Monday, June 5, 2017

June Full Moon Pacifica "Earthquake Minute" of June 5, 2017: Transcript:

Hi, EQ Guy Here. . . . .

That alert for Tijuana that I was saying COULD come to affect Southern California. . actually runs until June 11.. PLUS, the June Full Moon Window will now run beginning Thursday, June 8, the window will run into Saturday June 10. . .and the Exact Moment will be Friday, June 9!!! Just sayin’ there may be a few days yet to watch for Major Shaking, AND Southern California could still become a player in all of it!!!

Some other NEW Alerts although nothing heading directly for California, the resultants from Cyclone Donna at Loyalty Islands, and Cyclone Mora at Bangladesh will come to affect New Zealand, Burma, China, Osaka, Japan, and possibly Kathmandu once again!!! With somewhat of a chance movement around the Pacific COULD affect California, but. . . . .

That line from Cyclone Mora will also cross Illinois, Missouri, and the Central United States, too!!! SOME of todays Earthquakes could begin shaking at anytime, NOW!!! And Iiiiiiim The EQ Guy!!!

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