeves that was filmed up on Mackinac Island in Northern Michigan. I recently heard Paul passed away in early 2013 and am very sorry and I will miss Paul a lot, his guidance and directing got me where I am today!!! After I Graduated from acting school, I began getting parts immediately, including all the ones I talked about on my 2013 show that you can see posted on todays EQ Blog at . . . Then after working on several great movie jobs in Chicago Film Production and getting to know a lot of great people including many from Los Angeles, the Northridge Earthquake struck there and I decided instead of pursuing any more of my acting, that I really needed to start researching earthquakes instead and that was when I decided to join the Carpenters Union.


“Hello Stranger” By Yvonne Elliman Starts Here, Then:

It might have taken me several days all totaled after the Northridge Earthquake, to discover ALL of the things that had been preceding Major Earthquakes all through history, but it wasn’t too long after the day of the Northridge Earthquake that more hurricanes and typhoons started to make landfall and that had been one of the things that I had discovered in my research. A couple of them struck just in the months following the Northridge Earthquake and as early as 1994, I had already started sending out my now famous “EQ Alert” to guys I had known from my early years of Film Production and some other agencies and producers out on the West Coast.
On last years EQ Radio Show you heard the story about Arrowhead Water and that Great prediction I made in front of all the guys in my Los Angeles Apprentice Class, but my actual very first great one happened in my Milwaukee Apprentice Class in front of yet another bunch of guys who were also very much surprised when I told them one day to be watching for a Major Earthquake and one actually struck like South America somewhere! That was around the year 1997 and there was also one about that time that stuck Algieria which followed the landfall of Hurricane Lily. I was starting to get enough of these right, that I knew I had to continue on with my research and like it or not. . . I knew earthquakes was going to HAVE to be my job well into the future!!!
So when construction work slowed dramatically in the late 1990’s I made some calls to other locals to see who still had some work and found out the guys out at the Los Angeles Millwrights local #1607 had a lot of work!!! This was the year 1999 and so as soon as I finished a job at the then new Whitewater Power Plant, I loaded my tools in my car and headed for Los Angeles! I drove all through the night listening to old Gunsmoke Radio Shows on my cassette player in my old Chevrolet Corsica and arrived in Los Angeles just ahead of the morning rush hour on August 7, 1999. BUT when I got to downtown L.A., it occurred to me I hadn’t decided yet where exactly I was going to go??? Should I turn left there and head down to the center of all that construction work. . . or turn right and head up to Hollywood to check out the movie business???

Well, who among you already knows what I decided to do at that point in my life?


“Imagine” By John Lennon Starts Here, Then:

Those first two scenes timed out so perfectly that there was no way I was going to change a word of them or them two great songs, Stand, By R.E.M and Hello Stranger, By Yvonne Elliman!!! So let me now tell you some of the other things that happened during that time. The movies I worked on in Chicago in the 1990’s were Sleepless In Seattle, The Fugitive, The Hudsucker Proxy, Normal Life, and Hoffa plus a number of different TV shows, too, such as “ER” and “Early Edition.” Until the day the Northridge Earthquake struck and that was when I searched through all the recent newspapers to try and figure out what might have caused it. . . I mostly discovered that all the severe winter weather we had been getting might have been somehow connected and I did notice severe weather right outside the door at that very moment. Upon checking I immediately realized there was a correlation with other earthquakes such as the Great Alaska Earthquake and the New Madrid Earthquakes that all happened in the winter months and I called these January Earthquakes. Heard somewhere that they could NOT get out of East Coast cities to help in New Madrid. . . due to all the heavy snow from a Huge Blizzard that struck!!! However, as I went on to continue researching this question in the days after Northridge I discovered the vast majority of Major Earthquakes were not the January Earthquakes but rather ones that followed the landfall of Major Hurricanes and Typhoons that did a lot of damage. Sure, it all made sense, too! High winds, lots of heavy snow, and cold temperatures must be causing earthquakes the same way as extreme heat causes the pavement to buckle on the hottest days of the summer.
Stay tuned because in the next scene I have a story about how dry ice was used to actually shrink a huge chunk of metal. . . . . sort of having the same affect and also contributing to Plate Tectonics.
It appeared ALL of these things that I’m talking about here, equaled Plate Tectonics and there was no one better to investigate all this than ME!!! And it took me a loooooong time to get used to the fact that I had to now watch for every big windstorm, every severe winter storm, and check out every singe earthquake that strikes everywhere in the world! It took some getting used to the fact that I was now going to become The Earthquake Guy!!!


