Friday, January 29, 2016

Big Earthquake Alert: California! "Earthquake Minute"

Hi Folks!!!

EQ Guy Here Once Again and TODAY I want to take a
moment to tell you that up-to-this-point. . . We have been very busy
here on “Earthquake Minute” with earthquakes that have taken place
in MANY other parts of the world. . . AND have a very good record!
NOW we have a Big Alert for California since Severe Winter
Conditions HAVE preceded Northridge, Paso Robles, Eureka 2010,
and Haiti, and UPWARDS of 4 feet of snow now cover much of the

This is NOT just another alert for Japan, New Zealand, or Chile!!!
THIS is Big Earthquake Alert: CALIFORNIA!!!
It is time to get the word out to Los Angeles, Tell it to San Francisco,
and Attention: California. . . There MIGHT be a 7 Magnitude
Earthquake heading for YOU!!!!!

WATCH California and Be Prepared!!!

I’m The EQ Guy. . .

And THAT’S “Earthquake Minute”!!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Severe Winter EQ Alert: California!!! "Earthquake Minute" of January 22, 2015

Hello, Everybody!!!

Of course I am The EQ Guy and while I've been on here close to a year now. . . I have NOT had anything to say about California!!! I want to STRESS now that we ARE watching California!!!

Severe Winter Conditions DID precede Northridge, Paso Robles, and Eureka 2010 Haiti Earthquakes. . . aaaaaaand it sure is Winter out there!!! Sub-Zero temperatures alone could do it, you might recall we used Dry-Ice to free-up that stuck valve one time!!!

It COULD also move the tectonic plates, so keep watching Los Angeles and all of California for 7 Richters, With a 6.6 that just hit Mexico yesterday, the January Full Moon Window starts tonight, and there is still one big alert for Lima, Peru, too!!!

WATCH Los Angeles, WATCH San Francisco, and WATCH California!!!!!

I'm The EQ Guy. . . and That's Earthquake Minute!!!

Friday, January 15, 2016

North Korea Nuke Testing Story: Fridays "Earthquake Minute"

NOTE: Moments before this edition was recorded I located a story that said North Korea planned to settle with United States and South Korea, so a short discussion regarding the END of Nuke Testing was added to this:

Hi, EQ Guy Here. . .

SINCE last week when I told you I’d have this list of all the OTHER North Korea Nuke Tests, there has NOW been 6.1 AND 6.7 Japan Earthquakes just a few miles from North Korea and with APPARENTLY no other potential cause for all that shaking, So, I want to put the blame on North Korea because testing was BANNED due to just that kind of Shaking!!!

They are now testing again. . . And places like JAPAN are in danger of Major Earthquakes. Unfortunately it looks like California might ALSO BE!!!!! Those other test dates: Most Recently, February 12, 2013--6.6 Russia; October 9, 2006-- Hawaii 6.7 that was like the biggest earthquake of all time in Hawaii. . .

And coincidentally just 6 days after that October 2006 North Korea Nuke Test!!! AND Finally. . .May 25, 2009--6.4 Hokkaido, Japan! Struck on Day 11,

And NOW. . .Day 11 after the January 6, 2016 Test will be Saturday, WATCH California!!!

EQ Guy. . . Sending out my sympathy to all the David Bowie Fans out there. . .

And That’s Earthquake Minute!!!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Big Alert Los Angeles "Earthquake Minute" For January 8, 2016

Hi Everybody, EQ Guy Here!!!

Alllll’s I really have for you today is one little. . .well it could be kind of BIG, actually, earthquake that looks like it might be headed directly for Los Angeles!!! Now going up to possibly 8 Richters with 39 Earthquakes in Oklahoma yesterday!!! They’re down there right now looking for the cause, but California got even MORE snow in the mountains and there WAS that big H-Bomb Test in North Korea that registered 5.1 and that could be a factor in movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate. . . . .with L.A. directly across on the other side shaking at 4.5 12 hours after that blast, and Oklahoma shaking about ever since!!!

There is a HUGE Alert now for California!!! And Maybe an alert for Oklahoma, but Haiti also shook after winter conditions in 2010!

One other Big Alert continues for Lima, Peru

New Moon Window starts tonight and runs through Sunday Night

I’m The EQ Guy. . . and That’s Earthquake Minute!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Transcript From Special Edition of "Earthquake Minute" January 4, 2016, L.L. RockShow:

And Now Earthquake Minute!!! HERE’S The EQ Alert Guyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

Hi, EQ Guy Here, You’ve no doubt heard Earthquake Minute on here before and you might know I’ve had a number of Great Predictions before some Major Earthquakes have struck, too! Right now we’re watching CALIFORNIA!!! It’s not everyday there’s as BIG an EQ Alert For California as right now with tons of snow in the Sierras and many tornadoes having just done so much damage, we could be looking at one of the biggest earthquakes of all time for California!!! Especially Watch around the New Moon on January 9 and 10 and this alert runs all the way through January. Might be foreshocks they’re getting around Haiti, too, and they could be due for one! Also one alert yet, for Lima, Peru!!! Watch For Those Earthquakes, and Be Prepared,

Iiiiiii’m The EQ Guy. . .

This has been “Earthquake Minute”!!!!! Cue Song!!!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Earthquake Minute For January 1, 2016

Hi Everybody, EQ Guy Here!!! Haven’t been on here in a while so the first thing I have to tell you all is that there is a HUGE Alert now for California!!! Untold amounts of snow in the Sierras and many, many Major Foreshocks!!! Most recently 4.4 Richters San Bernardino County Monday

Tornados touching down can ALSO precede Major Earthquakes such as Landers in 1992, AND there have been many of those, too!
My estimate for “Worst-Case-Scenario” on all this is a similar event to 1811-1812 New Madrid with THREE Major Earthquakes of Around 7 Magnitude

This Alert will run through January but I’m looking closely at the New Moon Window of Around January 10, 2016!!!
Could be a whole lot of shaking going on in California so be prepared for that!!!

AND Otherwise Enjoy Your Happy New Year 2016!!!

EQ Guy and That’s Earthquake Minute!!!