Friday, October 4, 2013

The EQ Radio Show, Transcript. Aired on WORT-FM, Madison, Wisconsin September 30, 2013

“Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey starts playing. Hello and Welcome to the ACCESS HOUR on WORT-FM, 89.9 Madison and folks listening tonight ONLINE at as well. Some of you already know me as Les Brown, but tonight I am going to be The EQ Alert Guy or EQ Guy for short, and tell you folks about all the work I’ve been doing for about the last 20 years now as far as figuring out what all causes earthquakes and how to track all of this earthquake energy all around the world. My EQ Blog is at if you want to check it out during the show!!!

“Don‘t Stop Believing” continues here: As a lot of you probably know there was a lot of Film Production work around here back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and I was very lucky to be getting a lot of great parts on a lot of movies and TV Shows, too! SOME of those include ER, Sleepless In Seattle, HOFFA, The Fugitive, Judgment Night, and my two biggest parts still today on the TV Show Early Edition and in the movie Normal Life. On the movie HOFFA, there were like a thousand of us playing Teamsters at a Railway Express strike and Hoffa, played by Jack Nicholson stopped by and made a great speech and we did a lot of takes of that, and worked with Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito. On Judgment Night I had a whole scene to myself as a Homeless Guy pushing a shopping cart with the stars driving through the Southside of Chicago in an R.V. Spent about an hour in make-up with Cuba Gooding, Jr. and the other guys in the RV were Emilio Estevez, Steve Dorfman, and Jeremy Piven. On Early Edition I played a Thief at the scene of a fender bender on Upper Wacker Drive in Downtown Chicago and Kyle Chandler, playing the guy who gets the newspaper a day early, sees me and so I puts the purse back and runs. And on Normal Life I’m Prisoner 2 right next to Luke Perry in about the last 10 scenes of the movie and I can’t give away the ending, you’ll have to see it! I also starred as a Bum-In-A-Boxcar in a commercial for H.I.S. Jeans my very first big Screen Actors Guild job and that commercial won a Gold CLEO for Cinematography and there is actually a story in Wisconsin State Journal’s Rhythm Section about that, too! It was all real good like that, you know. . . until one day I turned on the TV one morning and it was the day of the now famous Northridge Earthquake!!!

“Don‘t Stop Believing“ continues. Immediately I began researching to try and find out what might have been the cause of that earthquake, and it wasn’t long before I discovered it had been preceded by severe winter conditions of sub-zero temperatures, 55mph winds, and 2-feet of snow all across the country! Further research revealed that a lot of other Major Earthquakes were preceded by Huge Hurricanes and Typhoons making landfall and doing a lot of damage! When combined these events preceded ALL Major Earthquakes all through time. That was January 1994. . . . . It would be August 26, of 1994 when about the very next Really Big Hurricane would be making landfall and that was when it was time to test out my new theory. When Hurricane John made landfall at Johnston Atoll on August 26, I immediately knew it would probably mean an earthquake, but at that time that was all I knew. So I wrote to all my new movie biz friends that there would be an earthquake coming. . . but I was not able to guess where yet at that time. THAT was when the 7.1 Cape Mendocino Earthquake struck at Northern California on September 1, 1994 and you could say that I knew I was onto something!!!

“Don’t Stop Believing” continues. Around the Turn of The Century construction work ran out and I headed out to Los Angeles to work at the studios in the movie business. . . and do some construction work as well.

MUSIC: “La Vida Loca” by Rickey Martin starts this scene off big. So, I registered with Central Casting and lived and worked in Hollywood for a while. Working on stuff like NYPD Blue, Thirteen Days, and ER at all the movie studios out there. It was on about my second or third day out there in Hollywood when I was already working on a commercial up in the Malibu Canyon Neighborhood. With all my experience I had no problem getting work as an actor out in Hollywood and recently looked back to find one of the stars I worked with on a show called Get Real, and today she is Anne Hathaway. Giving my name at the front gate of 20th Century Fox Studios out there on Pico Boulevard in Beverly Hills, and having the gate open, is still today a highlight of my life and working there on NYPD-Blue also Great. The commissary at Warner Brothers was pretty awesome too. Eric Idle was there shooting Suddenly Susan at the time, and West Wing was also shooting there at the time. Worked with Noah Wille, Jullianne Margolese, and Laura Innes right there on the ER Set at Stage 11. Shot the movie Thirteen Days at Sixth Street Studios made famous by Laurel and Hardy having shot a lot of stuff there. I played a Paparazzi in that movie with Kevin Costner and Bruce Greenwood. Of course I spent a lot of time at the beach out there, too! Venice Beach, Santa Monica Beach, Dockwiller, Mailbu, and Topanga especially! As well as the Santa Monica Pier, and the Third Street Promenade and cruised about the entire length of the Pacific Coast Highway, too! And of course it wouldn’t be too long before Hurricane Bret would make landfall around Brownsville, Texas and it would once again be time to alert all my friends and this time all my new neighbors right there in Hollywood, that there was about to be a Major Earthquake striking Los Angeles. So, who among you has been paying close attention and can already guess what happens next? The date was October 16, 1999 when I awoke to the screams of Lori my neighbor in Apartment 23 hollering EARTHQUAKE out on the Balcony. . . . . I suppose at the very moment that the Hector Mines Earthquake shook our apartment building at 7104 Franklin Avenue in Downtown Hollywood just a couple blocks from where Ronald Reagan lived when he moved to Hollywood. . . . .Now I’m going to be the announcer from the local News Radio Station, not sure which one I was listening to that early morning, KNX or KFWB, I do know they were very much in the earthquake and all of us were in a lot of aftershocks, too!!! Here’s what it sounded like: NEWS 980 (Very Authoritative, Now) We’ve just had a major earthquake and we are still feeling it right here at our station here in downtown Hollywood. We’ve had things falling on the floor and in fact it’s moving here, right now while I am talking. We will try and stay with you and stay on the air as long as we can, but of course it’s possible we may have to evacuate the building ourselves in a second. The reports that are now coming in are of more damage east of us in Pasadena and there are no phone calls at all coming from the areas that are east of there. It would appear that it was a major earthquake that struck somewhere out towards San Bernardino County, of course that is just how it appears. If you have information or are hearing us out in the Inland Empire, please call us. Also said something like “That was how that newscast sounded.“ Then, Back to ME at this point for a few additional moments of me just telling the whole story like it happened: Of course I ran into Lori thereafter and actually drove up to the tiny ghost town of Hector Mines to actually be one of the first on the scene at the epicenter of that 7.1 Richters Earthquake a few miles East Southeast of Barstow. There is a whole lot of research that goes along with that story that I won’t go into here, but it wouldn’t be long before the next Southern California Earthquake was on the horizon and I would have to Alert still more of my California Friends!!!

