Friday, September 25, 2015

Earthquake Minute Transcript For September 25, 2015:

Hi, EQ Guy Here, By now you’ve all heard of the “X-Prize”. . . well for Earthquake Prediction they need THREE Great Predictions within 200 Kilometers!!! Haven’t yet converted 75 Miles to Kilometers, but still need TWO more Great ones like that to win the Million Dollars!!! Keep watching those other places, Folks!!!
AND we are now looking at this weekends Super Moon, Full Moon, Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse!!!!! The Super Moon itself shouldn’t INCREASE the actual size of the earthquake, BUT Sure seems to increase the likelihood of a Major Earthquake so let’s be watching!!!

WITH the actual date I gave for one of those predictions, of course one of them passed on September 9th but keep watching for THAT one, final one is coming on September 27 for San Critobal so we are now especially watching on SUNDAYYYYYYY!!!!! For 6.8 Richters. . . San Cristobal, Venezuelaaaa!!!!! And due to that continued movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate we must also keep watching for that Big Turkey Earthquake!!!!!

I’m The EQ Guy, and This Has Been. . . Earthquake Minute!!!

Friday, September 18, 2015

"Earthquake Minute" For September 18, 2015:

Hi, EQ Guy Here.. . .Does anybody remember those Earthquake Predictions I made by any chance!!! WELL. . . IF you followed those Predictions CLOSELY. . . Then you might already know I was 4 days, Point Five Richters, and 75 Miles Off of that epicenter of Wednesdays 8.3 Chile Earthquake when I said 7.6 San Felipe, Chile!!!

And RIGHT about NOW. . you're probably asking WHERE those OTHER Major Earthquakes are, that were also part of those Now GREAT Predictions I gave you over the last couple weeks!? A Lot of those details are filled in at my EQ Blog, At but THE Movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate at Chile SHOULD mean it is moving the other direction and up past China and Russia, IF it passes and doesn’t strike those countries. . . And ON to TURKEY!!!

Even Still could cross Turkey and strike somewhere else like Greece or Italy. . . . . but still BIG Earthquake up that way yet, for somebody!!! NOW Probably about another 8.3 Richters for THAT Region, Too!!! ALSO: Keep Watching San Cristobal and Venezuela, too!!!

With my Sincere Sympathy going out to all our Friends in Chile!!!

I'm The EQ Guy This Has Been Earthquake Minute!!!

Friday, September 11, 2015

TRANSCRIPT Of "Earthquake Minute" For Friday, September 11, 2015

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!
Sometimes I’m so good that I even still AMAZE Myself if you can believe it!!! YES, after i ran all through those wonderful Earthquake Predictions last week. . . There was already a 3.9 Richters Earthquake 22 Miles Southeast of San Felipe, Chile on September 9th!!! AND That San Felipe Prediction once again was for 7.6 on or around September 12th

New Moon this weekend will mean Much Greater Chance for that one, as well as San Cristobal, Venezuela. . . And they also just had a 5.1 Richters Offshore Venezuela yesterday a couple hundred miles East of San Cristobal so keep watching THERE for a big one. . . And last but not least that Big Turkey Earthquake is still out there somewhere, yet!!! AND There was actually even a big Afghanistan Earthquake that has also struck very near Turkey so keep watching Turkey for 7.6 Richters
Major Earthquakes Coming!!!

And the September New Moon will be this weekend making it ALMOST a Sure Thing Major Earthquakes could strike at San Cristobal, Venezuela, San Felipe, Chile. . . . . And TURKEY

My opinions are my own as a former junkyard dog and a carpenter who studied earthquakes. . . I am NOT a seismologist per se!!! Iiiiiiiiii Am The EQ Guy. . . This Has been another exciting edition of. . . . . EARTHQUAKE MINUTE!!!!!

Friday, September 4, 2015

"Earthquake Minute" For September 4, 2015, Updated With Actual Transcipt From The Show!!!

Hi, EQ Guy Here!!!
You remember me talking about East Coast and Caribbean Earthquakes, Right!? Well, I may NOT have mentioned (On The Air) the line also crossed “Hurricane Alley”
JAGUAR: Oh, Yeah, I remember you said that, EQ Guy, sure!!!
EQ GUY: Remember you were asking me about Barbados
JAGUAR: Sure, Yeah!
EQ GUY: I told you when Earthquake Energy was headed for that region, I told you it's also going to cross Hurricane Alley, and I told you Off-The-Air it will very often lead to hurricanes and typhoons, I told Jag here in the studio but I'm sorry I didn't mention it over the air. Well, sure enough it led to hurricanes anyways there's no typhoons in the Atlantic, but, ah, there is a connection there! Not sure exactly how that works, though, BUT as you know they ARE now getting a lot of Hurricanes and right on time, too!!! Just as I told you and if you can believe it, told Jaguar right here in the studio!
EQ GUY (Continued): Anyways, I'm here Today to Officially Announce those Exact Predicted Epicenters that I have been talking about, double-checked them, and triple-checked them, here they are, the 3 biggest upcoming Major Earthquakes according to my theories. . .
JAGUAR: Here they are!!!
EQ GUY: Are you ready for these, Jag!
JAGUAR: Here they are! The Top 3!!!
EQ GUY: They Are. . .San Cristobal, Venezuela 6.8 Richters on September 27, 2015, or thereabouts
JAGUAR: Alright. . .
EQ GUY: San Felipe, Chile, and I have been saying Santiago, Chile, but lets go a few miles north of there to San Felipe
JAGUAR: San Felipe. . .
EQ GUY: 7.6 Richters on September 12, that's very close to the New Moon, too,
JAGUAR: Woahhhhh!!! That's NEXT Saturday!!!
EQ GUY: Well, watch out for earthquakes there a big one, that could be a 7.5 or 7.6 rather.
JAGUAR: Alright!
EQ GUY: And finally, I have been saying Russia
JAGUAR: Yeah, you did
EQ GUY: I double and triple checked this. . . Let's go with TURKEY
JAGUAR: Let's do it
EQ GUY: The Line was south of Russia. . . . .
JAGUAR: Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, (Makes Turkey Sounds, Here)
EQ GUY: (Laugh, Laugh, Laughs) We are. . .
JAGUAR: Not that Turkey! I love to rush the holidays. . . you know everyones calling it a holiday weekend, I feel like makin' a turkey. . .
EQ GUY: (Laughs) Let's face it we're talking turkey here, Jaguar, there's no way to get around it!!! (Laughs)
EQ GUY: Anyways, watch Turkey around September 9, 2015 at about 7.5 Richters. . . SOME of those are coming up, and all of these COULD Strike at any time, too! So, just because I say it's going to strike ON September 29th, I do get these right!!! I have been VERY close with these so be watching! I am The EQ Guy, This Has Been Earthquake Minute!!!
JAGUAR: And they can always visit your Blog, at. . .
EQ GUY: My Blog is at Thank-You for stopping by and checking out my EQ Blog, and Thank-You Again, JAG, for your time!!!
JAGUAR: As always, it's always entertaining and always much needed info, Thank-You, EQ Guy