Friday, June 9, 2017

June Full Moon "Earthquake Minute" For June 9, 2017, Transcript:

That alert for Tijuana that I was saying COULD come to affect Southern California. . actually runs until June 11.. PLUS, the June Full Moon Window will run through Saturday June 10. . .and the Exact Moment will be Friday, June 9 at 8:11am Central Time!!! Just sayin’ there may be a few days yet to watch for Major Shaking, AND let’s keep watching Southern California till Tuesday

Also keep watching around Burma, Myanmar, Nepal and make a note that China and Italy just had shakers earlier today, so. . . . .also watch Osaka, Japan, and New Zealand, AND it could reach Illinois, Missouri, and the Central United States, too!!! And that Eastern Edge of the New Madrid Fault Zone does run directly through Ohio, too!!!
Also a 2.4 Struck 24 Miles South of Kettleman City!!! And YES. . . . I’m The EQ Guy

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