“Who Let The Dogs Out” by Baha Men starts here. Now I want to personally introduce to you, all of the guys who were there at this next one as it happened! Here they are in a great little radio play that might also help to revive old radio plays on the radio someday, you never know!!! HEEEEERE’S. . . Arrowhead Water Prediction: The Radio Play!!!


SYNOPSIS: At The Arrowhead Water Plant in Ontario, California I told all the guys, on the construction job there, on a Friday that an earthquake might strike that region over the weekend and a 5.3 Richters Earthquake struck near Fontana, CA at 4:15am Monday Morning. They all expressed surprise at first break on that Monday Morning.

At the conclusion of the Arrowhead Water Radio Play: After the Arrowhead Water job ended, obviously I knew it would be coming up again someday, but I pretty much just went on about my life beyond the point where that big prediction right there in front of all my other construction friends happened. THAT was until one of the other guys from the picnic table at Arrowhead Water would NEXT show-up in my Apprentice Class over in Whittier just off the 605 Freeway and introduce me to everybody! And here’s my historical re-enactment of how that all played out, too!


SYNOPSIS: One of the guys who had been at the Arrowhead Water Plant showed up in my L.A. Apprentice Class and introduced me as EQ Guy, then I announced yet another earthquake for that weekend. When one struck like Central America those guys now all expressed surprise again on Monday Morning, my reply to them was that I would have to write it all out into a book to explain how it all worked.

Back Live with you now. . . . .Wonderful, very good bit of acting and a very nice Radio Play production all around by all my friends there who I like to refer to as the “EQ Radio Players.” And I want to thank Mr. Jimmy Tucker in the Studio with us tonight!!! Thank-You very much, Jimmy!!!
JIMMY TUCKER SAID: You’re very welcomed, Lester, Great Show, Dude!!! Then, Back To EQ GUY: Thank-You, Jimmy! Stick around and enjoy the rest of it, too! Now. . . . . let’s move on, shall we!?

Abraham, Martin, and John by Dion starts here. So, let me now explain all of what happened for the next several years with my new Theory that I today call “Precision Plate Tectonics” named after a process we use at such places as the Columbia Generating Station at Portage, that big power plant up there that used to be Wisconsin Power and Light, as well as over here at the Madison Gas & Electric Blount Power Plant. At those power plants they have what they call the Low Power Turbine where the steam travels through and turns the electric generator. And of course a Shout-Out to all the great guys at all of these places, there, too!!! When we remove the cover it is a HUGE project with guys watching from every angle due to it having to be lifted with great precision. To measure the movement of the cover as we are lifting it we use what they call “Precision Measuring Tools” which measure every single movement to a THOUSANDTH of an inch, and even a Five-Thousandths with some of them. As we lift the cover, which might be a hundred feet long by 30 or 50 feet wide and probably weighs maybe a hundred tons or so, we have to watch for one side to start lifting faster than the other with micrometers. You see if one side starts lifting too fast it could bend the blades on the inside of the steam turbine and this was how I discovered the Pacific Tectonic Plate probably moves the same exact way!!! Shakes head yes, yes, yes!!! IF there is any movement at all around the Philippines. . . then I reasoned the Pacific Tectonic Plate just like the cover of the Low or High Pressure Turbines at M.G.& E or W.P. & L. would now move a few thousandths of an inch at Hawaii, and probably Central America and in extreme situations could strike California or our West Coast or Alaska. Infact they just measured a movement of 5 centimeters to the East at Marlborough, New Zealand and 8 Centimeters to the east at the Cook Strait recently and I immediately wrote Easter Island in my EQ Blog and they had 3 5 Magnitude Shakers a few days later. . .

