Friday, June 2, 2017

Severe Tropical Cyclone Mora "Earthquake Minute" For June 2, 2017, Transcript:

The Big News today in the world of Earthquakes is going to be the May 30th Landfall of Severe Tropical Cyclone MORA at Bangladesh!!!

The latest update on those wind speeds are at 93 Miles Per Hour and I think for right now we should mostly watch around those usual already shaky places such as Burma, Myanmar, maybe Nepal Again, and of course up into China where they got that 7.9 Richters Major Earthquake just 10 Days after landfall of Cyclone Nargis ALSO at Bangladesh in 2008. So Watch China, too!!! That line from Cyclone Mora will also cross Illinois, Missouri, and the Central United States, too!!!

Landfall of Cyclone Donna with the 140 Miles Per Hour Winds at The Loyalty Islands will probably mean some shaking for Spain, France, and Portugal along with Osaka, Japan, and New Zealand.

SOME of todays Earthquakes could begin shaking at anytime, NOW!!! And Iiiiiiim The EQ Guy!!!

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