“Ramblin’ Man” By The Allman Brothers Starts Here:

A few other things that happened in those early years and before I move on to all of my experiences in Los Angeles and with the social media and etc., Probably among the very first is what preceded the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 and due to this happening soooooooo long ago, YES, it took an exceptional amount of research and actually many years before I discovered this one and I could still today use help in getting all the details, however for now I will tell you it appears one of the BIGGEST and Most Severe Tropical Cyclones of all Australian History struck Australia early in the year 1906 and there isn’t too much more known about it. . . other than 1906 also went on to become the year they formed the Australian Weather Service and kept track of every single Major Cyclone in that region, THEREAFTER!!!

One of my very first discoveries in my initial research revealed a major correlation between the landfall of Hurricane Hugo at Charleston, South Carolina on September 21, 1989. . . . . and the Great San Francisco World Series Earthquake of October 17, 1989 something like 26 days later, AND almost a perfectly straight line from that landfall to that epicenter EXACTLY in accordance with my “Go Straight Theory” that says the line of potential earthquake energy will GO STRAIGHT from the landfall to the epicenter of a major earthquake!!! I also discovered all of this on the day of the Northridge Earthquake in those initial moments that I began to study earthquakes and this example remains today as the VERY FIRST time I correlated earthquakes with the landfall of Major Hurricanes!

The World Series Earthquake, ironically, was also the Major Earthquake that was effectively predicted in advance by Mr. Jim Berkland, today a great friend, but in October of 1989 Jim was the man who was already calling this earthquake “The World Series Quake” a number of days before it happened!!! This due to what I today call my Full and New Moon Window, but back in 1989 it was “The Jim Berkland Theory”. . . . . and it worked!!!
One of the first things I did after I decided to join the Carpenters Union, was the test for the Madison Carpenters Local, which of course I passed and then went on to carry their “Letter of Introduction.” This process also required me to test into the Milwaukee Carpenters Union and carry THEIR “Letter of Introduction.” When I was hired on my first job at Metal Container in Fort Atkinson, it ended up being in the Jurisdiction of Milwaukee and so that was where I attended all my classes, too, at the Milwaukee Apprentice Training facility on Fond Du Lac Avenue there with the huge training center and everything!

One final Great Earthquake Story that happened right over here at the M.G. & E. Blount Power Plant where I mentioned working in my 2013 Radio Show and that was one day when we had a huge valve that leads into like the Low Pressure Turbine or one of those, and it was found to be STUCK CLOSED!!! Of course we spent considerable time hammering on it with big hammers or what they like to call “Bull Work”, but then a smart Millwright by the name of Randy Barton came up with the idea to use a lot of DRY ICE on the valve and it was his theory that dry ice would shrink the valve and easily loosen it!!! So I went to work on another part of this Allis-Chalmers Generator and Steam Turbine that they still use over at the Blount Plant today, and it wasn’t long before Randy was unloading dry ice from a truck right next to us in the loading dock and only a few more moments, seems like it was way less than an hour anyways. . . and that valve was UNSTUCK!!! Yes, if dry ice can shrink that metal like that so fast and free up that huge giant STUCK PART. . . then I had no doubt it could be a major factor in Plate Tectonics!!! Learned all that right over here at the Madison Gas and Electric Blount Power Plant, too!


THIS SCENE HAS BEEN CUT FROM THE 2014 EQ RADIO SHOW, Although Might Appear on Upcoming 2015 EQ Radio Show on April 6, 2015!!!


“Listen To What The Man Said” By Paul McCartney

My Literary Agent from my first book ironically still holds the contract to publish it and I have not heard from her in a few years now. Her E-Mail is coming back undeliverable and I mostly want her to know that she may still represent that book if she wishes to! It’s not so much that it WAS an exclusive contract as much as Barb Harris, who might originally hark from right here in Madison could still be holding the rights to my very first book “How To Predict Earthquakes” just in case anybody wanted to do something with that Great Volume and wanted to still go through a wonderful literary agency. . . and a lady who originally attended the University of Wisconsin right here in Madison! You may still contact her if you want the rights to publish that first book I wrote.