One day Professor Richard Allen now of UC Berkeley, but at that time still at Wisconsin was on one of the TV news channels and I decided to pay him a visit at UW Geology/Seismology. It was great meeting him in person and he helped me along quite a lot with my work. It was Professor Richard Allen today of UC Berkeley Seismology who insisted I begin submitting to the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council immediately, which eeeeeeeventuallllllly. . . I would do. . . but moreover I also credit him with giving me the inspiration that I needed to begin tracking this earthquake energy All The Way Around The World!!! And I can honestly tell you all here today, it worked!!!!! Thanks to Professor Richard Allen today of UC Berkeley, but back in those days still working right here at The University of Wisconsin!!! And a Shout-Out to all of them folks, too! As well as across the plaza there in Meteorology and up in the Geography Library and the Map Library, too! This was also about the time when I discovered the huge globe with graphic relief located out front of the Geology Museum there. It was that globe that helped me figure out that I could track earthquakes all around the world with the use of such an spherical device. . . compared to just maps, which as I say could NOT find North Northwest of Xingjian, China!!! The addition of the globe based on that huge one there, was the point where I began to track earthquakes All Around The World!!!

“Changes“ by David Bowie starts here. Late in the year 2003 Cyclone Debbie made landfall at Australia with 200 miles per hour winds and I thought it meant Sao Paulo, Brazil and gave it no more thought than that. That was until that earthquake energy ended up striking up in Bam, Iran!!! Oh, oh!!! My EQ Alert Theory now works everywhere except this place here? Took me some time to figure this one out, but it turned out to be the ECCENTRIC MOVEMENT of the Indio/Australian Tectonic Plate pushing North and exactly the opposite happened when Hurricane Ivan made landfall in 2004 and I sent out my now famous “EQ Alert: California” on a Sunday Night, and the Parkfield Earthquake struck that Tuesday.

“Changes” by Bowie will continue and be Cut-Off at next song. I tried a lot of different things on the internet and the one I am currently using today that is working very well for me is my EQ Blog at and my EQ Twitter at and you can feel free to follow me on my EQ Twitter, either by adding me on there, or simply by stopping by and bookmarking my location to see when and where the next Major Earthquake just might be!!! Anytime there is a huge typhoon in the South China Sea nobody else all through history could have ever figured this one out much less discovered it, until yours truly The EQ Guy came along and figured THIS ONE out!!! Anywayz when there is a huge typhoon that travels up towards Japan from the China Sea and strikes near Nagasaki or thereabouts, it can send Major Earthquake Energy directly for our West Coast. I have a great story to tell about one day when this happened and I direct messaged a lot of my new West Coast internet friends specifically around San Francisco because the straight line of potential earthquake energy intersected there around Oakland. WELL. . . just a couple days later they received a 4.2 that did a lot of damage around Downtown Oakland, California! THIS was when it happened!!!!! I actually received my very first letter back from one of my followers who was actually IN that earthquake and wrote me some very nice comments. For the record there was more than one person who got that EQ Alert and wrote me to Thank Me!!!!! As I like to say even today it’s those kind of Thanks that keep me going on this project!!!

SONG: Firework, By Katy Perry begins here. There was also the issue with Severe Winter Conditions that had preceded the Northridge Earthquake and occurred again in December of 2003 when I wrote and sent out my first EQ Alert due to those conditions and the Paso Robles Earthquake struck California on December 23, 2003. The same Severe Winter Conditions occurred again in December of 2009 and this time they were severe enough that I took the advice of Professor Allen and filed an Official Prediction with the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council. That Official Prediction is dated December 22, 2009 and the Banner Headline Reads: Official Prediction For a Major Earthquake To Strike California Before January 12, 2010. This is a good one for the folks who have really been paying attention to now say what is ABOUT to happen!!!!! Well, on January 9 at around 6pm Central Time my phone rang with a text message telling me there had just been a 6.5 Richters Earthquake at Eureka, California!!! I have all the latest earthquakes sent to my phone via Twitter, too! AND on the final day of that Official Prediction at 4 in the afternoon is today the date of the Haiti Earthquake.

“Firework” by Katy Perry continues and will also be Cut-Off by next song. I got a lot of followers that day! And had a few guys send me “AT Messages” with a lot of questions, but my numbers went up so much that my EQ Blog and EQ Twitter actually started to produce income for me! That happens when you start to hit around a thousand hit’s a day on a BLOG that is posted on the internet. The last time I checked I had 1550 Twitter followers and so all of you listening are now invited to follow me at there on my Twitter and keep up with all the latest earthquakes and a lot of time know when and where the next Major Earthquake is going to happen!!!

