Monday, July 31, 2017

5.1 Richters Pacifica "Earthquake Minute" For July 31, 2017, Transcript:

Hello Again Everybody, This is The EQ Guy saying that I made good on my “Official Prediction” for a 5.5 that you’ll remember I dialed in on my local station to a 5.1 and a 5.1 hit Just Offshore from Ferndale in Northern California on Friday!!! Hardly a few days off and got the magnitude EXACTLY RIGHT. . . Once I dialed it in!!!

There had also been a 3.4 Richters Earthquake near Santa Rosa that struck EXACTLY ON our straight-line on Thursday, and according to my Go Straight Theory. . . Remember me saying Santa Rosa, Sonoma, and Napa? And There was also a Major Swarm at Mammoth Lakes!!!

Always a chance that all this Could still be fore shocks for something bigger as it DID turn out to be last year in Ecuador!!! All of this could still affect some other places further down along the San Andreas Fault such as Parkfield, Coalinga, and the far Eastern Los Angeles Region such as Barstow, and Landers!!!

And This Alert runs well into Mid-August, or Early September!!! Be Prepared!!!

Once Again This is the EQ Guy and this has been Earthquake Minuteeeeee!!!!!

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