Sunday, January 27, 2013

Naysayers Watch What You Say!!! Folks Can Be Prepared For Earthquakes If They Want To!!!

Confidential to the Naysayers if you are one of them, be aware that peoples lives depend on whatever knowledge of earthquakes we have and that the Naysayers in the L'Aquila, Italy matter were sentenced to 6 Years in prison, lost credentials forever, and made to pay the victims. Stop telling people in California they DO NOT need to ever be prepared for earthquakes because something COULD shake that State and you could end up being to blame for the deaths of innocent people right in The State of California!!! In L'Aquila, Italy the Naysayers told people to go back into their houses after a good valid earthquake prediction was made by Giapaollo Guiliani and the result was 300 died 6 days later when that earthquake hit! Some of us work hard on our research and keep accurate records as to every single possible precursor to an earthquake! Some of the earthquake people you are talking about devote their lives to helping the people of California and other places with the latest of earthquake information, much of it gathered courtesy of the USGS and all the latest technologies available of which there are more everyday. Watch who you call "Quacks" Please!!! EQ Guy