“Stand By Me” John Lennon starts to play here and plays mostly all way through. There was a huge Super Typhoon that made landfall on around December 6, 2004 and I tracked the earthquake energy around the world from that huge Super Typhoon Nanmadol all the way to the Pacific/Antarctic Tectonic Plate boundary. When I was just about to write out my next EQ Alert there was an 8.1 Richters Earthquake that struck at Macquarie Island near Tasmania, Australia. THAT’S when I knew all this huge earthquake energy was headed for heavily populated areas and I wrote out a BIG EQ ALERT for a Major Earthquake as big as 9 or 10 Richters for Japan, China, Indonesia or Philippines at 8:33am on December 24, 2004 and at one point even wrote the word tsunami into that but edited it out before sending it. The Great Sumatra Earthquake struck a couple days later over there in that region and it really needs no more explanation than that.

“Stand by Me” by John Lennon will continue till “Bangladesh” George Harrison starts. I have this complete story all written out and made into a You Tube Video that you can see if you go to my EQ You Tube Page at and there are also some songs that I wrote to the tune of some other songs such as Quake Proof House, and Earthquake You Make The Ground Shake. You can see those there, too. Perhaps I will post an embedded player on the front page of my EQ Blog to accompany this show so you can simply click on it and view it there! To view that Sumatra Vid anyways.

Cyclone Nargis made landfall on May 2, 2008 and over 100,000 people died. It was 10 days later when the 7.9 Richters Sichuan, China Earthquake struck just north of there. It occurred to me in between there that if it was that big of a cyclone in the Bay of Bengals then the tectonic plate boundary would actually be all the way up in the Mountains of China but it was too late for me to write it out the day it occurred to me, because the earthquake happened the next day on May 12, 2008.

I had originally planned to do a whole news story here for the Hurricane Katrina part, but due to timing out the script and only having about 15 Minutes left at this point, I have decided to just tell you the story here, instead unless something changes. (Song “Bangladesh” by George Harrison starts in this area) So, when Hurricane Katrina made landfall at Louisiana and churned along as a Hurricane on land for another 18 Hours it generated A LOT of Earthquake Energy and tracking that energy up and over the North Pole was completely new to me at that point. This is when I traveled up to the Robinson Map Library inside the UW Geography Building to look into a map of the Arctic!!! A close look at all of the geological features on this map revealed that there appeared to be NO unusual features that would prevent earthquake energy from simply passing right through and across to the other side. On the contrary. . . it rather appeared to look more like sort of a CUE BALL that might pass all the earthquake energy straight through it faithfully. And on Day 43 after the landfall of Hurricane Katrina that is exactly what it did, too. The Islamabad Earthquake was the result. This one was famous for being the one that I had been guessing exactly 7.6 Richters due to the size of the winds at Hurricane Katrina and got the magnitude EXACTLY RIGHT!!! Yes, it was a 7.6 that occurred. I had also guessed that with that big windstorm going on for so many hours after landfall that there would be a lot of Major Aftershocks and there were. I call this the footprint matching for the number of hours of the highest winds becoming the number of hours of the biggest aftershocks.

“Bangladesh” might continues on into this scene and goes till next song. Once again the movie business picked up again around Chicago and I was working on a lot of great movies such as Eagle Eye, Stranger Than Fiction and The Dilemma. In the movie Dilemma, I was cast to work in a bar fight and in that scene I put my arms around my girl and moved her out of the way when the fight started, also grabbing my drink, too, oh, and a couple pretzels AND later on in the shooting of that film there was a huge scene at United Center and they let me work again in that big scene with Kevin James and Vince Vaughn and was right behind Kevin James when he jumps up and screams “Hey, we’re on the Jumbotron!” and then we all dance to Chelsea Dagger!!! Do, Do--Do, Do--Do, Do, De, Do, Chelsea Dagger da, da, da!!! I was cast as a Prisoner in Crown Point, Indiana on Public Enemies, then moved to Joliet, then missed the cut there, but couldn’t see any of those Prisoners in that movie, anyway, so. . . . . Enjoyed watching them shoot in Columbus, Wisconsin just the same, and saw a lot of my Chicago Film Production friends, there, too! And of course you can now read all about all of that stuff in my new book Bringing Earthquakes To Life, now ONLINE at in Chapter 8.

Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi made landfall at Queensland, Australia with 340 Kilometer Per Hour winds and I immediately checked my globe and straight line tool that I use these days to draw that straight line all the way around the world you know and found the islands of Kiribati and Tuvalu directly behind in the wake of that landfall but right nearby I also found Christchurch, New Zealand and wrote out a Tweet on Twitter just like that, it is also the headline on an EQ Blog you can look up under February 3, 2011 there and I might have it posted in todays EQ Blog for you to see, too. That huge earthquake at Christchurch then followed 20 days later on February 22, and the continued movement of that tectonic plate, as I’ve discussed already lead a few days later to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on March 11, which I wrote plenty about but I want to now get to my final and one of my best stories.