And speaking of Madison, Wisconsin, I actually lived up here in the early 1970’s when I had occasion to be a patient at the old, old Childrens Hospital when it was in one of the old buildings along Linden Terrace behind the old Wisconsin General Hospital building at 1300 University Avenue, or the old University Hospital as you may know it by, now a pre-med school or something like that. Those were the good old days that a lot of the guys at the Brand New University Hospital on Highland still like to talk about, too! Not hard to still find folks who worked at the old hospital, either. Some of my doctors back in those days were Dr. Herman Hooksema, Dr. Olkagaki, Dr. Eric Stull, Dr. Stephenson who a lot of the kids liked to call Robert Louis Stephenson. . . and I never figured that one out, and of course my favorite doctor of all time, Dr. Cripps who is credited with inventing the FPS Scale that today is the factor we rate tanning lotions by according to how much of the suns most dangerous rays are blocked out. Recently when my poison ivy flared up I ran into Dr. Cripps still working in Dermatology, only now he was working over at the new UW Health East Clinic. He will also be famous for introducing me to Dr. Donald Simon, the famous Heart Transplant Surgeon who was actually doing some of the very earliest heart transplants back at the old hospital at 1300 University Avenue. In those days the body rejecting a transplant meant Dr. Cripps would have to figure out new variations in treating pain and together we greatly increased the mortality rate in the heart transplant industry from what it was in 1975. So you could say my certificate as a Heart Transplant Technician is one of my earliest endeavors into science! I actually spoke at one symposium on tretnoin, arethemea nodosum, and Sodium Sulfosuccinate. . . or is it Dyoctal Sodium Sulfosuccinate, got me there and as I say, I am NOT a Doctor, obviously. Finally I’m very sorry to report that Dr. Cripps died back around 2010.


“Rolling In The Deep” By Adele, Then:

So that was just some of my early “Scientific Aptitude” stuff, although there is plenty more to tell you about including Grabows Science Class in Junior High and all that. All of this eventually lead to me making the decision in the wake of the Northridge Earthquake. I decided that they didn’t really need more cheesy actors and that anybody can write funny scripts. . . . . what Hollywood REALLY NEEDED was somebody who could figure out earthquakes! Knowing I had at least SOME Scientific Aptitude I decided that I was going to have to start working on this myself!!!
We currently have a need for someone who could possibly major in Seismology, Oceanography, and Meteorology in order to be able to incorporate all three of the known sciences involving earthquake energy. I suppose this might also someday be a whole line of study that prospective students can just sign-up for to become “EQ-Ologists” similar to todays “Meteorologists.” Also with enough public policy teachings similar to our Weatherman, and women, to go on-camera and give the Earthquake Forecast the same way as the weather folks do it today. I also want to start “The Earthquake Channel” someday possibly myself, but I suppose it don’t matter who all does that one.
I have been asked many times if I predict earthquakes and the answer there is NO. For the vast majority of the time that I have been studying earthquakes my very best work has been TRACKING where I think “Earthquake Energy” is heading and sending out first snail mail and later E-Mails to my friends in those places, mostly California. Actually consciously staying away from predicting for fear it would categorize me with some of the others and I greatly preferred to just do my work and NOT be categorized as a person predicting them, you know.
Along that same lines, driving a forklift requires a different kind of “Predicting” also. . . . .due to having to predict what way a load will move when you pick up or move a load while driving a forklift. This is called PREDICTING the way the load will move and is actually quite similar to how I today FORECAST what way the tectonic plates will move as well. Similar to how you predict what way the load will move when driving a forklift!
Finally I only made the decision to go to a “Prediction” upon the insistence of those men of science who demanded I file with the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council and as a result when the time did eventually come for me to contact CEPEC or NEPEC, it was then necessary for me to write out one of my “EQ Alerts” in Official Prediction format IN ESSENCE predicting. Still today ONLY for the purposes of involving writing to CEPEC, or NEPEC. Otherwise I still today greatly prefer to just track that earthquake energy all around the world, you know. . . and not for the purpose of PREDICTING, rather for the purpose of alerting the people whenever there might be a Major Earthquake heading for them!


