Friday, July 28, 2017

Mammoth Lakes "Earthquake Minute" For July 28, 2017, Transcript:

Remember me saying Santa Rosa, Sonoma, and Napa? Well, a 3.4 Richters Earthquake struck EXACTLY ON our straight-line yesterday and according to my “Go Straight Theory”!!! Hooray, ME!!! There has ALSO been a Major Swarm going on at Mammoth Lakes for several days now and the biggest there since about the year 2004!!!

ALL THIS Could still be fore shocks for something bigger as it DID turn out to be last year in Ecuador, there!!! SWARMS such as the ones at Mammoth Lakes have been known to usher in a Major Earthquake themselves, also!!!. . . And all of this could still continue on towards the Los Angeles Region where that line crosses around Parkfield, Coalinga, Barstow, and Landers!!!

This Alert runs well into Mid-August, or Early September, there!!! With the Full Moon on August 7th!!! A Major Earthquake could still be Coming, California!!! Be Prepared!!

Thank-You Everybody For Listening, Thank-You Jaguar and WORT….. And I’m The EQ Guy

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