“Save Me San Francisco” starts half-way through this scene when I land at SFO. Finally, I want to wrap up a great show tonight and thank everybody ahead of time for keeping so close to your radio and listening so intently to my every word tonight!!! Sorry I left out a lot of the back and forth from L.A. The latest and possibly still the Greatest was the landfall of Typhoon Roke at the South of Japan late Sept. 2011. I already explained a few times and this time when I lined it up with the globe and now famous straight line tool it came out at exactly Coos Bay, Oregon and Eureka California and that was when somebody on the EQ Blog commented to me that the full moon would be October 12!!! Checking the number of days it takes this earthquake energy to cross the Pacific, it was starting to look like a direct hit for California so I bought a plane ticket to be out there for the big one. I landed at San Francisco on October 11, the day before the full moon and took the Bay Area Rapid Transit and Cal-Train to the Palo Alto Station where I then Rollerbladed up Middlefield Road to the U.S. Geological Survey where I hand delivered a copy of my latest Official Prediction for a Major Earthquake to strike at Eureka, California updated with the fact that I was there on the night of the full moon. This person just so happened to also at that time be on the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council. First thing the next morning I was back on that BART Train this time headed across the bay to UC Berkeley where I was to again meet up with my old friend from UW Madison, Professor Richard Allen who was very glad to see me and demonstrated the very latest in “Earthquake Early Warning” Technology for me WITH the help of a couple medium sized earthquakes that struck just as he was turning the screen for me to see it!!! So it buzzed and beeped and made all the noise like it is being designed to do and I guess it’s going into service now very soon out there, too, and then as it counted down the number of seconds before it would be felt at Berkeley another one quickly followed and he noted how lucky I was to be right there as all of this was happening. . . . . but I pointed out that the reason I was there was because of all the earthquake energy heading directly for us. Then at 8:15pm that night the 5.9 Earthquake that I traveled out there for struck just Offshore of Coos Bay, Oregon and gave the City of San Francisco one very good jolt as I was crossing the street to the 711 there on Mission Street in downtown Daly City, California at my Motel just a few blocks from the San Francisco Airport or SFO where I decided to stay close to the airport incase of too big of an earthquake or if it struck Frisco.
“Save Me San Francisco” Continues Playing.

There is really nothing else beyond that great Quake Chase 2011 story to tell, although I do also have a blog under the Quake Chaser name, too, and plan more Quake Chases such as that in the future. I have a friend with a house in Costa Rica, so I’m always watching for a big one headed there and have actually had them there in the past, too! Hurricane Sandy. . . somebody out there has been thinking way ahead to this one and I’ll bet you didn’t figure out the answer to it, yet, either! Hurricane Sandy was so big of a storm and the winds were so big and all that water that I checked my globe about as close as I have ever checked. When all the dust had settled on that big windstorm I was forced to write out another Official Prediction for California with the headline: Official Prediction For A Major Earthquake To Strike Lompoc, California Before November 26, 2012. Well, it was just 3 minutes past the end of the date in that headline when LOMPOC, California DID get a 3.0 at 3 minutes after midnight on November 27, 2012. . .BUT not the grand finale in that series, which struck Offshore at San Diego at 6.3 on December 14, 2013 the night of the December 2012 New Moon! SAVE ME SAN FRANCISCO will end right in this area with NO song to follow, yet.

That one struck on the night of the New Moon, and I have only recently been watching very closely the nights of the full and new moons that I call my Full and New Moon Window starting exactly 24 hours before the exact moment of both the full and New Moon and running until exactly 24 hours after. I am seeing a fairly good correlation that will still take more time to do my research, but when there is a BIG EQ ALERT and a Full or New Moon comes around the people in all of those shaky places deserve to be told that there COULD BE a Major Earthquake heading for them!!!!!

When I returned home from Quake Chase 2011 I had to run to my local Bank of America Branch in McHenry, Illinois where the Personal Banker Dude there mentioned having been in one of those Illinois Earthquakes. I told him that one way I track them, such as the Illinois Earthquakes, is that one struck at Ottawa, Illinois where the Fox River feeds into the Illinois River and the second one was near Elgin which the Fox River also runs directly through. And that they will tend to run along lines such as the Fox River there with Downtown McHenry next in line and that they should get an earthquake around February 2012. This was November 2011 and you already know what happened!! Probably all on all of those bank surveillance videos if it mattered because on January 30, 2012 there was a 2.4 Richters Earthquake just a couple miles South of McHenry, Illinois!!!