“Time of My Life” By Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes Starts Here, Then:

There was a fair amount of Chicago Film Production going on in the early 2000’s and you can believe I was anxious to get back into it after spending three years in Los Angeles, but unfortunately after all those years had passed I found that I didn’t know anybody and it turned out to be impossible for Les Brown to get back in since it appeared all his old friends in film production had moved on. Made a lot of calls and sent in a lot of snapshots and nothing. Watched shows like “ER” and Prison Break come and go with the phone never ringing, too. Then one day a production needed people who knew how to ice skate and had their own skates! It was my big chance! I had been ice skating all my life and if I didn’t get this part it could be a long time. I was booked to work at the Brand new Millennium Ice Skating Rink in the new Millennium Park in downtown Chicago on a new TV Series called “The Beast” So I grabbed my ice skates and took off for Chicago where I would have the great pleasure of working an entire day with the late great Patrick Swayze, who was the star of this TV Series. Great man to work with and I will never forget him constantly smiling and being real friendly off-set. I recommend checking him out as Orey Main in North and South the Mini-Series as well as starring in the movies Dirty Dancing from the 1980’s. and the original version of Red Dawn. Great man to work with and I’m sorry he passed on. THAT agency that I worked for on The Beast ended up calling me many more times and continue to call on me even today as I am writing this. It wouldn’t be too long before they would call me again after “The Beast” and this time because they were shooting in Wisconsin and they were looking for people to work at the airport in Milwaukee. The name of that movie is “Eagle Eye” and I got a great scene pulling luggage past the front of the building as two people whom I later found out were the stars of the movie got off a bus and walked into the airport. My very first ever Dreamworks Picture and a great shot of me there in that movie, too. Also worked in Milwaukee on the movie “Mr. 3000 at the new Miller Park with Mr. Bernie Mac and even hung out and shook hands with him for one brief moment in the front row there at Miller Park. Three of us were seen High Fiving at the end of the Weiner Race when that movie was in the theater but I never seen us on the DVD.
Sooooooooo, you can now visit my website anytime at and please feel free to stop by there and at least check out the headlines every day and keep up on the latest earthquakes!

Lately I have also been posting all of the felt reports from all the biggest earthquakes as well as entire lists of all the earthquakes from when a Major Swarm takes place especially one in California, AND try to always discuss whatever Major Earthquakes are happening All Around The World and almost ALWAYS have my EQ Alert out for that area BEFORE the earthquake strikes!!! That’s AND you can just search under EQ Guy on any Search Engine now days, too!!!
And Thank-You for checking out my EQ Blog, Thank-You!!!!!
Couple extra seconds here to tell you a great story from back in my old the movie HOFFA Days!!!!! I was near the camera one night when we were about to roll over a truck in a big riot scene and the director turned to me and needed one of his Screen Actors Guild Actors. . . . well this was about a year before I’d done any SAG work, but I told him I’d just talked to one guy who WAS S.A.G. and I quick turned around a moment and grabbed him. The Director was flabbergasted when he seen who I was talking about and very happy with the fact that my friend is today Mr. John C. Reilly!!! From: Walk Hard: The Dewy Cox Story, Step Brothers, and Taladega Nights!!!


“Snow Hey Oh” By Red Hot Chile Peppers.

My final great story from the renaissance of Chicago Film Production in the 1990’s was when they cast me as a Bum-In-A-Boxcar on a Commercial for H.I.S. Jeans that we shot on Sandwich Road south of DeKalb, Illinois and North of Sandwich, Illinois I recently discovered when they shot the recent Superman: Man of Steel movie down that way as well. So, anyways me and this other guy rode down a country road in the back of a truck all built up to look like the inside of a Boxcar on a train. Then a Cropduster flew up along side of us, although it took him a couple of takes to get the plane into the shot correctly, and then he flys off into the sunset in this award winning commercial. That whole story eventually made it to the Wisconsin State Journal on Page 2 of the Rhythm Section and there is a link to a PDF Version of it on my todays EQ Blog at This as a result of the other Bum in this boxcar turning out to have been none other than Jim Rummelfanger who was at that time a Stringer for the State Journal and who had also worked on “I Love Trouble” and you can see him inside our state capital in the movie “Chain Reaction” with Keanu Reeves. “Cropduster” was the name of that commercial and you might recall from my last show I told you it was my first Screen Actors Guild job and it won the Gold Cleo for Cinematography, too! I personally never had a chance to work on “I Love Trouble” or “Chain Reaction” and my great friend Jim passed away back in 2001.

