Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

There are still some earthquakes out there, but let's hope none strike tonight or early tomorrow and here's wishing everybody a Very Merry Christmas!!!!! EQ Guy

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last BIG ONE, was in The Year 1638!!!!!

Yes, i don't usually use EQ Blog-3 for such things but i want everybody to keep in mind that i just read that there have been NO such coincidal incidents as all three of these events happening (Lunar Eclipse / Full-Moon / Winter Solstice) since the year 1638!!!!! The Colonys out East were still forming and part of British North America or something like that and they had an earthquake so big that it shook all across what today we call New England, albeit in June. Italy also had a huge earthquake in the year 1638, but I couldn't find the actual date on that one.

In all events it does plainly look like it might just be the end of the world tomorrow night, and here is a story all about that:

Finally, all the details are now pretty much in! The actual Lunar Eclipse begins at around Mid-Night tomorrow night and continues through about very early morning for most of the U.S., while the actual moment of the Winter Solstice, i think it said is at 1:38pm. So, I might guess that big earthquake should strike around 8am Pacific Time on Tuesday Morning; with the solstice/eclipse mostly just helping to release earthquake energy and not increasing the amount, so let's still say 7 Richters and it won't really change where the energy is released, either, so should we just say Malibu/Long Beach/Laguna Beach? Frisco? Eureka/Ferndale/TPJ??? Keeping in mind that it could still be Central America/Mexico/Alaska, or Vancouver/Hawaii, etc. And the combination of events might, just might release earthquake energy that has been building up since the year 1638, too!!! This time we can know ahead of time and it can help us to be prepared for the next one in the year 2094!!! EQ Guy