CARD--There was Giapaolo Guilianne in L’Aquila Italy who found the levels of radon to be notably high there and announced publicly there would be a major earthquake soon, while the mayor disagreed with him and formed a committee to force the public back into their homes where 6 days later upwards of 300 of them were then killed by the earthquake. Outcry demanded charges against the 6 or so experts on that committee and they were ultimately found guilty. CARD--I have now written several books about earthquakes, none published, with the first one started back in 2003 in the middle of the Paso Robles Earthquake and the Bam, Iran Earthquake and that was also when I did all my studying and read all the books in the UW Geology Library. In the time since then I’ve also written “Life Story of the EQ Guy” and have a complete autobiography around here somewhere, too! I have a script for the movie called “EQ Alert: The Movie” recently updated and ready to go into production, but I might have to add The EQ Radio Show to it, now!!! My second Great Book written last year after a long streak of great predictions including Christchurch, Japan, and Quake Chase 2011 is titled “Earthquake Memoirs” and deals up-close with each individual earthquake story and finally my most recent work because I thought one good book combining all those might be in order is the one I just completed and posted online titled “Bringing Earthquakes To Life” with a little bit of everything about earthquakes and my life so I thought that would be a great name and in that one I talk a lot about how I am even right now on this show we are bringing earthquakes to life!!!!! EQ Guy: If there is too much extra time left at this point then I am now going to read a few extra time cards that I have written all up to fill a couple extra minutes! CARD--First off, I do not have any medical degree and all of the stuff that sounds like medical advice or whatever is only my own opinion and should not in any way be construed as sound medical advice or whatever, no! On the contrary they are stories about medical stuff from an experienced junk yard dog and union carpenter with no medical degree at all whatsoever. CARD 3=They used to go to your house and check everything you use when you come down with a disease such as cancer. There was the old 20,000 questions, too. Then a skin test for lesions that was based on the stuff you used. They have long needed to mass produce them skin tests, too, because they made them one at a time back in the day. Don’t forget Dr. Cripps former dean of Dermatology at UW Madison said “If we can figure out why you have it, we can make it go away.” CARD--Bathroom habits, etc. Jobs with no toilet = acne. While one cancer doctor has told me that QUOTE if I had those lesions anywhere else it’d be cancer UNQUOTE therefore jobs with no toilet might also equal cancer. Of course that’s just another theory of mine, there. Also search: Microwave Oven Dangers. . . and Coffee has been known to cause Red Bumps per Dr. Tony Krausen. CARD 6=My first prescription for glasses has that thick lens on the left eye, until one day I was filming and realized that eye is just OUT OF FOCUS, sure enough I can zoom and focus it manually and then re-take the eye test for the prescription and have since lost the thick lens, also try harder on the test for drivers license and the restriction is gone, too! DITTO for my hearing. Lost a lot of it in that left ear from my old radio DJ days, but discovered what I call “Ear Plug Therapy” with like ONE-HALF-HOUR a night with Ear Plugs in should do it. . . and the ringing from all those years of LOUD ROCK MUSIC eventually goes away and I can set the balance in the middle once again! CARD 7=The hardware stores sell a 3M bacteria and virus furnace filter and so there’s no need to exchange cough and flu virus with the others. Filter catches all the virus and cigar smoke and fresh clean hospital air comes out. Grey tape one onto a fan! Also, I seriously dressed warmer when it got a little colder last fall and DIDN’T EVER HAVE A COLD. Only year I can remember, and . . . . . always dressed warm. CARD 4=We need to immediately know how much electricity one person can generate with pedals. Like how much money an hour a person can earn by pedaling a generator and we need pedal assist cars, too! CARD--I only recently started watching the path on the ground of major tornadoes and tracked the recent El Reno Oklahoma Tornado to Antiqua in the Caribbean, wrote it in my EQ Blog and one struck that island. So I will be working tornadoes more in the future now and am also very sorry for the loss of those Storm Chasers at El Reno, Oklahoma, too! CARD--Don’t “Jump Around” like the song says to do. . . . . it can cause huge amounts of stress on concrete and iron joints!!! Could ultimately break some of the stands where this wonderful activity is taking place and it could lead to failure! CARD--Yeah I got like 900 hits on my EQ Blog one day and so if everybody listening can kindly read my EQ Blog every other day or so you could help advance the cause of knowing when and where earthquakes might be striking if you know what I mean. CARD--Could I Pleeeeeeeese get a Wikipedia Page? I also had a story in the Anza Valley Outlook and those Acting stories in the State Journal Rhythm Section as well as a great acting story about me in the Edgerton Reporter in the 1990’s, too. Will this EQ Radio Show put me in that league, now? Thank-You ahead of time for helping me with that! CARD--Blue Mound State Park appears to be a very well preserved extinct volcano. Around the perimeter of the flat top portion of it has what looks to be ejectiles from the last great eruption as well as well preserved pyroclastic flows at several points around the sides of it. They could be painted bright red to illustrate this. Also nearby the caves look exactly like extinct volcano vents, too! Not sure if they do not know this or just never would have expected to discover a huge extinct volcano in the middle of Wisconsin like that. CARD--The Post Office needs a system where you can type out a message, send it to them via E-Mail, and have typed messages sent to any address via postcard or one of those fancy computer letter form packages. We could also use and all have our own personal E-Mail address that matches out street address courtesy of a Post Office that was like “User Friendly.” There are a lot of ways such as these they could very handily adapt to the changing world.

”Long And Winding Road” by Beatles starts here: So please alert the people and always be prepared for earthquakes. Earthquake preparation is very important such as earthquake proof buildings, or even tornado shelters for Wisconsin Folks, you know. I just recently got my Screen Actors Guild Card and I was recently seen in an episode of Chicago Fire in a Great Close-Up with the two paramedics on that show played by Monica Raymond and Lauren German. I was cast as an Orderly and worked in the ER Nursing Station and walked right past those two in several takes going after some gauze and a tongue depressor! They are also shooting a new TV series called Betrayal in Chicago and I worked on that series as a file clerk at the Cook County Court House there! So, you’re up to date with the very latest Chicago Film Production stuff, now! And, if anybody needs me as a cheesy actor like in an industrial film OR if anybody out there just so happens to be shooting a Major Motion Picture and needs Les Brown to play a Scientist, Mechanic, or just a Smart Janitor who has a lot of answers, then please get in touch with me at once!!! Lately I’m actually thinking more along the lines of people wanting to use The EQ Alert Guy in their Movies or TV Shows, and so if you’d like the EQ Guy in your movie or TV Show, then please also contact me at I could really use some great acting gigs and you might also like me to be on some other shows, or thinking like Speaking Engagements, which I’m more than willing to do, too! That’s Right now I fully intend to continue on with both my acting work and my Earthquake Work far into the future, yet and am currently at moms house out on Lake Koshkonong and am ready to go as soon as you call me!!!. Finally, Please remember to Check out my EQ Blog at: and my Twitter at and my latest book “Bringing Earthquakes To Life” at