So, back to Hollywood, now, where I spent several days searching for an apartment while staying at a small motel there on Sunset Boulevard a block east of Hollywood High School. So I looked at one apartment up in the valley on Lankersheim, one over in Beverley Hills on Roxbury, and one on Melrose someplace and then this one a block north of Hollywood Boulevard in a fairly respectable looking part of Hollywood up there in between the Hollywood Bowl and Runyon Canyon just at the end of Outpost where a number of very famous celebrities from Hollywood lived and whose names I decided not to give out on my show, although great people and great neighbors of mine up there in Hollywood!!! This was Franklin Manor and it would become my new home in Hollywood for the next year or so. This was also where I lived when Hurricane Bret made landfall at Mexico around the mouth of the Rio Grande River along with a lot of flooding and landslides. Of course it meant a Major Earthquake, but more importantly, a Major Earthquake that appeared to be heading directly for us! It wasn’t long before everybody in that building and about everybody I knew in Los Angeles for that matter, knew a Major Earthquake was coming and today I call that my “Hollywood Apartment Prediction” because the 7.1 Richters Hector Mines Earthquake struck up near Barstow on October 16, 1999.

You could say I pretty much established myself there as the EQ Alert Guy once and for all the day of the Hector Mines Earthquake and even though it awoke me, but I missed most of it, I was still in at least one of the major aftershocks in the 5 Range and it was a BIG Earthquake, too! That was also the exact spot where I mulled over different names and finally decided I would have to have something with some Pizzazz and The EQ Guy would do just that, or the full name EQ Alert Guy because that was what I was doing was alerting the people about earthquakes!

We can end the Hollywood Scene with the story about the time I was heading for the Laundry and decided to take the balcony over to the stairs on the other side when I noticed I could see the Hollywood Sign from the deep end of the pool, there! That was when the landlord got the key and we both stood in the living room of vacant Apartment 25 and could see the Hollywood sign from the living room of Apartment 25 and the landlord asked me if I wanted that 2 bedroom apartment. But, it wasn’t long before I also discovered that if I hung out over the pool far enough from the balcony right there in front of my own Apartment #22. . . . . that I too, could also see the Hollywood Sign!!!


“Rocky Raccoon” By The Beatles

On my 2013 EQ Radio Show I had those two Great Radio Plays that sort of Re-Created all the scenes that happened at both the Arrowhead Water job and again in my Los Angeles Apprentice Class!!! On tonights show I decided to just retell that whole story in my own words. I really enjoyed working for Central Casting in Hollywood and working on a lot of TV Shows and Movies at all those big movie studios and that “Glam Life” was a real blast cruising the Sunset Strip, Mullholland, Wilshire, and beautiful downtown Beverly Hills where I also had a post office box back in the day!!! One day they needed like 200 folks to play a “County Fair” scene for a Dukes of Hazard Movie and I couldn’t call them back fast enough to try and book that Great sounding job!!! Well, it was NOT one of my usual people casting that particular movie and when she said “Hold a moment” it was a long quiet. . . . .I wanted to tell her I had my Hillbilly Hat and those “Back Woods” Brand of cigars, but I think she might have put me on hold that day and when she finally came back on the line she just said NO, and that was the end of that. My first big job with the Los Angeles Millrights local, number 1607 was a Water Treatment Plant in San Diego right on the border with Mexico and the Mexican Border Patrol stood watch constantly on the other side of the fence with machine guns. Of course it was about my next big construction job when we were once again looking at the next big possible earthquake, and that happened east of L.A. where the 10 meets Interstate 15 between San Diego, and Barstow where it goes on to Las Vegas as everybody knows! So we were taking our break there at Arrowhead Water on Jurupa Avenue in Beautiful Ontario, California and when it was my turn to talk I figured I should tell the guys there was a Major Earthquake headed directly for us!!! That was on a Friday and wouldn’t you know Fontana, just 5 miles East of us had about a 5.3 early the following Monday Morning and the guys all knew exactly what happened there, too!!! We talked about it again on our first break Monday Morning and everybody was very clear on the fact that we KNEW there was going to be an earthquake almost to the exact second and within about 5 miles with the magnitude being almost exact, too. All things that I said back in those days that I was still “Dialing In”!!! AAAAAAAAAAAND the same thing happened a few weeks later when there was another Major Earthquake heading for us and this time I was in my Los Angeles Apprentice Class and yet another Major Earthquake struck. This time in Central America and a Huge one that amazed those other guys in that class. So that was the Arrowhead Water, L. A. Apprentice Class story as retold here by yours truly, and how I earned that name. . . . . The EQ Alert Guy!!!


