Friday, August 4, 2017

The Salta-Santiago "Earthquake Mintue" For August 4, 2017, Transcript:

An hour or so AFTER last Fridays Show there was a 5.1 Richters Ferndale/Eureka, California Earthquake and I’ll be darned if that wasn’t the EXACT Magnitude we were watching for there!!!

Barely 50 Miles North of Cape Mendocino where we’d been watching and just a couple days after the date, too, as far as BEING OFFICIAL goes!!! AND we’d said to keep watching, there, too!!!

Another Typhoon STRUCK Taiwan this week. . AND no sooner than I had mentioned Salta, Argentina and Copiapo, Chile in my BLOG, wouldn’t you know a 5.5 Struck just 15 Miles north of Santiago, Chile!!!

DO Have a couple of new predictions coming up as a result of all that and will have More details later but for now keep watching Salta, and Copiapo, along with The Guam--Wake Island Region, and sorry to say we’ll need to be watching around Nepal again, too!!!

That’s Earthquake Minute, And I’m The EQ Guy!!

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