I want to thank everybody out there who is listening to the radio live right now and everybody who is listening live at, all the guys at Can Lines, Inc. and all of the guys who I worked with there at that Arrowhead Water Plant, and the guys in my Los Angeles Apprentice class and my Milwaukee Apprentice Class, Everybody right here at WORT, Norm, Ken, Rob, Glenn, Cybil, Kim, and everybody, Professor Richard Allen of UC Berkeley, my friends at UCSD and Scripps in San Diego, Jim Berkland, Everybody at my Bank of America branches in McHenry and Fox Lake, Illinois, and on Crescent Heights and Sunset in Hollywood, And finally ALL of my friends in Los Angeles, San Francisco and everywhere in California, as well as the ones right here in and around Wisconsin listening to my show on their Radios tonight! This concludes my EQ Radio Show! This is The EQ Guy saying Thank-You, Everybody for listening and Good Night!!! “Sergeant Pepper Reprise” By The Beatles plays us out!!!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Arrowhead Water Prediction: The Radio Play, Script of September 5, 2013

Here is the historical re-enactment of the day EQ Guy discussed the fact that there might be an earthquake headed for the Southern California Region while on break at a construction job at Arrowhead Water Plant in Ontario, California. Names of various actors who play in this and L.A. Apprentice Radio Play is unknown and can vary.

Piano Plays Us In, Then:


It was early in the year 2000 when I was working on a construction job putting in conveyor when the next big Earthquake Alert took place one day at our picnic table out in Ontario, California.

Here is a historical re-enactment of exactly how that went the day I announced this in front of about a dozen guys at the Arrowhead Water Plant on Jarupa Avenue in the shadow of Mt. Baldy there.

This bottled water plant is a great place to work

We’ll probably be putting in some new conveyor and maybe moving a couple machines around, FUN!

Right after we’re done with our break, here, a couple guys can start unloading the semi, and a couple guys can start measuring up above. Whoever’s left can start busting open those crates.

So, the job seems to be going pretty good, huh you guys!?

Check it out, it looks like they got some snow up there on Mt. Baldy!

Must not be practicing over at the California Speedway, because we’d be able to hear them since it’s only a couple blocks from here.

Yep, right over here almost across the street from my house.

So, is anything going on this weekend, because it doesn’t sound like they’re racing.

Everybody should be watching this weekend for a Major Earthquake of around 5.3 Richters to strike right around this area right here because I track earthquakes and we have one heading directly for us.

We get a lot of earthquakes it wouldn’t surprise me.

So we should be watching for one, huh?

Yes, and to make it official I’ll say late Sunday Night or Early Monday Morning.

Well, we will be watching for that one, and Thank-You for letting us know about this, too!

I’m located over in Filmore, so I probably won’t feel it unless it’s real big!!!

Ok, then, we’re gonna watch for that, Les, there’s gonna be an earthquake this weekend, huh? We’ll see, then!

Then, CUT-TO:

As Our Boy was getting ready for work on Monday Morning Fritz Coleman came over the TV with the following announcement:

There was a 5.3 Richters Earthquake that struck at 4:15am this morning with the epicenter over in Fontana. Residents reported their houses shaking but there were no reports of damage or any injuries and this is NBC-4-LA!!!!!

Wow!!! I can’t wait to get to work to see if any of the guys felt that earthquake, I suppose I can at least just be the one who tells them. I wonder if any of them are going to know there was an earthquake.

Then, CUT-TO:


We will now rejoin our Can Lines, Inc. Friends at the Arrowhead Water Plant on Jarupa Avenue when their NINE-O’CLOCK Break arrived that Monday Morning.

JORGE: Did you feel it Fernando, man it really shook! FERNANDO: No, what time

So, what did all of you guys do this weekend?

We had the boats out on the river

AIDEN: Went to a movie on Saturday.

Did you guys know there was an earthquake early this morning? Shook my whole entire house it must have been right over here.

There was supposed to be one striking right around here over the weekend, you know.

Yes, you said something might happen.

You told us all on Friday, right here at the picnic table, remember?

I told you that I tracked that earthquake energy from the landfall of that big windstorm in the Gulf of Mexico?

Yes, and you said we should be getting an earthquake, too!

Who is this guy, anyways? Where did he say he came from?

Did you learn all that up in Wisconsin?

It’s my Go Straight Theory! The seismic energy goes in a straight line from the landfall of the biggest windstorms. I’m thinking about using the name The EQ Guy or EQ Alert Guy.