Surf City, By Jan & Dean

I left out the song “Rocky Racoon” from last years show because when I was reviewing it some of the lines in the song were less than choice, and even this time as I was rehearsing it the words “Stinking of Gin” still managed to highlight the Arrowhead Water story, I hope nobody minds I used that song anyways, and felt like I should use Jan & Dean in the show somewhere but their songs were all too short to fit that last scene where this song really belonged due to having been the theme song for much of my days in Hollywood since I believe Surf City is Huntington Beach, California and Jan & Dean once played this area and many of us from the area still consider them both great friends! I also noticed at some point along the way that their song “Deadmans Curve” was talking about a stretch of Sunset Boulevard that I was driving on just about everyday since it started about a block from my house and goes on to “LaBrea, Doheny, and Crescent Heights” with LaBrea being the corner Franklin Manor is located on, and Crescent Heights being my Bank of America!!! Finally the actual Deadmans Curve is just past their by that Playboy Mansion then Brentwood, Belaire, the famous Beverly Hills Hotel, and then the 405. ********Moving on now up at the epicenter of that Hector Mines Earthquake of October 12, 1999 I saw the actual generic train that derailed and determined that the usual estimated 100,000 Tons those engines weigh MUST have been a factor in loosening the tectonic plate right there at that point just adjacent to that bridge that then busted from North to South together releasing pressure in that area very near the San Andreas Fault and causing that section of the Pacific Tectonic Plate to then push EAST!!! Causing the big 7.1 Richters Earthquake that woke me up that morning!!!


THIS SCENE HAS BEEN CUT FROM THE 2014 EQ RADIO SHOW, Although May Appear in 2015 EQ Radio Show on April 6, 2014.


Song: Bangladesh, By George Harrison

A few repeat items I wanted to use from my last show with the first one the landfall of Typhoon Roke at South of Japan and as I said on my last show now anytime a typhoon makes landfall at Japan FROM that there south or East China Sea, Today we just about automatically know that will mean a Major Earthquake at California and when Roke made landfall there

Late September of 2011 someone commented on my EQ Blog that the full moon was October 12! Immediately I not only knew that would be the day of this upcoming Earthquake, but I went and bought a ticket to Frisco to Quake Chase this possibly big earthquake which actually did strike Offshore Coos Bay, Oregon at 8:15pm the night of the October 2011 Full Moon originally at 5.9 Richters, and today I still consider that my first very successful Official Quake Chase! And have a blog at and too!!!

On last years show I also told the whole story about the landfall of huge Tropical Cyclone Nargis at Myanmar and all about how the Great Sichuan China Earthquake followed as well as the story how I tracked the potential Major Earthquake Energy from the landfall of Hurricane Katrina and came out right at Islamabad where they had that big earthquake and that and everything else from last years EQ Radio Show can be heard at Sound Cloud The EQ Alert Guy, in fact the script for last years show got like 5000 views on it and I will try to have a link to it on todays EQ Blog which covers this show right here today or will for a while anyways.

Finally, I probably mentioned tracking Super-Typhoon Nanmadol practically all the way around the globe back in December of 2004 and coming out at the Java Ridge at which time an 8.1 Richters Earthquake struck at Macquarie Island and I sent out my now famous “Big EQ Alert” via E-Mail and the Great Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami struck just a day or two laterrrrrrrr. I’ve got a You Tube video with that story that I produced a few years ago and you can see that somewhere at some point, too! Might be a link to it in todays EQ Blog at

Sooooo how I got involved in earthquakes originally was I had graduated from Acting School around 1990 and I was getting a lot of work in Chicago Film Production with shows such as Fugitive, Sleepless In Seattle, Judgment Night, Hoffa, Angel Street, and “ER” all going on like in 1992 and 93. . . when the Northridge Earthquake hit and did a lot of damage, affecting a lot of my new Show Biz friends!

In an effort to do whatever I could to help them I decided to research earthquakes so we might have some idea next time a Major Earthquake is heading for us. So with some research I discovered what I today call “Precision Plate Tectonics” or “Earth Mechanics” and with the help of more and more technical stuff such as the USGS list of latest earthquakes, I try to keep track of what tectonic plates are moving and in what direction and try to follow every single source of potential Major Earthquake Energy everywhere All Around The World and now just about always know when and where the next Major Earthquake might strike!

