Friday, September 30, 2016

10 Prediction Friday "Earthquake Minute" Transcript:

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!

Just today a 4.9 a few miles EAST of Riobamba, Ecuador, felt all over Ecuador so watch for a big one there with the New Moon this weekend!!!

Adding FOUR MORE Alerts today, they are: Kashmir, Santiago, Iran, and Western Africa!!! AND, Banda Aceh, Sumatra was added this week. And of course From Last Weeks, “Five Prediction Friday” We’re watching: Seattle, Italy, New Zealand, Ecuador, Caribbean, and The Sandwich Islands.

Exact Moment of the New Moon is around 7pm tonight, Friday So MORE Shaking there with that, AND Hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean could be heading for our East Coast! That could all happen this week and a small shaker already struck Charleston, there, be watching our East Coast, for 6 Richters, too!!! But that’s not a Predictionnnn!!!!!

.I’m the EQ Guy and That’s Earthquake Minute!

Monday, September 26, 2016

BIG FOUR!!! Four Prediction Pacifica Radio Network "Earthquake Minute" For September 26, 2016, Transcript:

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!

This may well be how we “Forecast” Earthquakes all around the world in the future because these are not so much predictions, and I have FOUR of them for you today, it’s more like a weather forecast for places all around the world!!! Only THIS is an “Earthquake Forecast”

HERE are todays Big 4, Earthquake Predictions:

Number ONE!!! Ecuador/Peru/Iquique, Chile around October 19 at a 7.1,

Two is the North Island of New Zealand, 7.8 Richters on or about September 30, 2016

Three: Somewhere out there in The Caribbean at a 7.1 around October 17, 2016

And finally Number 4!!! Looks like Banda Aceh, and Sumatra Region could get like say maybe a 7.9 Richters Earthquake around October 10, 2016. . . . .

And THERE. . . YOU HAVE IT!!! Four Big Ones!!!

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I. . .am The EQ Guy. . and THAT’S My Big Four Predictions. . . .Pacifica Radio Network Earthquake Minute!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Five Prediction Friday "Earthquake Minute" For September 23, 2016, Transcript:

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!

Big, Huge, you could even say a “Landmark Day” today in the world of Earthquake Prediction!!! I’m going ahead and calling it “Five Prediction Friday”!!! Not One. . . Not Two. . . Not 3. . .And NO, Not Even 4!!!!! Say it with me, FIVE. . .Big Predictions right here, and right now, Everybody!

So, without further adieu. . . Let’s get started, shall we!!!?

Number ONE!!! Seattle, 6.5 on September 29, 2016. . .

TWO: Italy, 7.6 on October FIRST, 2016. . .

Number 3: Ecuador/Peru/Iquique, Chile around October 19 at a 7.1,

NUMBER 4: North Island of New Zealand, shaky place there, 7.8 Richters on or about September 30, 2016, And. . .

FIVE: The Caribbean and The Sandwich Islands!!! 7.1 around October 17, 2016. . .

And THERE. . .YOU HAVE IT!!!!! Be Watching!!!

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I. . .am The EQ Guy. . . And THAT’S My Big FIVE. . .Prediction Friday, Earthquake Minute!!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2016

LOTS of Big Windstorms "Earthquake Minute" For September 16, 2016: Transcript:

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!

Exact Moment of the September Full Moon was around Noon Central Time. . . LOTS of Earthquakes to watch for including New Zealand, China, PNG, and the Turkey Region, Maybe Italy again. . .also more shaking heading for CHILE!!!

A very critical landfall is about to take place at the South of Japan which COULD mean more big alerts for California, where I’m already watching for TWO Major Earthquakes there!!!

There’ve now been LOTS of Big Landfalling Windstorms and as a result. . .there are now Big Earthquakes headed just about everywhere around the world!!! Let us especially watch our friends along the West Coast and California!!! And Especially with the full moon looming large overhead, possibly Oklahoma!!! And a chance something could strike Illinois, Indiana or our East Coast, too!!!

That’s “Earthquake Minute”. . . and Iiiiiiiiii am the EQ Guy!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

North Korea Nuke Test Pacifica "Earthquake Minute" Transcript:


Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!

We already HAD one Big Landfall at South of Japan AND we have another one coming predicted to be a Super Typhoon, soon! And Landfall of Hurricane Newton at the tip of Baja California Peninsula.

I've been correlating such Big Windstorms with the Biggest of Earthquakes since the day of the Northridge Earthquake and when you add one BIG North Korea Nuclear Test you could just have an 8 or 9 on the Richter Scale Major Earthquake somewhere around the Pacific.