Well, thanks for the information, The EQ Guy, you got that one exactly right!

Yes, and it sure shook my house a good one, too.

The epicenter was Fontana and it was a 5.3 because they said it on TV this morning.

He knew that something remarkable had just happened that day. It was the very first time he had got one right as big as that one in front of so many of his friends like that.

Piano Plays Us Out.


Los Angeles Apprentice Class: The Radio Play

This is a historical reproduction of the events that happened in one of The EQ Guy's very first L.A. Apprentice Classes where one of his friends who he worked with at the Arrowhead Water job showed up in his class in Whittier early in the year 2000.


PIANO plays us in one more time:

We now join Our Boy as he is taking classes for the
Los Angeles Carpenters Union and one of those guys
from Arrowhead Water just so happens to be in the same
Apprentice Class and notices him in the classroom!!!

Lets try to go with some footsteps here, or guys talking again or something, then:

So I dragged up from that job right away, yeah they say
that’s why your tools have wheels on them.

I just came from a great job at the Sony plant in San Diego!!!

Yeah Jim Pester called with a job over in. . . . . Whatsup Aiden!!!

(Might see him and be shocked/happy/whatever)
How you doing Craig, Hi Jim. . .
Hey look everybody!!! It’s the EQ Guy!!!
This guy knows when the next earthquake is
going to happen!!!
(Announcing this loudly to the class, now)
So, EQ Guy, you said you wanted to use that for
your name, when’s the next earthquake supposed
to be?

Hi Aiden!!! It’s very good to see you again!

(This can be any character now)
Really, do you?

I was there at Arrowhead Water, remember
you telling the guys, there. You told us there was
going to be an earthquake that weekend and there was a
real big one right there with Fontana was the

Are you kidding Aiden, now what happened?

Wow man that’s amazing, homey, what did he do now Aiden?

So tell us when the next earthquake is going to be EQ Guy!!!
I aint kidding, he knows, now listen!!!

Yes, and I’m glad you just happened to ask
me today, too!!!
(He can think a second)
(Now also announces loudly to the class)
There should be one like this weekend
down around Central America!
But this one WILL NOT be a smallish 5 Richter one
like the one at Arrowhead Water was, NO. . .
(Shakes head No, serious now)
This one is going to be much bigger!
Like around 7 Richters!
(Shakes head yes, is sure)

(Nods Heads Yes, Agrees, Smiles)
That’s interesting, that’s great, very good,
big earthquake, huh?
(Pretty much all agreeing so we can. . .)

That’s amazing homey, you say there’s going to be
an earthquake this weekend, huh, wow man whatssssuuup
with that homey, amazing!!!!!



So. . . this was starting to happen a lot now and
here’s what happened first thing on Monday Morning
when his alarm rang and he turned on the Fritz Coleman
Show on NBC-4-Los Angeles:


Ok, I’m awake, where’s the remote?

And there was an earthquake in Mexico either
this morning or like last night sometime. It was
a fairly good sized one, too. You’re Watching
NBC-4-Los Angeles

We might actually be able to get away with just saying that like that on the TV

Then, CUT-TO:


Again, he had announced that an earthquake was going to happen,
and again one happened over the weekend. Here is how Monday
Morning went as we re-join EQ Guy in his L.A. Apprentice Class:

That was a fabulous earthquake that happened
yesterday, Les, there were a lot of buildings
destroyed and how many died?

See that’s what I told you, and the EQ Guy knew it,
too, didn’t you, EQ Guy

Yeah, he did say something like that, didn’t he.
Yeah, hey how did you know on Friday that an earthquake
was going to strike over the weekend?

And just like that it happened.
(Smiles, maybe at Les, shakes head no, no)

So, tell us now how you did that, Homey!

Yeah, whatsuuup with that, my brother, how‘d you do that?

Well, it’s got to do with tides and the water
temperature and I’m starting to now think
I might have to just write the whole thing
all out into a book!
(And he can continue on, here, as an option)
because it would just about take that long
to explain all of it, you know, by time I’m all
done explaining it I might as well have just
wrote a book, anyways.

Hey, that’ll be a good book, too, that’s
not a bad idea, Brotha!!! Give me some knuckles, homey!!!
Yeah, put ‘er right there, EQ Guy

Alright, Craig Dude!!! It’s what I do, homeys!
(ME, Continued)
Because I do seem to be starting now to get
a lot of these right like that, I’m kind of dialing
the system in how I figure out what day it will
hit and what city.

Here comes the teacher, guys!!!

Look like we’re studying everybody!!!

Will everybody please take your seats, now
Class is in Session!!!!!

And THERE You Have it, Folks!!!
It all transpired just like that way, way back early
in the year 2000 at that L.A. Bottling Plant. . .
and then in EQ Guy’s L.A. Apprentice Class with a
Special Thanks to Aiden, Craig, Jim and all the other
Guys in that class, as well as Virgil, Burke, Wild Bill
Jorge, Fernando and all the other Great Guys at the
Arrowhead Water Can Lines Job in Ontario, California.
Thank-You!!! And Thank-You for Listening!!!

Piano will play us out.