014--YOU’RE UP TO DATE--014

Song: Happy, By Pharrell Williams

In 1999 I headed out to L.A. to work for the Carpenters Union out there for a while as well as for Central Casting on some TV stuff, too. When Hurricane Bret made landfall over at the Gulf of Mexico and I alerted all my new neighbors in Hollywood that there would be an Earthquake days before the 7.1 Richters Hector Mines Earthquake struck up around Barstow!

There was also one I had to tell the guys about at a bottled water factory on a Friday and it struck nearby early Monday Morning, Anddddddd a few weeks later ONE of those guys showed up in my Apprentice Class introducing me as The EQ Guy and asking WHEN the next Earthquake was going to strike! Coincidentally I told them that weekend and a big one struck! THEY were all flabbergasted on Monday!
Finally there was Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi making landfall at Queensland, Australia with that now big Christchurch, New Zealand Earthquake in it’s wake there near that nearby tectonic plate boundary AND a Great Tweet beforehand, too! Then, the Grand Finale 20 days later that tectonic plate busted a big giant move north and struck Japan and we might have known tsunami as I had been discussing in my EQ Blog in the days beforehand as well.
Finally during the month of April of 2014 there was a series of earthquakes that I like to believe I accurately tracked according to the well known fact that the Pacific Tectonic Plate moves north against the North American Tectonic Plate. First Chile 8.2, then Nicaragua 6.1 and 6.6, next Mexico at 7.5 when I wrote Vancouver Island in my EQ Blog and Vancouver Island got a 6.6 when I then wrote Anchorage and Alaska and that region got a whole series of 5.5’s and a couple 4.7’s, too, with the biggest Anchorage Shaker getting an Astounding 250 felt reports from just Anchorage alone filed with the U.S. Geological Survey. PRESENT alerts can go here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, H.- On Wheels has been shooting next door to us in Albert, Canada and I sent them a headshot and resume, Love to work on that show and also Love watching the show and seeing if they will ever get to Promontory Point! I’d Love to be in the Handshake Ceremony when they do!!!
Chicago Fire has wrapped for the Season, but should be back again someday for Season 3. . . and I’ll be Back-To-Work on THAT Show once again very soon!!!
The Screen Actors Guild wants me to be their Wisconsin Representative, which is very exciting. . . but as of press time on this show, I don’t know any more than that UNLESS something has come it???

Biggest recent showbiz story was working a huge 2-Day scene at Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana with Christian Slater. It WAS a boxing match and 2 very long days of work and it paid very well, bad news is Mind Games Has Been Canceled!!! Loooooooks like THAT episode never aired, too!

I also recently started an EQ V-Log or Video Log and have been producing those every week as well as an EQ Podcast.

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CUT: Back Live now, with all the latest earthquakes from the hour we were doing the show! One or two small ones probably struck, but very important is the EXACT MOMENT of the September 2014 Full Moon and that Exact Moment will be at just 38 Minutes After the end of this show at 8:38pm Central Time. So as this years EQ Radio Show concludes, Please continue to watch!!!

CUT: The September Full Moon Window will continue on through Tomorrow Night, Tuesday at 8:38pm and there will continue to be earthquakes and it will remain possible for one of those Major Ones to still strike in the September Full Moon Window through Tomorrow Night at 8:38pm!!!!! AND since I’ve now been doing this for over 20 years. . . Let me tell you honestly we are PROBABLY watching either Sumatra, Indonesa, OR, Peru and Iquequie, Chile for something like a MegaThruster slash Tsunami in just the coming moments or hours or even in the days immediately following this Radio Show, but there IS still going to be a lot of Major Earthquake Energy out there through the end of September 2014, including for our West Coast, California, or a big San Francisco Aftershock, too!!!. . . Andddd there WILL BE Earthquakes!!

Finally, I can tell by looking at the clock on the wall that it is just about time to start Thanking people. . . and at the TOP of my list this year. . . none other than all of the Wonderful folks right here at WORT-FM!!! For once again hosting my EQ Radio Showwwwww!!! In fact I started work here at W-O-R-T in January and they are all a Great Bunch of folks to work with,. Too!!!

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