Friday, June 30, 2017

6.0 New Zealand "Earthquake Minute" For Friday, June 30, 2017, Transcript:

Now TWO 6.0 Richter Earthquakes have struck North of New Zealand and about a 5.2 North of Japan! All the Result of Cyclone Donna and it Seems to be affecting California, too, with a LOT of shaking up around Truckee/Reno Region, so just a SMALL alert for California. . . But an Alert for a 5.0 there, just the same

Line from Tropical Storm Cindy ends just west of Poplar Bluff where tectonic plate movement from Cyclone Mora’s expected to shake very soon, and there was a 2.0 Johnston City, Illinois Shaker on Thursday. WATCH Illinois. . . AND the ground under your feet!!! And if it shakes, PLEASE go to the USGS website. . . And report it!!!

Watch New Zealand, Cuba/Haiti, Oklahoma, Southern Illinois/Missouri, and Californiaaaa!!!

AND. . .Happy 4th of July Weekend, Everybody!!!
From, The EQ Guyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

AT THE END of todays broadcast the host inquired about something and EQ Guy Answered: And there are getting to be a lot of DEAD TREES all around Madison and one location to report is South of Wingra Drive along Fish Hatchery Road up to the Newspaper Building. . . lots of dead trees along there on the Arboretum side of the street there.
When asked about other locations around Madison, EQ Guy said he didn't want to get a lot of traffic at other locations so did NOT give any other names. FOR my best readers who read all the way to this point. . .there's a few dead ones around the Governors Mansion and one big dead tree right across the street there!!! BUT don't be driving around by the Governor of Wisconsins house on Lake Mendota, please! Just sayin'

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