California already HAS 2 Big EQ Alerts there, so if we add the possibility of a Resultant from the Nuke Test it's time for Earthquake Preparation!

Watch out Hawaii, Alaska, Point Arena California to Corvalis Oregon for a 7, Grand Canyon Las Vegas, Mammoth Lakes, and Seattle for 7.5, and Everywhere around the Pacific for 8 or 9 Richters.

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I'm The Earthquake Alert Guy, And That's Earthquake Minute!!!

Friday, September 9, 2016

North Korea Nuclear "Earthquake Minute" For September 9, 2016, Transcript:

This part was ADDED just before going on-the-air:

This Just In. . . there was another Big Nuclear Test in North Korea with a 5.3 Richters Earthquake there. Their tests are getting BIGGER and they DO SEEM to cause Major Earthquakes with Japan just getting a 5.2 75 Miles North of Tokyo this morning

On October 9, 2006 a test Registered 4.7 and was followed on October 15 by a 6.7 Richters Hawaii Earthquake with a 6.1 Aftershock on Day 6 after that test there COULD BE Big Earthquakes Coming!!!. . . Let Us Move ON!!!!

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!
LOTS of Felt Reports on that Big Oklahoma Earthquake came from right here in Madison!!! 29 All Totaled!!! Pretty much from everywhere in the City. . . Along with Felt Reports also from Sun Prairie, Cross Plains, and Middleton!!! And all over the outlying region, too!!!

WE TALKED ABOUT THIS. . .I’m Officially going to give myself CREDIT. . . . . For My Prediction Number 10!!!!! So far LOTS of Earthquakes of all sizes are even right now striking around that Central Chile Region, so May I Now Say that I’m 10 For 10? It’s Radio!!! You know. . .So Keep Watching around there And Congratulations, ME, If you don’t mind me saying so, Myself!!! And Italy/Burma, too!

Landfalls of Hurricane Newton and a Big Typhoon at Japan will now mean BIG CALIFORNIA Earthquake Coming!!! Maybe 2, and watch East Coast for more shaking, too!!! That’s Earthquake Minute, and I’m The EQ Guy

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Big California Earthquake Coming, "Pacifica Earthquake Minute" Transcript:

Hello Once Again to All My Friends In California, this is Les Brown, The EQ Alert Guy Here. . .WATCHING Northern California now for a Big Earthquake coming!!! Like Between Corvallis, Oregon and Point Arena, California, but watch Oakland because I’ve tracked similar ones past Goose Lake, Oregon, Curran, Nevada, Coos Bay, Oregon, Mt. Rainier, and in 2004 one of these hit OAKLAND!!! Direct Hit at 4.2!!! Did a LOT of Damage, there, too!!! BUT, had a big alert out before ALL OF THEM!!!

We will also need to watch our East Coast around New York, New Jersey, and Washington, DC for a few days yet, maybe around Illinois and Indiana because there seems to be a lot of Intra-Plate type Tectonic Plate Activity there, and shouldn’t go any higher than a 7. . . Or right around a 5.9 there!!! To the South, watch Honduras, and Guatemala for that 5.9 to 7, too!!

Be Prepared, California, there’s a Big Earthquake Coming!!! I’m The EQ Guy. . . And THAT’S Earthquake Minute!!!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Hurricane Hermine "Earthquake Minute" For September 2, 2016, Transcript:

Attention Everybody!!! EQ Guy Here!!!

The Landfall of Hurricane Hermine at Florida Means MORE Earthquakes, Folks!!! A similar landfall there came to precede a Big Italy Earthquake in 2002. . . . .This New Line of Potential Earthquake Energy will now be crossing up past Washington, DC, the New Jersey/New York Region, and China, and Nepal along that Tectonic Plate Boundary there. Along With Guatemala, and Honduras in Central America!!!

Landfall of a Hurricane at Hawaii preceded a Major Northern California Earthquake in 1994, and so start ESPECIALLY Watching California, because of the landfalls at Hawaii of Hurricane Madeline. . . And Hurricane LESTER!!!!! Lester didn’t make landfall just yet. . . And actually according to the very latest “Lester Spaghetti Model” he’s going to MISS Hawaii. . . Of course those winds will hit there just the same!

BIG NEW ALERTS, New York, New Jersey, DC, Guatemala, Honduras, Nepal, Be Watching!!!

I’m The EQ Guy And That’s Earthquake Minute!